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TurnsOutImAScientist t1_jc25wdb wrote

For JP my money is on 3 inches of slush. Whatever happens, the warmer weather later this week means it'll mostly be gone. Too bad the snow is coming after the rain or else maybe we'd wash some salt away too.


josef_k___ t1_jc27gch wrote

Yeah, slush and shitty wind. Heavy, fluffy snow coming straight down with no wind for a good length of time is so rare in Boston that I vividly remember the last time it happened (though not the date...maybe 2 winters ago): I went to the arboretum and sat in the ash tree section for 2-3 hours, getting completely engulfed by the snow, then walked around for another hour or so. Nobody was there and it was stunningly gorgeous, serene, and pristine.


TurnsOutImAScientist t1_jc28n6f wrote

I apologize, we proactively made sure our snowblower would start about a week ago, guaranteeing it wouldn't be needed lol.

But yeah in general Boston is pretty disappointing for fun weather events. Really miss the dramatic thunderstorms in more mid-Atlantic places, here they mostly seem to miss us or evaporate.


FabulousOffer t1_jc4rdh7 wrote

Thanks for taking the blame, but it's my fault. I proactively replaced one of my snowblower's batteries under warranty last year. It would have expired in December, so I made sure to get the replacement with several months to spare. Then I stored the batteries in a cool, dry place and had them fully charged in plenty of time for winter 😞


Maxpowr9 t1_jc2nrwm wrote

I rather pure snow than wintery mix. I can predict driving in snow. A mix could be hail, rain, and snow; often turning into ice at night.


daddytorgo t1_jc2ag0u wrote

Yeah, I'm thinking that's what we'll get at worst. With the ground still so warm, I think a lot of stuff will be like Saturday and just melt as it hits too.


_peteyfourfingers_ t1_jc286a8 wrote

>>Lowest Confidence Area



Lurchie_ OP t1_jc2blyk wrote

I can so relate.
"How does Dave KNOW I have confidence issues?!"


RogueInteger t1_jc2d0v2 wrote

I am seriously debating tuning up my snowblower. If I do, I think it'll be slush. If I don't, 8 inches.

Anyone have a preference?

A butterfly will flap its wings.

EDIT: enjoy the slush and get your duck boots on


PersisPlain t1_jc2kgey wrote

Leave the snowblower alone. We need to make up for this disappointing winter somehow.


Istarien t1_jc3lf1x wrote

I really hope not. My Chief Shoveling Officer tore his rotator cuff, so that means I'm on solo snow removal.


RogueInteger t1_jc3iw4b wrote

Updated snow forecast seems to be 2-4 inches with a lesser volume most likely. But if I see that tick up to 4+ inches that's clear blower weather and I'm getting greasy.


2nd-Hand-Butt-Plug t1_jc2pvy9 wrote

What's disappointing about the winter weather here so far? As of today, I'd have to give it an 8.5/10. I would have given it a 9 if it wasn't for those two sub-zero days. A 10 if it wasn't for a few shovelable snow falls.

Let western MA or up north have it if they want it. Around here its just a PITA and makes things miserable.


PersisPlain t1_jc2tli0 wrote

I like snow and cold weather. If I didn’t like winter I wouldn’t live in New England.


giritrobbins t1_jc3lkgc wrote

I pulled mine out, topped the gas so you're all set for jinxing


davdev t1_jc4elgq wrote

Mine is currently buried in the garage and I don’t know if it will be more work to get it out or just shovel


Foreign-Inspection-9 t1_jc2agi8 wrote

I took a meteorology class he taught when I was in college! I really enjoyed it, and enjoy his forecasts.


Electrical_Bed_ t1_jc2prvh wrote

Dave Epstein is great — his forecasts are always realistic, on the the conservative side. He’s not one of those overly dramatic “WOW SNOW IN NEW ENGLAND” types.


Lurchie_ OP t1_jc2q8rm wrote

I also like how he explains a lot more about the uncertainties.


beoheed t1_jc31hp5 wrote

You spend a long time in meteorology school talking about communicating uncertainty


es_price t1_jc30eje wrote

I have been following him since Snowmageddon and I have to say that in all of those years since he very rarely repeats his tidbits of interesting information throughout the year on his Twitter feed. Quality.


