Submitted by geographresh t3_11otybz in boston

Like most of you, I am being absolutely bombarded by geo-targetted sports betting advertisements these last few months. MGM, Fandeul, Draft Kings et. al touting shimmery first-bet offers for Mass residents.

I've witnessed the impacts of transactional gambling on members of older generations in my network in the form of scratchies, keno, and lotto. These seem to have had a particular grip on Bay Staters compared to other areas of the country in times-past.

However, I think most of my fellow young adult peers are somewhat un-tested and a bit naive in regards to healthily managing mobile gambling (apart from those exposed to loot box mechanics in games).

Couple this with our area's very demanding cost of living, razor thin margins for personal economic hardship, and a burgeoning multi-pronged crisis among young men (the prime targets of the marketing), and I'm nervous that we're teetering on the brink of even worse economic disaster for many Bay Staters. Is there any early data on impacts in places that legalized before us?



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