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GarlVinlandSaga t1_jec3wf2 wrote

So glad the other guy is unharmed. 16 years old, he's just a kid for Christ's sake. This is one of my secret paranoid fears, and as someone who has been attacked on the T by a perfect stranger myself I hope the guy who did it fucking rots.


too-cute-by-half t1_jec6pc4 wrote

Yeah I have borderline intrusive thoughts about this happening so I am always several feet back from the edge and aware of all the people around me.


fatnoah t1_jec7emz wrote

Same here. I always stand next to the wall.


hce692 t1_jeczkwj wrote

Okay now stand here on this 6 inch curb waiting for the green line as cars whiz by going 40 on Comm Ave and the train in arms reach. A foot forward OR backward youre smoked. I can think of absolutely nothing else but death while I wait


titty-titty_bangbang t1_jee4vgk wrote

How is that allowed???


Darklighter10 t1_jee9le6 wrote

MBTA actually tried to close the stop several years ago partly because there was no room for a decent platform. The locals revolted when, God forbid, it was suggested they go a few blocks to another stop because this one was redundant anyway and is an unnecessary delay/stop.


hce692 t1_jeep9ck wrote

Uhh no theres a couple of stops like this in a row on the Brighton stretch of Comm Ave. not ONE. Chestnut hill, Chiswick, Sutherland, south street all just mini sidewalks instead of stops.

Also they did close some of them like two years ago?? At the very least they could raise the curb so a car maybe slows down a LITTLE before mowing me down


Darklighter10 t1_jef5dvt wrote

I agree the stops suck, but nothing I said was inaccurate. They tried to close chiswick (the one pictured) because it was redundant and unsafe. people threw a fit so they left it. It’s less than a ten minute walk from there to a green line stop with a full platform at Washington.


hce692 t1_jef78nz wrote

Yeah no that is not under 10 minutes. And it’s one giant hill. My point is you blaming it on one single stop being wrong. Making people who are close walk from Chestnut Hill Ave or South Street all the way to Washington street would have been moronic. Residents are not the issue, the infrastructure ever being allowed like this in the first place is


Darklighter10 t1_jef9inj wrote

For most people it is under 10 minutes. Google says it’s 11, and they always use a slow stroll.

At any rate, I agree with what you are saying, but that wasn’t what I was commenting on. I was referencing the one picture, of the one stop, and nothing I said was inaccurate. I was not blaming one stop for anything. You bring up fair points, but points regarding something else entirely. I was only referencing the one stop, nothing else.


hce692 t1_jeeq70w wrote

If I had to guess they blame it on “well no one’s died yet!” And “we’d have to reconfigure six driving lanes of traffic to make room, too expensive!!!

I feel like at the very least they could raise the curb way up to a protective one?? I hate this stop as much driving past waiting passengers as I do while waiting myself. Nightmare fuel


Mei_Flower1996 t1_jecprak wrote

Its actually horrifying that other people have this same intrusive thought.(being pushed)


ShamwowSwag t1_jee2w9s wrote

ever since a guy I was sitting next to on my train home jumped up and attacked a random person sitting a few seats away a few months ago I’ve been so anxious on every commute. I’m sorry that happened


rabblebowser OP t1_jebpihw wrote

By Abby Patkin

updated on March 30, 2023 | 3:45 PM

A 23-year-old Whitman man was arrested for attempted murder Wednesday after allegedly kicking someone into the pit at a T station downtown, MBTA Transit Police said.

Kedrian Perry-Marshall “violently kicked an unsuspecting individual” at State Street station around 2 p.m. Tuesday, TPD alleged in a tweet.

The alleged assault was unprovoked, Transit Police Supt. Richard Sullivan told in an email. Sullivan said there were no trains entering the station at the time of the incident, and the unidentified victim “got out of the pit under his own power.”

He declined medical attention and was not injured, according to TPD.

The 16-year-old victim’s father, Melvin Gonzalez, told WCVB that his son lives in the South End and takes the train to East Boston every day.

“Thank God he didn’t hit the third rail or something,” Gonzalez told the news outlet.

Transit police detectives arrested Perry-Marshall the next day following an “intense investigation,” the department wrote on Twitter. left a voicemail with his attorney seeking comment.

Whitman Chief of Police Timothy Hanlon told in an email that his department has been working with MBTA Transit Police since Wednesday morning, and that the two departments were also able to identify Perry-Marshall as the suspect in a Tuesday night apartment complex stabbing in Whitman.

The Whitman Police Department had previously shared images of the suspect, shown in a light green fleece jacket that appears to match the one Perry-Marshall wore in photos from TPD.

Hanlon later announced in a press release that Whitman police obtained an arrest warrant for Perry-Marshall, who will also be charged with attempted murder in the Whitman stabbing.

Perry-Marshall was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court Thursday afternoon and will be arraigned in Brockton District Court on the Whitman charge at a later date, according to the press release.


raven_785 t1_jec7neo wrote

Just what we needed, another reason for people to avoid the T. Glad they took this seriously and captured him quickly.


Icy-Neck-2422 t1_jec51w0 wrote

Kedrian needs to go a way for a while.


hammlyss_ t1_jedwwg2 wrote

>two departments were also able to identify Perry-Marshall as the suspect in a Tuesday night apartment complex stabbing in Whitman

Just casually dropping in the "oh yeah. Dude also stabbed some people"


BostonUniStudent t1_jef6svk wrote

You're only allowed two attempted murders before the police actually do anything.

... but he's probably already out on his own recognizance.


jojenns t1_jec3kxd wrote

Great we are doing this dumb shit now. Hope they make an example out of him so this doesnt become some trend


ledalmatiennoir t1_jeddoup wrote

we really gotta get those platform gates the subways have in like Japan but given the pace of improvements to the T I guess we'll have to wait like 30 years


Idlers_Dream t1_jegftny wrote

In London now too. I was watching some YT videos of the new Elizabeth line in London. The new stations are amazing and have safety doors between the platform and the trains. Made me realize what an embarrassment Boston's public transport is.


kevalry t1_jecn5mw wrote

Are we trying to copy NYC and Toronto with subway pushes? 🙄


BobbyBrownsBoston t1_jecushs wrote

Once a dude pulled a giant knife out me on the redline I dropped all standards and expectations for the T


KenOfEarth t1_jed1yuw wrote

And on top of everything else, he’s wearing a really thick backpack.


ass_pubes t1_jeeirxs wrote

What a well adjusted individual...