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Darklighter10 t1_j9x129l wrote

Fish Field house is an indoor practice venue mainly. There aren’t any spectator seats. It’s used so players can play/practice outdoor sports in crappy New England weather.


TheAVnerd OP t1_j9x19xq wrote

You’re right. Last time was there it was for a youth cheer event so there were some seats out for the parents. I didn’t even notice there aren’t any stands. Not even any space for stands.


mufflermonday t1_j9x564x wrote

Fish Field House doesn’t have stands for fans. They’ll move to Alumni Stadium or somewhere else open to fans soon once the weather improves.


wildfire_atomic t1_j9x7oa8 wrote

Seems crazy that someone with a kid on the lacrosse team couldn’t go watch them play. I played in college and we always played outside, even in February


Spicydaisy t1_j9ywpao wrote

My kid played in college in a situation like this a few times and parents were allowed to stand around the field house and watch. So even though it’s not open to the public, I’m pretty sure parents are not turned away.


R_Morley t1_j9z5b15 wrote

IT is so that they can focus cause are men's team is not so good. (Our women's team is quite good).

Distractions must be limited, especially after our dismal hockey showing this season. It is the catholic way. Our lacrosse monks


Mfgrips t1_j9ynejr wrote

Its club lacrosse


Skiice t1_ja0e20a wrote

No WLax is a top 5 d1 team


Mfgrips t1_ja0fjqb wrote

Didn’t realize it was womens my b


Trpdoc t1_j9yh7wq wrote

You would really want to watch that?


TheAVnerd OP t1_j9yk12e wrote

Absolutely. Games are super fun to watch. My kids play youth lacrosse and getting them out to games helps with their game IQ, and they get to see “big kids” play which gets them hyped for their season. Trying to get some extra games in before our season starts. BU games are $8 which is the best sports deal in town. Assuming BC games are $20 or less it would be great to hit up those games as well.


Trpdoc t1_j9yknt8 wrote

I see nice. Ya guess they could also watch games on YouTube if you can’t get in. Are they on track to be college players? What was their path to getting into it and good?


TheAVnerd OP t1_j9yvymw wrote

My oldest started last year because his cousin plays. Not on track to play in college (unlike his cousin, who’s father played on scholarship) as it’s not his preferred sport and he started late. My middle child is a girl and there is no girls league at her age in our town, and she would rather play boys lacrosse anyway. My youngest just turned 4 and loves showing off to the “big kids” that he can play. All 3 play rugby (little one will start this year) and that’s their preferred sport.


Trpdoc t1_j9z0j27 wrote

Rugby! Wow that’s pretty intense at a young age no?


TheAVnerd OP t1_j9z6s67 wrote

Its touch/flag until middle school. They spend a ton of time on fundamentals and proper tackle technique so that when they get to the tackle age the chance of a high hit or head to head contact is minimized. All three love it. We play at Pine Banks park and it’s $50 for the summer…practices are Mon, Wed, Fri from 6:30-8 with several Saturday jamborees around New England.

Edit: cost is actually $65 for flag/touch and $75 for tackle for the year.


LadyGreyIcedTea t1_ja57u7u wrote

Pretty sure the games will be free once they are somewhere where spectators are allowed. To my knowledge, the only BC sports that charge admission are football, men's hockey and men and women's basketball. (Women's hockey games are free.)


TheAVnerd OP t1_ja5ba9t wrote

That’s awesome if true. We have never ventured over to a BC game so I didn’t know this.


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j9x3u0b wrote

It is because they are a bad university run by bad administrates employing bad faculty and "educating" bad students.