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IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdtsjzd wrote

Can’t wait for the car apologists to come out and say the building should have been wearing reflective gear and carrying a flag


wappleby t1_jdtt595 wrote

Road laws aren't followed in Boston and the police don't enforce them. Lose/lose situation


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdttcvn wrote

Relying on people to safely operate motor vehicles is a fantasy.


SpindriftRascal t1_jduukoh wrote

The rate was .63 deaths per 100 million miles driven in Massachusetts in 2020. That’s pretty safe.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jduyv8i wrote

Injuries? Getting hit by a car will cause life long pain and very likely ruin your life

Over a million Americans are sent to the ER every year from car accidents. 40,000 are killed.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdv169j wrote

Yes, it is definitely much safer to stay home. And we would have no car injuries whatsoever if we had no cars whatsoever.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdv1v88 wrote

Some of us live in communities where we aren’t married to a car.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdv5yw9 wrote

And some of us don’t. One group is not superior to the other.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdv6zg1 wrote

Then why are you going on about privilege if you don’t. One group causes 40,000 deaths and 1M hospital requiring injuries per year and is the leading source of CO2 in the US, the other isn’t. It isn’t “both sides are right”. Cars have been a disaster for our health, our cities and our environment.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdvco8i wrote

Yes, we have to stop using ICEs everywhere, I agree. But when all the cars are electric, you’ll hate them anyway.

We can’t just flip a switch and transform the entire nation. It’s a big place.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvdwbk wrote

Boston is not a big place.

And yea, electric vehicles are not going to solve injuries and deaths to people, they are going to make them worse because they are a thousand pounds heavier. Electric vehicles are not going to solve the fundamental issues of geometry imposed by how large cars are relative to people and streets. Electric vehicles are not going to fix the injustice of city streets being clogged by a handful of people in private vehicles, most of whom don’t even live in the city, while residents can’t safely bike and are crammed on narrow sidewalks. Electric vehicles are not going to fix the primary source of particulate pollution from cars which is brake dust.

The list goes on and on.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdvesxm wrote

Actually, Boston is pretty big. And magical thinking will not disappear all the cars. There is no injustice in our streets being used by cars. That’s why we have the streets. Yes, I understand you wish it were otherwise, but it isn’t.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvfx6h wrote

Streets exist to allow for the movement of people and goods, what are you on about that they exist for cars? And yes, there is an injustice. Cars make it impossible for anyone not in a car to effectively and safely use the streets. They take more space than any other mode of transit but simultaneously are the least efficient way of moving people around.

If streets in boston were exclusively designed to move the largest number of people most quickly, cars simply would not be allowed. There would be dedicated lanes for buses, streetcars, and/or light rail. You can look up any statistic on transit flux for various modes of transit.

But you’re right, nothing is going to change. That is until Boston decides to implement a congestion tax, which I promise you is not far away.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdvgntn wrote

“Cars make it impossible for anyone not in a car to effectively and safely use the streets” is simply wrong.

Yes, we should have better transit, but I doubt we agree on what that means.

Good thing we both get to vote.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvh30h wrote

Only a person who drives everywhere would claim that statement isn’t true. Go ride a bus and see how effective they are when stuck behind a bunch of cars. Or ride a bike on mass Ave and see how safe you feel. Hell try crossing a crosswalk and deal with idiots running red lights.

Every statistic under the sun disagrees with your assessment of the situation.

And it will not be long before Boston implements a congestion tax.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdvhul1 wrote

I walk a lot in the city. I sometimes ride a bike. I sometimes take the T. I even occasionally take a bus. I disagree with your opinion.

I will fight a congestion tax, along with many others. We’ll see how it goes.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvictd wrote

“Why should I have to pay to bring my 4000 box of steel with a living rooms worth of furniture into downtown Boston”


IrelandDzair t1_jdv3qy0 wrote

Some of you have the privilege to pick a community that specifically doesn’t need one. Others dont have such a privilege.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdv48zx wrote

There is nothing inherently expensive about towns that don’t require cars. They are denser, make more efficient use of infrastructure and land, have a larger and more diverse tax base to pay for things, and most importantly the residents don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a vehicle. They are expensive because you can literally count on one hand how many towns survived the 1950s without getting demolished for cars. Supply is low and demand is high for that type of living.

