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LookAtThesePericles t1_jd2jsx4 wrote

The crazy /r/massachusetts moderator just added a couple "powermods" from the needamod thread.

So now there's not only the crazy mod, but one powermod that mods 60+ subreddits and another that mods like 40+ mostly porn subreddits.

The Massachusetts subreddit is being actively ruined by this guy.

EDIT: those mods have been removed as per the original moderator. phew.


notgoodwithmoney t1_jd2xp79 wrote

How tf does a year old account have millions in karma. Get a life holy hell


swoldier_force t1_jd2okmp wrote

They are doubling down and tripling down:

They are also frustrated people are editing posts after being banned:

When in reality, the whole issue happened when they deleted posts they said they would leave up for transparency, and went on to blanket ban mass amounts of active users and contributors. They started multiple threads to explain themselves, then deleted those threads when users, in pretty much total agreement, downvoted them and rallied against them.


IronworkRapunzel t1_jd330nn wrote

Guy actually twisted the original thread's wording to say they "dEmAnDeD" only POC reply to their thread and called it a form of segregation. I...have no words.

Like no, what, if a woman were to post "Hey I'm expecting and thinking of becoming a SaHM. What's it like being one in Mass? Share your experience", is Linux gonna be like: "Locked. Removed. We don't promote sexism here, women deserve to work 😡. It's the same thing as [insert bizarre and unrelated example]".

Idk I'm spitballing here but I read the original thread through Reveddit and it was a TOTALLY innocuous question. The real racism here was not allowing POC to discuss the issues important to them which was the safety of the area they're moving to. Like maybe that was the guys goal?? Restrict the discussion of serious topics by concerned groups by feigning "progressiveness" aka "We don't promote racism here. You can't post about race!1!!1"


LookAtThesePericles t1_jd2oyy4 wrote

>With all due respect, how are you just figuring this out now?

>It's always been that way on Reddit.

My sides have left this plane of existence.


matt_cb t1_jd58n03 wrote

The original mod just came back and removed Linux-is-best (the problematic mod) and the ones he added


ky1e t1_jd5ntjx wrote

Those mods have been removed.


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LookAtThesePericles t1_jd2kpxe wrote

Nobody's here to bully, we just want our sub back to normal. There's something legitimately wrong with that particular moderator.

Please read this post they will inevitably delete.

EDIT: those mods have been removed as per the original moderator. phew.


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LookAtThesePericles t1_jd2l0yx wrote

There's a thread going on on this sub about them right now, as well as a couple others you can find. They shouldn't be a moderator.

EDIT: those mods have been removed as per the original moderator. phew.