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lostinam3rica t1_iyb2uat wrote

Oh okay well this is a blatant (and worse) rip off of my design from last year...this dude wack af.


MistaHazard t1_iybczbn wrote

Do you sell your designs/merch?


lostinam3rica t1_iybhpvv wrote

Working on it. Hopefully soon!


InfiniteBlink t1_iybuzbu wrote

I hope once you figure out how to outsource the business logistics of screen printing on demand with quality materials, you have another design that gets good traction. If you are trying to figure out how to get your work out on clothing, please make sure you put effort in selecting quality materials so that not only does it look good, it feels good.

I'd avoid genetic cotton in general and opt for a blend with polyester. The softness and stretch will make it a quality shirt people will wear over again, rather than some shitty bottom barrel cotton shirt that looks cool but doesn't fit well.

You've got something here bud. Good luck!


lostinam3rica t1_iycil4c wrote

Appreciate the advice. Always a challenge finding good suppliers.


Brinner t1_iybq2au wrote

That's a sick design. Green number maybe? Honestly great as is


defenestron t1_iycsh9e wrote

Have you looked at Owayo? I’ve used them a few times to print charity jerseys for marathon runners.

The only downside is you’d need to make it a “group buy” as they do not do print on demand. But every print on demand athletic company I found was either stupid expensive $80+ jersey or very poor quality.


ottersinabox t1_iyci90o wrote

RemindMe! One month


MrLegilimens t1_iyc0f9o wrote

… my dude, you aren’t the only one who can imagine the T line going through the T in Boston.


lamb_pudding t1_iyba090 wrote

I dunno. You should watch this video, it changed my perspective on considering things blatant rip offs. Maybe they did see your design and rip it off. But, it’s not a blatant rip off and has enough difference in it to make me think two people came up with the same creative idea.


lostinam3rica t1_iybau5n wrote

Hmm…same typeface, same vertical orientation, same line work running through the T logo, same number location but reversed? This ain’t a coincidence bud.


lamb_pudding t1_iybff9p wrote

These coincidences are actually pretty likely. Both designs are taking inspiration from the MBTA's design system (i.e. the line work and typeface).
The differences I see in the two designs are: 1. the lines take different shapes and directions 2. the layout of the team name and number are different.
Both designs read to me as a response to an art school prompt. "Design a Celtics Jersey that uses the MBTA design system". While you may have had this clever design idea first, it’s not that hard to see how someone else would come up with the same idea either and landed on a similar result.


thepasttenseofdraw t1_iyblhjr wrote

> “Design a Celtics Jersey that uses the MBTA design system”.

Along with the requisite art school primadonna thinking using industrial design from the 70s means they own it and invented it, and then calling out someone else for having similar inspiration.


Control_Is_Dead t1_iybd6i4 wrote

It's not the same typeface fwiw. Still probably not a coincidence imo.


giritrobbins t1_iyd4vkv wrote

Don't type faces and families go in and out of style regularly. It seems that's what's currently vogue.


Control_Is_Dead t1_iyddahu wrote

I would say not so much the font styles, but the way in which those styles are used.

> “In the new computer age, the proliferation of typefaces and type manipulations represents a new level of visual pollution threatening our culture. Out of thousands of typefaces, all we need are a few basic ones and trash the rest.” — Massimo Vignelli

For context of the timescale, Grotesque fonts on transit maps is a ~50 year old trend whereas the font style itself is from the 1800s.


lostinam3rica t1_iybhbft wrote

Technically yes, you’re correct. But very similar san serif—I just meant to the average viewer they’re essentially the same.


CaesarOrgasmus t1_iyd5963 wrote

technically, the average person knows fuck-all about type and will see Helvetica next to a geometric sans-serif and go "they don't have the squiggly end bits, they're the same"

a designer would be able to easily distinguish the two and choose more intentionally.


bookon t1_iydjbdw wrote

I think the suggestion is that if two separate people both decided to make an MBTA inspired Celtics jersey then they would likely have similar design choices. And that is a very fair suggestion.

This seems to be very similar however.


thepasttenseofdraw t1_iybky94 wrote

Not the same vertical design. I mean the OP is a T, which I’d argue is far more clever and aestetically pleasing than what it’s purported to be stealing from. This other one is 80s future lines like United airlines. There’s nothing novel about having the T line colors represented, or organizing them by color in a pleasing way.

Edit: I mean by your measure, you just stole this nuggets design from the 80s:


JimboScribbles t1_iyddxch wrote

People who aren't used to critiquing art wouldn't pick up on most of the subtle design differences between these two examples despite being visually similar. Spending years in a critique based system will teach you very quickly how to spot the differences.

