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As the title says, I’m looking for a fun place for a birthday dinner in allston. It’ll be on a Saturday and will be a group of about 10. Preferably somewhere good for a younger group and a fun atmosphere and good drinks. I’ve been to lulus but since the patio isn’t open in the winter I’m looking for somewhere else! Please and thank you!



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ndjdndkeosn t1_j9d6mzf wrote

Honestly, your number one priority for a party that large in Allston on a Saturday evening should be a place that takes reservations, ESPECIALLY if there are shows that night. If there’s a Roadrunner event, good luck trying to waltz in anywhere in that neighborhood with 10 people.


justinator5 OP t1_j9d7rzn wrote

Yeah I understand. That’s why I’m asking in advance so we can plan and reserve!


man2010 t1_j9d0rry wrote

I'd start with places that have reservations available for 10 on a Saturday


justinator5 OP t1_j9d1qu1 wrote

Thanks very helpful


man2010 t1_j9d2qth wrote

No problem, I did the best with what I had to work with


justinator5 OP t1_j9d3fc3 wrote

Bro. Restaurant with good food and drinks, and an entertaining atmosphere for 20 something year olds, that could also accommodate larger groups.


man2010 t1_j9d55p2 wrote

Bro. No budget, no food preferences, no idea what your idea of "entertaining" is. McDonald's has room for 10 and the one in Allston attracts plenty of entertaining characters as the night goes on. Bring some nips and you got yourself a party


justinator5 OP t1_j9dhkxu wrote

My fault for understanding it’ll be difficult to fit a group that large on a Saturday night and not being picky/being willing to go to any place with decent food and drinks


spaceflower890 t1_j9dbxks wrote

Article 24! I think technically is Brighton but very close and good


paddenice t1_j9exscc wrote

Came here to recommend this, they have a basement you can rent out (I think) with a full bar, but may be too big for a group of 10.


cocktailvirgin t1_j9d2ixz wrote

Lone Star Taco Bar followed by the Model.


justinator5 OP t1_j9dhevk wrote

They don’t take reservations and they said it’s gonna be hard to get us in most likely. Place looks great tho! Thanks


[deleted] t1_j9czahe wrote

Gots to use less subjective adjectives than "good", "younger", and "fun".


pinkdragon999 t1_j9fm3dm wrote

Hey, he came here for recommendations not for pointers on how to write a highly detailed essay about what he’s looking for. He gave you enough detail for you to give recommendations. If you want more detail, then simply ask.


justinator5 OP t1_j9d0ihs wrote

Mid 20s, and maybe plays music. I’m not too picky I just want a place with good food and drinks and where people will enjoy themselves! I like the atmosphere of lulus a lot but I know the patio is closed and the inside isn’t too big. Plus I’d like somewhere new preferably!


[deleted] t1_j9dhejq wrote

Yeah my point is that the more vague your descriptions are of what you're looking for, the worse suggestions you'll get.

Rather than "I want a place with good food", say something like "I enjoy tapas, Indian, and dim sum".

Rather than "I'd like somewhere new", say "I've been to restaurants A, B, and C, are there any others you'd suggest?"

Garbage in garbage out, get it?


justinator5 OP t1_j9dqqae wrote

I’m very open to any suggestions. I enjoy all cuisines and I believe I’ve only been to lulus and some Asian spot in allston, so I did list the only place I’ve been! I understand what you’re saying but I also understand I’m not in a position to be super picky


B__Malz t1_j9dl5h7 wrote

justin. your question stinks. but hopewell takes res and is good for what you want (based on your snarky comments.) Come on Justin....


justinator5 OP t1_j9dr20x wrote

I’ve been made aware b__Malz, if that’s even your real name 🤨 It’s also clear that finding a place to accommodate will be hard so my vagueness represents my openness to suggestions. Hopewell does look great. It’ll be my first time if I can get in


Inglefield t1_j9fmyac wrote

I have no idea why this person is being a douche about this or why your question is supposed to suck. It’s a good question IMO as a very longtime Allston resident. You might try Rail Stop. It’s spacious and nice, with good food and drinks. Do you need a place with a patio, though?


pinkdragon999 t1_j9fmgy5 wrote

Actually: your comment stinks, and there’s no where in this post where he’s being snarky.


-3littlebird5 t1_j9d7zcw wrote

The only place i can think of that could accommodate that large of a party in Allston would be Tavern in the Square


jtet93 t1_j9dbiju wrote

Hopewell, they have a big table in the back that seats 10. Plus pool, shuffleboard, and a pinball/video game room


simplynelbelle t1_j9du1s3 wrote

Personally I always enjoyed Sunset Cantina. Love their margaritas and tacos.


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meanestoldman t1_j9g51g0 wrote

The Stockyard can handle the size of your party. Very decent steakhouse. Not particularly geared to a younger crowd. You'll find people of all ages there, including families. Not sure if you're looking for a certain vibe.


WrongBee t1_j9e59g4 wrote

stage karaoke


tehsecretgoldfish t1_j9gwz34 wrote

Bisuteki on Mem Drive just over the river. free birthday meal with ID, you can probably seat 10 at a single grill top.


Born_Leg5226 t1_j9dnl0p wrote

tavern in the square is really fun for younger people on weekends!! they turn it into a club with a dj and a dance floor after dinner on saturdays. lots of students in allston so it tends to be a younger crowd