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jtet93 t1_j8wqn1r wrote

Seal pups need more rest than the adults so sometimes they rest on the beach and then meet up with their pod again later. I learned this when I encountered a lone seal pup on a beach in PTown and also tried to get help for it :)

So this little guy is likely just fine! But it never hurts to check!


frommstuttgart OP t1_j8wsm0q wrote

Ah that’s comforting. Thank you! I learned something today.


defenestron t1_j8x0wof wrote

You did the right thing!

Boston Animal Control is aware of the pup and like jtet93 said, it's probably just having a rest and ought to be left be.


TinyEmergencyCake t1_j8xwj6g wrote

You're too close. Federal law is 50ft


frommstuttgart OP t1_j8xxm3i wrote

I have bird law down but I do need to brush up on seals; appreciate this.


ZeroAgentTV t1_j8y08na wrote

We're both men of the law here....we get after it...we jabber jaw....


perkocet t1_j8zayw2 wrote

I’ll go toe to toe with you on bird law.


skaseasoning t1_j8xcmow wrote

It’s rare that you come into the comments and learn something hopefully and comforting.

I’m more accustomed to clicking on a picture of an adorable animal and learning of some “prions” level horror.


jtet93 t1_j8xcqwo wrote

Happy to make your day a little more wholesome!


mshelikoff t1_j8wr66g wrote

Looks OK.

See "Seals" at the bottom of the page here

> Seals > > Most seals that are found on beaches are quite healthy. Please do not disturb them. Unlike whales or dolphins, seals are semi-aquatic and are comfortable out of the water. Most seals come onto beaches to sleep, nurse, or soak up some sun. In fact, most seals on the beach are perfectly healthy, but sometimes they do need human assistance. Does the seal have any obvious injuries, gunky eyes, or look skinny or underweight? If so, please take notes on its location, size, coloring, and behavior and call the appropriate marine animal rescue team.

The phone numbers are at the website, but I wouldn't call them unless the pup has a problem.


frommstuttgart OP t1_j8wsr0t wrote

I called before I saw this- but appreciate it for the future. Just had never seen one in Southie!


eburton555 t1_j8wusjz wrote

Not necessarily, but you can call it in just to be sure. Someone who actually knows stuff about seals can keep an eye on it but it’s very likely the pup is just chillin while mom is off doing seal shit or on a dunks run or something idk I’m not a seal doctor


dyqik t1_j8wv1dj wrote

This keeps happening ever since Dunkin' introduced the raw fish breakfast sandwich.


Lovebird8 t1_j8wqo6w wrote

Please call MassWildlife at 508-389-6300. Thank you! I hope he/she will be OK.


MontEcola t1_j8xsjud wrote

It is probably not stranded, or abandoned. It is likely a baby left by the adults while they hunt. In the wild, you would find entire beaches with dozens or hundreds of babies with no adults. Because they need air, the adults cannot both hunt and make sure the baby breathes.

Federal wildlife laws require that you stay back. I think 200 yards. And that might not be possible. In my town, the are often seen on the beaches right under the roads. You can be there and not see the baby seal. The interpretation is that you many not leave the roadway, walkway or bluff to get on the beach if a baby seal is present.

What happens is the adults may be watching you, and for their own safety, they do not return.


SpokenTruuth t1_j94hze3 wrote

200.. YARDS? do you know how big that is? That's almost 2 football field. You probably mean feet and even 200 feet would be a stretch of a length


phonesmahones t1_j8x8xzu wrote

He’s super cute! I spend all my free time at The Lagoon, and of course a seal pup shows up while I’m working!


4everkop t1_j8xarmb wrote

He just wants a little kiss...from a rose


DernKala1975 t1_j8xakkc wrote

As others have said he/she is probably fine and mom is out fishing and will return. This is a gray seal btw, you can tell by the “big nose”. The other seal species that frequents our waters is the harbor seal.


Coggs362 t1_j8xcdv9 wrote

Cute little fella. I know it would turn out very badly for all involved, but I just wanna pick him up and give him a hug and maybe some salmon filets.


McWatt t1_j8z2zfc wrote

They are super cute, but if you get too close it will bare it's teeth and hiss at you. Those teeth are gnarly, they could easily take finger off if you try to pet the seal puppers.


wookiewookiewhat t1_j8xx52l wrote

That’s a grey seal pup. Boston is awfully far from the closest colonies given his size. Genuinely call it in to NEA or IFAW. They may decide to leave him or do a transport. If he’s way too underweight, they can also provide nutrition and care.


dante662 t1_j8ydsl8 wrote

guerilla marketing campaign by Wet Seal, no doubt


michael_scarn_21 t1_j8wwc9y wrote

Might well just be resting as others have said. Hopefully people give it space.


Scytle t1_j8xbw34 wrote

a lot of seals in Peru have been coming down with bird flu, so don't mess with any marine mammals you find on the beach, if you are worried you can call the police, but don't get near them.

This guy is probably just resting though.


charons-voyage t1_j8x5xmg wrote

Saw one at Wollaston beach a couple years back. My dog def wanted to be friends. Not sure if it was reciprocated lol.

I called animal control just to be sure.


shameonyounancydrew t1_j8xvky7 wrote

Fun fact, the anatomy of a seal is almost identical to dogs. They are literally just water dogs


MongoJazzy t1_j8ym1pm wrote

Please leave the seal pup alone. The pup isn't "stranded", the seal pup is just resting on the beach. Seal pups commonly rest on beaches while mom & pop go fishing. The seal pup knows where the ocean is. The seal pup is fine. have a great weekend !


Adonoxis t1_j8zaph4 wrote

It’s kind of cringe how out of touch people are with nature. Like what’s next, a shark is drowning?


saucisse t1_j8z7m8p wrote

Is it stranded, or is mom out fishing and left bébé on the beach because its too smol for a big swim?


camocamo911 t1_j8xsfm1 wrote

He so cute ! Hopefully he meets up with his pod later and goes on a bender ;)


dieselray9999 t1_j8zmik5 wrote

Almost looks like an elderly dog, just needs some ears.


Miserable_Demand_235 t1_j95hhb4 wrote

Stranded is a bit dramatic. See this all the time on the cape. Odds are it's fine.


axle_demon t1_j8zefqe wrote

Good eating on one of those.


cleancutmover t1_j8xey18 wrote

High heat, oil, butter, salt and pepper.