But like you mentioned further along, if you took 100 designers, kept them from each other and gave them the prompt 'Design a jersey that's based off of the MBTA', probably 90/100 would look exactly like these two examples but would have enough unique design elements that none were copies.

It's probably not a ripoff at all, both are just very heavily borrowing design elements of generic transit maps that could be found in almost any major city.


Vontom t1_iybl9si wrote

This would be great on a bike jersey too!


fromcj t1_iydl95r wrote

Not really. You both had the same idea and executed it pretty differently. They’re both good.


BigBallerBrad t1_iybj558 wrote

Man we gotta get yours in the room with some Celtics people


absynth5 t1_iyc3qga wrote

Jerseys based on a cities transit system isn’t a new idea. No one was ripping your shit lol


thepasttenseofdraw t1_iybko1q wrote

Yeah dude, no ones biting your shit here. It’s not a blatant rip off, it’s a similar design. You didn’t invent colored lines that represent the T lines. Your design is dope, but this isn’t “the same thing.” Unless you got a copyright on colored line industrial design.


lostinam3rica t1_iyblnn5 wrote

Welp. Strongly disagree with your take and clearly lots of others recognize an uncanny resemblance as well, but of course all are entitled to their own opinion.


thepasttenseofdraw t1_iybmhcc wrote

I mean, kinda biased no? Is there a resemblance? Sure. I mean you’re basically asserting that you invented putting rainbow lines on a jersey. And not acknowledging that the design you’re bitching about took a far more interesting route for its colored lines, forming a T, rather than an s/s/slash whatever you got. You didn’t invent the MBTA industrial design, you borrowed from it. Maybe have some perspective.


b3n5p34km4n t1_iybg9p4 wrote

Glad you showed up because I was wondering:

What about this design (OP’s or yours) has to do with the city of Boston, or anything Celtic? Shamrock makes sense. What I’m getting at is, could this design not be used by ANY team?

Bigger question: who gives a fuck that OP is designing a new Celtics jersey after every win if the design isn’t inherently unique to Boston or Celtics?


cherry_bobomb_ t1_iybhimo wrote

Why are you commenting in this sub if you clearly don't even know what the T is..


Carl_The_Sagan t1_iybis3a wrote

I don’t love gatekeeping but I agree it’s a little silly to not know the subway map motif


cherry_bobomb_ t1_iybko98 wrote

I'm not gatekeeping. I didn't say he can't comment. I'm saying I don't know why he is. This post didn't blow up, so it's not likely it got recommended to him..


ChefBoyAreWeFucked t1_iyc3ljh wrote

I mean, you are gatekeeping, but in the "What's this kindergartner doing here without crayons" sense. I agree with your gatekeeping. It's sensible gatekeeping. This guy somehow thinks our local basketball team are druids from the Scottish Highlands.


Un_creative_name t1_iybjucu wrote

Is it not possible to have fans from outside the city? From other countries? Ones that have never been to Boston? Jesus, it's not silly to not know it. It's pretentious to expect every fan TO know it.


cherry_bobomb_ t1_iybkli3 wrote

what are you talking about fans? I don't expect fans to know shit.. I expect you to know what the t is if you're commenting on a BOSTON subreddit. This is not a basketball subreddit


Un_creative_name t1_iybt5d2 wrote

My bad. I thought this was the Celtics sub. I'll leave my comment there to get rightfully downvoted.


Funny-Berry-807 t1_iybh0hy wrote

It's the T.

Short for the MBTA.

Metropolitan Boston Transit Authority.


hurricaneho t1_iyahnb0 wrote

Put this in NBA Jam and you won’t need to make 3 baskets in a row to be on fire


gimpriley t1_iyajto9 wrote

Boom shakalaka


jack9lemmon t1_iyan10g wrote

I'd buy this and I'm not a Celtics fan. It'd be my only piece of Boston/New England related merch aside from WooSox stuff, but it'd be an instabuy if that was legit


BirdsLikeSka t1_iybihkv wrote

Same. I'm actually just a big fan of public transportation.


Slackman0000 t1_iybuz49 wrote

Man, you would love the Youtube channel Not Just Bikes.


vinicelii t1_iybrvk2 wrote

> aside from Woosox stuff

Boy get you some SeaDogs swag stat


RumBox t1_iyanhsq wrote

Didn't someone post something remarkably similar awhile back? Or was that also OP?


Chillds t1_iyar9ug wrote

It is actually remarkably similar. Do with that information as you will


lostinam3rica t1_iyb30mk wrote

Thanks for looking out y'all. Straight butchered my fit lol.


