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charons-voyage t1_jduyf6f wrote

I don’t think it’s cars that’s the issue, it’s the drivers. I drive occasionally and I’m not running people off the road. More people = more assholes though so your point about the sticks being more populated and dangerous is accurate haha


Whatwarts t1_jduzhm6 wrote

Cars make people go crazy. Some years back, a focus group was discussing the phenomena and it was determined, at least in part, that the perceived threats formed while driving, caused hormonal responses resulting in anger and rage.

You are correct though, it is a driver problem.


charons-voyage t1_jdv6857 wrote

Yeah people have a hard time controlling their emotions in general


Whatwarts t1_jdv7r37 wrote

There is a pretty good book out there "Road Rage to Road Wise" by Dr John Larsen. It's a quick read and touches on some good reality check.