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BsFan t1_jaax5zu wrote

Man I wish it was like was like this when I was a kid. Knowing that you didn't have to go to school the next day would be so much better than having to wake up and watch the news ticker.


No-Garlic-2664 t1_jabbzzu wrote

yeah but then you wouldn't have the thrill of knowing you didn't do any of your assignments and risked it all on the snow day announcement coming through as you watched local tv in the morning


carinislumpyhead97 t1_jacbxwq wrote

And all the neighborhood kids would be awake a watching the news to. This lead to an entire day of playing in the snow for me. Finding out the day before would lead to staying up late and sleeping in.


SherbertEquivalent66 t1_jabt39x wrote

Yeah, but as a kid it was exciting waiting for the news to read off your town's name and kind of a rush when they did.


BsFan t1_jacgn3j wrote

Not for me! Our town was notorious for never canceling school. The two towns that bordered my town were also alphabetically before and after my town. They would always close and it was always very disappointing when it would go from one and skip my town to the other.


SideBarParty t1_jackk1k wrote

Guessing where you lived is like playing on a really good quiz show


BsFan t1_jaco3ua wrote

Well thinking back to it it's not accurate at all haha. Every town that bordered my town would cancel school, but the town I was thinking of that would proceed Holliston did not boarder Holliston. Hopkinton would pop up and ruin my day though.


BespinFatigues1230 t1_jaaxuiw wrote

For sure… you wouldn’t even have to wait for your school if the snowfall map was on screen if it was only 2” cuz you knew you had school then lol


Academic_Guava_4190 t1_jab8x8g wrote

Never mind watching the news, how about turning on the radio, or listening for the fog horns? And I’m not even that old.


GigiGretel t1_jaclldi wrote

When I was a kid, Portsmouth NH some sort of horn blew when school was canceled, and my grandfather would listen for it and then call my mom and my aunt, both of whom had kids in Portsmouth, to proclaim "no school" This was the 1970s


BsFan t1_jab97vm wrote

I think our town fire department would blow a horn or something, I was pretty young then. Out HS radio station definitely put updates out