If you don’t want it to be a privilege then write your reps and vote for candidates that support those types of towns. Otherwise keep driving your car and bitching about people who don’t.


IrelandDzair t1_jdv9bom wrote

Ok thats all well and good in theory. The reality is certain lower demographics dont have an option to move to a place where this happens. Shoot, take out those last three words even - they dont have an option to movie period. I mean you see it in MA especially out west but all of rural america its like that. You talking “theory” about towns being less expensive is not current reality (even though i agree, towns without cars are much less expensive; my first 10 years were spent in a town that did not have a single car).

Writing to my reps expecting change? Lmfao first time?


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvd3ke wrote

Nothing changes because suburbanites want sprawl, going so far as to make density of any kind illegal. They then call people living in cities raging elitists, despite they themselves being the reason for the insane costs. I’ll take a pass on that argument.


wobwobwob42 t1_jduudiq wrote

I no longer run or ride my bike on the road because people are psychopaths.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvivui wrote

Idk this other guy in the thread is saying that cars no threat to your health and that drivers are responsible.


and_dont_blink t1_jdu545t wrote

...are you saying you want to ban cars? In Roslindale? Out of curiosity, what would be your preferred method for my getting to say arboretum and stopping at pleasant cafe on the way home?


crazicus t1_jdvbnp4 wrote

Forest Hills station is at the Arboretum. It's a 10 minute bus ride on the 34 or 40 bus from Forest Hills to Washington St @ Walworth St, which is directly in front of Pleasant Cafe. That, or walking, would be my preferred method of making that trip. Maybe a Blue Bike if the stations are close.


and_dont_blink t1_jdwge1b wrote

So, several hours added to the trip at a minimum. In winter. Doesn't seem very realistic.


crazicus t1_jdyle3t wrote

I don’t see how you’re getting several hours out of a 10 minute bus ride unless your car travels backwards in time, but more power to you I suppose


me5vvKOa84_bDkYuV2E1 OP t1_jdvycru wrote

This seems like a troll comment, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and a serious reply. There is a lot of middle ground between the status quo and a full car ban. In other words, actually pursue Vision Zero, as has been successfully done elsewhere in the world.


and_dont_blink t1_jdwdpxc wrote

>This seems like a troll comment,

In what possible way?

> There is a lot of middle ground between the status quo and a full car ban.

Odd, what I replied to didn't seem to have any middle ground -- they took a car smashing into a building and instead tried to make it about bicycles lol


zimby t1_jdtwxy6 wrote

Got screamed off of a narrow residential street in JP by an SUV driver while biking today. His girlfriend in the passenger seat told my partner and me to “respect the road” like we were doing something wrong.

We caught up to them at a red light about 30 seconds later

edit: Sorry, this isn’t directly related to the linked article. Just another honestly traumatic event that I’m throwing on the pile in the vague hope that the city actually takes substantive action. Simply getting around Boston is getting more and more exhausting lately.


GoBlank t1_jduyr51 wrote

Motorists straight up don't know the laws of the road, and they won't care to learn them until it starts biting them in the ass. Nearly being struck as a pedestrian or a cyclist is basically a daily experience now. Crosswalks? Fuck that. No turn on red? Fuck that. Staying off the phone? Fuck that.

A favorite was when a guy nearly ran me over me with an illegal u-y and then had the gall to roll down his window and calmly tell me I shouldn't be on roads without bike lanes. Motherfucker, do even you know the law? I wanna get section 11B printed on business cards and hand them out like candy- but I know eventually I'm gonna run into a guy who's car is a stand in for his whole identity, and he'll be the dude who tries to kill me instead of merely threatening it.


charons-voyage t1_jdupn0t wrote

Yep it’s so frustrating. Not fun (or safe) to walk/bike, the T is on fire, the highways are clogged. The day my kids graduate HS I’m selling the house and moving to the sticks.


Whatwarts t1_jduvgc7 wrote

It is worse. The sticks grew up, more people live there, and it is still the same few, narrow roads that everyone tries to drive on to get anywhere. They will run you off the road to save 5 seconds.

