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notgoodwithmoney t1_jd311qq wrote

Has anybody tried the Jalapeno Margarita seltzer from Polar? I'm so intrigued but hesitant and I don't know why!

Edit: fuck it, will report back soon


QueenOfBrews t1_jd3wsnt wrote

I’m waiting somewhat patiently.


notgoodwithmoney t1_jd48pur wrote

Ok, just cracked one open. This is a non refrigerated first taste:

Not really for me. It's got that initial flavor that I can't quite describe that ruins it for me. It's a similar initial flavor like some of the non fruit flavored ones (unicorn, magic, etc.) Something about that just doesn't work for my pallette.

I can't barely taste anything else after that except for a slight spiciness at the end that stays in your throat. It's not intense (and I know my next line is subjective) as eating an actual Jalapeno but the flavor and tingle are there.

For me, it's a 1/10. For reference, some of my favorite flavors right now are Raspberry 'ade, Lime, Grapefruit, Black Cherry, Orange.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk!


QueenOfBrews t1_jd4a0xm wrote

Thank you for your service! You’ve done a good deed for us all. I’ll avoid.

I tend to stick to the classics anyway, I’m a cran-lime and grapefruit kinda girl.

Though I wonder if it being cold will change it significantly, or you know adding tequila, haha.


notgoodwithmoney t1_jd4ehwp wrote

I don't think cold will change that flavor I don't like but Tequila... Now you're onto something! In fact, this is probably the whole reason it was produced.


TotallyNotACatReally t1_jd4juo5 wrote

Wait they brought that back? I must've missed the email and IG story!

They had it, or something very similar, maybe five (??) years ago for Cinco de Mayo, and I remember my take was that I was psyched to see a novel flavor, but it was not for me.

That said, I may try it as a mixer if I find it again this year. I don't think I tried that last time.