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IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvdwbk wrote

Boston is not a big place.

And yea, electric vehicles are not going to solve injuries and deaths to people, they are going to make them worse because they are a thousand pounds heavier. Electric vehicles are not going to solve the fundamental issues of geometry imposed by how large cars are relative to people and streets. Electric vehicles are not going to fix the injustice of city streets being clogged by a handful of people in private vehicles, most of whom don’t even live in the city, while residents can’t safely bike and are crammed on narrow sidewalks. Electric vehicles are not going to fix the primary source of particulate pollution from cars which is brake dust.

The list goes on and on.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdvesxm wrote

Actually, Boston is pretty big. And magical thinking will not disappear all the cars. There is no injustice in our streets being used by cars. That’s why we have the streets. Yes, I understand you wish it were otherwise, but it isn’t.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvfx6h wrote

Streets exist to allow for the movement of people and goods, what are you on about that they exist for cars? And yes, there is an injustice. Cars make it impossible for anyone not in a car to effectively and safely use the streets. They take more space than any other mode of transit but simultaneously are the least efficient way of moving people around.

If streets in boston were exclusively designed to move the largest number of people most quickly, cars simply would not be allowed. There would be dedicated lanes for buses, streetcars, and/or light rail. You can look up any statistic on transit flux for various modes of transit.

But you’re right, nothing is going to change. That is until Boston decides to implement a congestion tax, which I promise you is not far away.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdvgntn wrote

“Cars make it impossible for anyone not in a car to effectively and safely use the streets” is simply wrong.

Yes, we should have better transit, but I doubt we agree on what that means.

Good thing we both get to vote.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvh30h wrote

Only a person who drives everywhere would claim that statement isn’t true. Go ride a bus and see how effective they are when stuck behind a bunch of cars. Or ride a bike on mass Ave and see how safe you feel. Hell try crossing a crosswalk and deal with idiots running red lights.

Every statistic under the sun disagrees with your assessment of the situation.

And it will not be long before Boston implements a congestion tax.


SpindriftRascal t1_jdvhul1 wrote

I walk a lot in the city. I sometimes ride a bike. I sometimes take the T. I even occasionally take a bus. I disagree with your opinion.

I will fight a congestion tax, along with many others. We’ll see how it goes.


IntelligentCicada363 t1_jdvictd wrote

“Why should I have to pay to bring my 4000 box of steel with a living rooms worth of furniture into downtown Boston”