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lintymcfresh t1_jacxde3 wrote

(extremely boston raspy two-packs-a-day voice) WHDH has never been a fox affiliate, they were CBS way back in the day and then swapped affiliations with WBZ, which was NBC at the time. they’ve been independent since 2017


tilehinge OP t1_jad7wdg wrote

Ah fuck, ah Jesus. Damnit.


lintymcfresh t1_jadah2c wrote

real sorry man. on the plus side this comment made me cough laughing


tilehinge OP t1_jae3k10 wrote

I haven't watched broadcast tv in my own house in probably 6 or 7 years, so I don't know shit about fuck. This was in a waiting room.


tiny_pellets t1_jadro1i wrote

Fun fact, WHDH's sister station in Miami, WSVN, is a Fox affiliate on channel 7. But even they don't call themselves Fox 7, apparently.

If they were measuring local snowfall in dunkscups, now that would be something! :)


PilotAdvanced t1_jacurhe wrote

Not even 25 calls themselves Fox. 7 would be appalled.


MarcoVinicius t1_jadi5bb wrote

Dunk Cups are the official measuring system of the Boston area.


Po0rYorick t1_jadxzql wrote

Whats the conversion between Dunks cups and nips bottles?


HeyThere201 t1_jacuhqs wrote

Reminds me of that blizzard a few years ago where the interviewer asks where the people are going in the blizzard and they say dunks!


onyourcomputah t1_jad194i wrote

If MGT gets her separatist ways the great country of New England can instead of replacing the standard system with metric (totally sensible) go full-on dunks.

What does the South do? Measure rain in chicken tenders?


RailRoad_Candy t1_jadeywb wrote

Why would the country need to separate? You're presenting a what if scenario over something that is actually happening. We don't need MTG to have us measuring things using a Dunkie's cup, that's ALREADY HAPPENING!


1usdto t1_jae1qux wrote

Proudly not using metric 👏


cmajka8 t1_jaeyroq wrote

Fox 7?! Are you even from Mass 😂


shitz_brickz t1_jadkrx4 wrote

That's about how much cream and sugar I have them add before the coffee.