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dyqik t1_j8s3zbd wrote

Save time waiting for responses to Reddit posts by reading the thread on the same subject from a week ago.


DJ_Gordon_Bombay t1_j8s8ost wrote

One hack is looking at all the responses to the person who posted this same question 3 days ago....


Efficient_Art_1144 t1_j8s3rwd wrote

Howie Carr


DunkinRadio t1_j8sba9b wrote

It really is a shame about Howie - he used to be enjoyable when he concentrated on making fun of Beacon Hill crooks, now...SMH.


Boom-light t1_j8s3q79 wrote

The commuter rail between South Station and Back Bay is free, and can be faster than using the red and green line shuffle


socksgal t1_j8s4owk wrote

I do this to get to work for free and it’s wonderful


Rabl t1_j8sedat wrote

I was once waiting for a CR train from Back Bay to South Station when an Amtrak NE Regional stopped. The conductor told me to just get on. Most comfortable trip between those two stations I've ever had.


Thorking t1_j8s4dss wrote

The end of the red line park street stop has a door which escalator that goes straight outside so you don't have to mess with the green line level if you are just trying to get outside.


Pariell t1_j8s8sfa wrote

Use toogoodtogo for good food at decent prices.


StarbeamII t1_j8s7iaz wrote

Brookline Village on the D Line and Riverway on the E are a very short walk from each other if you need to transfer between D and E (though you do end up having to pay twice)


3720-To-One t1_j8sctck wrote

Same between Reservoir (D), Cleveland Circle (C), and Chestnut Hill Ave (B)


DunkinRadio t1_j8sb319 wrote

Ignore any and all traffic laws for your own convenience.


Ok_Olive9438 t1_j8s73u2 wrote

In Allston, it's usually faster to get downtown to take a bus to the red line than to walk to the green line.


HippieHippo t1_j8sew1p wrote

Biking is low key the fastest / most flexible way to get anywhere - especially if you factor in parking time. E bike makes it even easier / quicker


DialJforJasper t1_j8s621f wrote

No need to wait in line on the access loop next to the garden to get onto Storrow.

Just cut people off like everyone else.


[deleted] OP t1_j8s2wwp wrote