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cocktailvirgin t1_je6ys9x wrote

I hear good things Cambridge Used Bicycles in the basement of the Cambridge Antique Market outside of Lechmere.


LukeNukem93 t1_je7bro2 wrote

Wasn't in a basement when I went but I 2nd the recommendation. They can help you find something that fits what you want but they only get new stock in one per week (Saturday last I checked) and it's first come, first served so best to confirm with them when is best to visit.


moronic_inferno t1_je7598j wrote

There’s a bike shop in JP called Revolutions that always has a small but decent selection of used bikes. Been a few years since I’ve been there but the owner is a good guy and has fair prices.


NotSoSecretMissives t1_je6umm1 wrote

Your best bet in the area is Facebook marketplace unless you get lucky with the odd craigslist post.


activari t1_je6yxc6 wrote

Try the Facebook page: northeast bicycles classified ( I think…something similar to that)


bigredbicycles t1_je78yvi wrote

Northeast Bicycle Classifieds has some great stuff. Boston Bike Party Marketplace also has some stuff on it. There's also a gravel-specific one called Gravel & Cyclocross Trader.

Bikes Not Bombs does carry 2nd hand bikes, but probably not a gravel bike.

Hampshire Bicycle Exchange is in Western MA, but they usually have some good used inventory.


eburton555 t1_je72jtt wrote

Fb marketplace around the summer especially approaching allston christmas is a goldmine. Desperate undergraduates and other transient people who need to move far away will offload all sorts of good stuff.


hindenboat t1_je92l44 wrote

Mike's Bikes in Woburn. Mostly does repair but can build you a rebuilt bike with used parts. Usually cost a few hundred.


MelkorWasRight t1_je6yl1p wrote

i mean, with some bolt cutters and a bit of effort, you can have your choice of used bikes on any number of racks across the metro area

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extra /s for the dumb dumbs among us.