Submitted by sLpFhaWK t3_yfoe47 in boston

I think they opened a month or so ago and I've been dying to try some authentic Korean BBQ and I figured since it's so close to home I would try it there. I just want to make sure it's good and worth the money. Knowing there is a ton of foodies here in MA I am sure someone has eaten there that can provide an honest review for people interested, so, if you've eaten there please chime in with your experience, what you ordered and if it was worth the money or not.




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sajatheprince t1_iu4i8qt wrote

It's expensive for being in the north shore ($46 for one person before a tip, $15 for one bottle of soju...This isnt downtown Boston but the prices say so), the food is ok to mediocre (bbq is ok but I dont like their grills, food like tteokbokki is mediocre), unimaginably unorganized (seating is a mess, not enough employees, no website...I hope just because they're newly opened).

Not worth the drive up if you're in the city but if you live close it may be worth your time to save the drive into Boston/Cambridge for k-bbq.

Source: live in Korea and Boston, Korean wife, etc.


sLpFhaWK OP t1_iu4ij4s wrote

damn, that is expensive. is there a better spot somewhere in Boston? I mean I live in Malden, so Boston is 10 mins away and that place is also 10 mins away in the opposite direction.


sajatheprince t1_iu4jsht wrote

It's comparable to Sura, which I have great disdain for yet still go every now and then (even though I order in Korean with the old lady they never bring my baby octopuses or gopchang until I order it like 5 times...)

There's no great ayce option, sadly. Naksan and Gopchang Story in Allston are good but way too expensive for the portions.


sLpFhaWK OP t1_iu4k56g wrote

Damn, ok. Thanks for answering. I'm not ready to plunk down 46$ for a shitty experience I'll wait till they mature and hopefully get more help to see if the experience is better.


mckatze t1_iu6istv wrote

Bab Bistro or Emone in malden might tide you over for general korean food


sLpFhaWK OP t1_iu6lu47 wrote

i really wanted to try the AYCE Korean bbq experience by grilling your own meat at the table and what not as I've never done it before. The closest I've had to that is Hotpot at the Sq1 Mall Tokyo.


hound29 t1_iu501b2 wrote

Have you tried the place in Burlington ever?


sajatheprince t1_iu5337f wrote

Food is good, albeit overpriced. Service is absolutely horrible. Rude as hell until my wife joined me. Would go just for the food since I shop in the area now and then, but God the service is trash.


hound29 t1_iu54blv wrote

Thanks - always read mixed reviews. I can deal with bad service if I know going in as long as the food is good. Overpriced will just make it a treat!