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baitnnswitch t1_jdvmdr7 wrote

We need traffic calming yesterday:

-narrow the wider roads

-sidewalk bumpouts to slow turning

-raised crosswalks

-no turn on reds

-red light cameras

It's not hard


AboyNamedBort t1_jdvx98j wrote

The city and state are flush with cash. They could easily do all this and save a ton of lives. But they don't because entitled drivers will complain because they think their time is more important than other people's lives.


dark_brandon_20k t1_jdx0omu wrote

They don't usually have the political will to fix the roads until a death happens on that road.


YouAreGenuinelyDumb t1_je0ctel wrote

Idk I’ve seen them put in a truly heinous bump out in Somerville. One of them is right near the Ball Square GLX stop and it is not only ugly, but it looks far more dangerous.