Submitted by talllulllahhh t3_127qa1p in boston

I think I miss Russo's the most in Spring time. Where can I find Ramps, fava beans, and morels? Are there any spots that have all three?



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citymouse61 t1_jefx5p3 wrote

I miss them every single day. Just cant move on. Russo's was the best


Nidandelsa t1_jefrt50 wrote

Wait, hol' up. What happened to Russo's? We moved away from the area a while ago but we still reminisce about how awesome that place was.

Edit: Googled it. Effing hell, what a loss!!! I don't even know what to say.


About_Yeah_High t1_jegyr83 wrote

I divide my time between Boston and north central MA and Russo's was conveniently located for the trip either way. I know this isn't too helpful for most Bostonians but Idylwilde Farm in Acton is a bit of a mini-Russo's. Not the variety, for sure, but a similar feeling of, "Wow, I got all this nice quality stuff for only $XX." Russo's was truly a bargain considering what you got for your money. And their Christmas trees....


Known-Name t1_jeh31ze wrote

Great shout with the Idylwilde Farm suggestion. I like that place a lot. Also, I miss Russos Christmas trees so much. Luckily I found a reasonable substitute, but we got our tree (Fraser Fir) at Russos for many years and they were always excellent. Now we get Balsam Firs from the Bean Farm in Westwood and they’re really good too.


becausefrog t1_jeh4qd5 wrote

Have you checked out the Mushroom Shop on Medford St. in Somerville for morels?


itsonlyastrongbuzz t1_jeg48rh wrote

Wilson’s Farm.

It’s worth the drive.


rozemc t1_jegchz4 wrote

It’s ok but it doesn’t have anywhere near the same level of selection of produce.


itsonlyastrongbuzz t1_jegtvgx wrote

Wilson’s Farm has a better produce selection than most super markets.

Not sure what else you’re looking for but if your threshold is “ramps, fava beans, morels,” then you’ll be fine.


Omphaloskeptique t1_jeggft1 wrote

You should explore the many farms in the greater area. I myself prefer Ward’s Berry Farm, but only because of its proximity to my way home every other day.


talllulllahhh OP t1_jegl27u wrote

I've been to many many farms in the greater Boston area, including Ward's, but none of them have had the 3 items I'm looking for. And, frankly, none of them compete with Russo's - some are good, just not Russo's good.


Omphaloskeptique t1_jeglqei wrote

I hear you, and I agree with you. But given the situation, farms are the next best thing, especially when it comes to fruit and produce.