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dathorese t1_ja5zhzs wrote

Its just a local moving company in the Tampa Area that probably has the contract with the Bucs. All the sports teams have different contracts... Official Mover of the celtics, Official Insurance agent of the celtics.. you name it, Theres an official (whatever business type) if whatever team. Some Businesses will take it to the extreme, By being officially linked to the team, by using the team colors and logos and such in their partnership to self promote, and drum up business as the official business partner...

TLDR : Its just a Tampa Moving company that is the official mover of the Tampa Bay Bucs, which is nothing more than a business relationship between the 2 entities.


BradMarchandsNose t1_ja6aco5 wrote

I’ve flown on one of the JetBlue Celtics planes so I’m now a Celtics player


3720-To-One t1_ja6gtzu wrote

When I was younger, I always wanted to fly on one of the planes with the special livery, even though they are the same on the inside.


dathorese t1_ja5zqv9 wrote

IT also could be an official Team Truck (again owned by the moving company etc), that travels throughout the country with alot of the on field equipment for the players etc, and since its now the offseason, the company that owns the truck uses it for everyday business.


RhaenyrasUncle t1_ja85lqe wrote

Moving from Tampa to Boston in 2023 is WILD.


StructureBitter3778 t1_ja8qjnl wrote

Boston had a good stretch of 50s and 60s weather in January/February. They arent too far apart weather wise now lol


tbb2796 t1_ja8ny99 wrote

Bigelow: the official hot tea of the Boston Red Sox


Junior_Emotion5681 t1_jaafbjs wrote

Celtics don’t have official movers. I used to work for a moving company and I moved Schroeder and Marcus Smart.