TurtleLikeReflx t1_jc28uzq wrote

His Weather Wisdom podcast is also super insightful leading up to storms


jtablerd t1_jc3ht8m wrote

Came here to say this, I listen to it every morning and he's really insightful and informative


Shemsuni t1_jc2ef1s wrote

Lots of hype again. It’s too warm. This will be another bust.


tacknosaddle t1_jc2buhv wrote

Highs pretty well in the 40s in the days that follow. Looks like I'll be adding this to the list of 2023 "snowstorms" where I'm just going to shovel the sidewalk & front entrance but otherwise let nature do the work.


i_willregretthis t1_jc2pwcd wrote

Right? I broke down and bought an Ariens a couple years back and I am starting to think that perhaps it was a tad impulsive.


Kraft-cheese-enjoyer t1_jc33ros wrote

Nah, definitely a necessity no matter where you live in New England. You_wontregretthat


Cameron_james t1_jc38lmn wrote

My favorite Epstein moment was when they tossed to him for the forecast and he read an earthquake story. He finished with something like, "I don't understand why they give the meteorologist the earthquake story." It bothered him so much that they didn't understand he was an expert in crust up, not crust down.


MagicCuboid t1_jc3jyu7 wrote

lol seriously. He has a good reputation and probably doesn't want to be caught saying something ill-informed, so having to report on something he's not qualified to talk about must be frustrating. I'm sure he's better than a teleprompter, but still


Wilforks t1_jc2akt0 wrote

By the coast, 3-5 inches mixed with rain over the course of 30 hours means it could look like anything from a significant snow storm to nothing at all when it’s over. Makes sense for there to be a wide range of forecasted snow totals, even if they get it right, it might not look right to the people commuting the next few days.


Nuggets155 t1_jc372jo wrote

What network is he with? I hate the scare tactic forcasting


Lurchie_ OP t1_jc39rwi wrote

I think he's freelancing now, but you can follow him on twitter (@growingwisdom)


jtablerd t1_jc3i6yz wrote

He's on wgbh 89.7FM and has a daily weather podcast in the mornings, Weather Wisdom, that's a great short listen


RonNotRonald t1_jc308rr wrote

Epstein is great. He also is not into the whole “let’s name storms” thing that I loathe (always felt like unnecessary hype/marketing). And like OP’s graphic, he gives you the information on the variables. He also loves his alma mater, Colby College haha.


MazW t1_jc3d6jz wrote

Malden is 2"-8" if I am reading that correctly


jcosta223 t1_jc3qnij wrote

Malden here too. Was zooming in and figured Somerville close enough lol


hour_of_the_rat t1_jc2jz5b wrote

Interesting how with the advancing technology in weather prediction, tracking the weather has become a hobby. It's no longer a four line snippet in the paper, it's Alerts, Status Updates, Weather Reports You Can Count On, and so forth.

Also, people are much more concerned about "how much snow will we get".

Basically, all this extra knowledge has just made us worry more.


JLAOM t1_jc34kl4 wrote

Whatever it is, its gonna be messy. I prefer snow over slushy rain.


Alphatron1 t1_jc65e3w wrote

When he taught at Framingham state a few people took his class because they thought it’d be easy and a blow off one. I guess he was actually a really tough professor.


xVAL9x t1_jc3f0qh wrote

Dave’s the best. Good Twitter follow.


squarerootofapplepie t1_jc2bwoo wrote

Honestly doesn’t seem much different than what the networks are predicting.


Vardelys t1_jc2x66h wrote

Is Boston going to declare a snow emergency for this one? Trying to figure out where I need to park my car.


Pavement12345 t1_jc3j423 wrote

Thoughts on NOAA's latest map? Looks like big decrease inside of 495?


NoButThanks t1_jc57hc7 wrote

I hope he celebrates the shit out his correct predictions. I appreciate his approach, but damn if I'm not almost going to better off following the opposite of what he says. His gardening tips are solid though.


LEAKKsdad t1_jc2x0a7 wrote

Boston help- Me and little one go on stroller runs Tuesdays, thinking afternoon 4/5pm, are we in the clear?

Edit- Weather Report- Looks like Rain to Me


winter_bluebird t1_jc3a3n0 wrote

Sure, if you enjoy a rain-snow mix in 40mph winds.


LEAKKsdad t1_jc6ntgh wrote

Not necessarily a Hardo, but ran everyday for two years.

Only asked because it was run with kiddos and assumed people was following the “storm” and would have recommendations. Assumed wrong with dV.