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jester02k t1_ispwpwy wrote

Some of the sidewalks in Boston have voids under them for Water,Power, and Steam (Heat). It makes for easier access to them for repairs and upgrades. I think the one in your picture is one due to the caulking along the edges to keep the water out hence the steep pitch. Edit: Oh I forgot the steam heat pipes add the benefit of heating the sidewalk so light snow storms it just melts like a dusting.


ReporterOther2179 t1_isrnu9s wrote

The term of art for these is ‘hollow sidewalks’. Wherein the basement of a building extends out under the sidewalk so don’t park your great big truck on it. Might fall through.


jester02k t1_isv9hzr wrote

I actually seen a dumpster truck get it's back wheels stuck behind Filene's back in the day. Was in Jordans for the muffins man do I miss them Blueberry Muffins.


ReporterOther2179 t1_isvn1ij wrote

Jordan Marsh had the blueberry muffins in its cafe. Recipe is available on YouTube. Fairly easy recipe if you’ve got a bowl, a mixing spoon, and a muffin tin. Could do it in a cast iron skillet, as a cake.


jester02k t1_isw3dnr wrote

Ya know I might do that this weekend thanks