Fuck cars.


charons-voyage t1_jduyf6f wrote

I don’t think it’s cars that’s the issue, it’s the drivers. I drive occasionally and I’m not running people off the road. More people = more assholes though so your point about the sticks being more populated and dangerous is accurate haha


Whatwarts t1_jduzhm6 wrote

Cars make people go crazy. Some years back, a focus group was discussing the phenomena and it was determined, at least in part, that the perceived threats formed while driving, caused hormonal responses resulting in anger and rage.

You are correct though, it is a driver problem.


charons-voyage t1_jdv6857 wrote

Yeah people have a hard time controlling their emotions in general


Whatwarts t1_jdv7r37 wrote

There is a pretty good book out there "Road Rage to Road Wise" by Dr John Larsen. It's a quick read and touches on some good reality check.


bwebs123 t1_jdvmjtd wrote

I grew up in the sticks. It's so much worse there. You have no choice but to drive, and it's just as stressful as it is here. Maybe you get slightly less traffic, but everywhere you want go get to is 10x as far away, and there are way more drunk drivers and just overall shitty drivers


ZipBlu t1_jduweld wrote

Since the pandemic it feels like some drivers have become much more aggressive and some have become much more careful—and that just makes the aggressive drivers even madder.


[deleted] t1_jdv73uw wrote

Aggressive drivers became emboldened by the early free-for-all days, where commute times were quartered and you could get away with anything. They also got used to not having anyone or anything really in their path.

As traffic got back to normal, a lot of them never adjusted their driving style or considered the idea of sharing the road. Now being passed for yielding at a crosswalk or even while making a rolling stop, getting honked at for not running reds, and people tearing down residential streets are much more common.


ZipBlu t1_jdviz36 wrote

Yeah, I agree with this 100%. I think that's exactly why people are behaving this way.


Nabs617 t1_jdtvve6 wrote


Has it always been this bad? It feels like a regular part of the news cycle now. Two in Roslindale, and one in Cambridge on Friday.


Academic_Guava_4190 t1_jdurjqh wrote

Everyone thinks they have a driverless car. Most newer cars do so much now screaming at you when to brake, lights flashing at you over this and that, no one is paying attention bc they are always looking at some screen.


mtmsm t1_jdwiad9 wrote

It makes me so angry how many people are looking at phone screens while driving. If it’s that urgent, pull over and park. Otherwise, wait till you aren’t driving.


Whatwarts t1_jduxf15 wrote

A couple of years ago, around the Boston area, there was a car crashing into a building at least once a week for about a year and a half. This stopped for a while during Covid, now is happening again.


gtsnoracer t1_jdxktrx wrote

Where was Friday's in Cambridge? I didn't catch that one


tagsb t1_jdxyh6f wrote

Car crashed into Atwood's on Cambridge St, thankfully no real damage. The driver decided to do a 3-point turn in the middle of a busy road then panicked when everyone got annoyed


baitnnswitch t1_jdvmdr7 wrote

We need traffic calming yesterday:

-narrow the wider roads

-sidewalk bumpouts to slow turning

-raised crosswalks

-no turn on reds

-red light cameras

It's not hard


AboyNamedBort t1_jdvx98j wrote

The city and state are flush with cash. They could easily do all this and save a ton of lives. But they don't because entitled drivers will complain because they think their time is more important than other people's lives.


dark_brandon_20k t1_jdx0omu wrote

They don't usually have the political will to fix the roads until a death happens on that road.


YouAreGenuinelyDumb t1_je0ctel wrote

Idk I’ve seen them put in a truly heinous bump out in Somerville. One of them is right near the Ball Square GLX stop and it is not only ugly, but it looks far more dangerous.


eqp95 t1_jdvbwuj wrote

Literally I see at least one car a day go through a red light in Rozzie walking to the train. People just do not care.


dark_brandon_20k t1_jdx0j3y wrote

Wait a second✋️

I thought it was just cyclists 🚴‍♀️ who broke traffic laws and motorists 🚗 did no wrong???


justforthehellofit t1_jdwvrwy wrote

Same, and its no where near questionable. It's people intentionally not giving a flying fuck.


tagsb t1_jdvgnl5 wrote

What's insane is that there's no consequences for all the reckless driving. I saw a state trooper ignore a DRAG RACE IN THE RAIN on 93 last weekend. If there was a single thing I wish cops would do it would be get these lunatics off the street


sm4269a t1_jdw3nsy wrote

Mayor Wu, City Council, and BTD enable this with their inaction