Chillds t1_iyb7332 wrote

Any time! Your jersey designs are so creative and well designed that it stuck out to me that I've seen that before. I had to double check if that was you or not before I replied.


InfiniteBlink t1_iybu67x wrote

Out of curiosity, what's your background? Are you a design professional or is this just noodling ideas and sharpening your skill?


lostinam3rica t1_iycihu3 wrote

Yes I work in design—art background and a digital product designer (UI/UX) by trade.

I love sports though. This stuff is just a hobby I do in my spare time for now but hoping to move into this industry in the future.


MuddyClams t1_iydj7ue wrote

What type of programs do you use when your designing?


lostinam3rica t1_iydk48b wrote

For jersey designs it’s a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator.


The_Darkprofit t1_iyakula wrote

I love that. Promote the hell out of the T and then fund it like all that press is deserved. Finish off the south coast spoke, reunite MA!


Hribunos t1_iyaly21 wrote

The south coast fail is a boondoggle that will reduce service to the more important inner parts of the line. Of all the current expansion plans (north south rail link, blue to Lynn, blue/red connector, etc etc) it's the worst.


The_Darkprofit t1_iyanee0 wrote

It was promised in the early 90s then derailed by racism towards the larger black populations in New Bedford and Fall River at the time. It’s due.


squarerootofapplepie t1_iyatikn wrote

Fall River is actually pretty white. Not saying this is your assumption, but it’s funny to me how people claim racism is why Fall River is hated, assuming that more diversity= high crime, without realizing how white it is.


tacknosaddle t1_iyavy9w wrote

>people claim racism is why Fall River is hated

It's an easy mistake though. When people say that they're afraid the rail link will "bring crime" from Fall River to Boston it's assumed to be coded racist language against ethnic minorities. We're really just terrified of matricidal and patricidal white axe-murderesses.


joshhw t1_iyb0hzm wrote

It’s very white but they are still hella racist there. I state that as someone born and raised there.


squarerootofapplepie t1_iyb13de wrote

That’s not what I’m saying, the claim isn’t that Fall River is racist but that people who don’t like Fall River are racist.

Also you hate to see someone born and raised in MA using hella instead of wicked.


TheGreenJedi t1_iyb2co0 wrote

Really? Interesting didn't know it was possible to escape that area if you were born there (UMD grad)


joshhw t1_iyb36aa wrote

I’m only one of two friends that did.


TheGreenJedi t1_iyb3f7y wrote

Lol one of my buds escaped, landed on Worcester, things were going good.

Then he fucked up his marriage flirting with teenagers

Boom, now about to take over the mortgage for the house he grew up in, and live with his sister


The_Darkprofit t1_iyavcl9 wrote

There are more Asians and Middle Eastern populations and almost the same percentage Black 6.5 (fr)vs 6.7(nb). Twice the percent~20%(nb) vs ~10% (fr) for Hispanic population. Fall River also exceeds NB with Portuguese residents who if you look back are often the brunt of discrimination though not to compare their treatment to non European Hispanics. If you look at major suburban numbers like Dartmouth or Fairhaven they are actually pretty disturbing.


man2010 t1_iyanvc7 wrote

Hey now, it's not as bad as east-west rail with it's projected 1.5-2 hour travel times from Springfield and 1,500 daily riders based on pre-pandemic numbers. But hey, I'm sure the $2.5-4 billion it will cost couldn't be spent on projects that people will actually use.


OutsiderAvatar t1_iydxr0y wrote

Who are you to say what's more important? Pretty elitist. Also, none of what you listed are expansions to places without rail options.


Hribunos t1_iydylel wrote

More riders = more important. Where riders is roughly population modulo wealth (poor people need transit more than rich people). Call that elitist if you wish, I believe it to be the most equitable distribution of resources.


dosmoney t1_iyaoi80 wrote

As someone who lives in New Bedford, with rent rates climbing to ridiculous rates already (we’re paying $2k for a 2 bedroom pet friendly apartment that isn’t even very nice), I’m not a fan of the line. I don’t hate the idea but I hate what it’s doing and will do for rents. We’re paying almost double what we were 4 years ago.


The_Darkprofit t1_iyap5d9 wrote

Yeah it makes it a better place to live and unlike the suburban towns New Bedford has the right zoning to actually get more investment in affordable housing, which could help out everyone in the area. Either way I don’t think you are going to avoid rising rents by wishing away housing demand. I hope you get into a better housing situation if yours is an issue right now.


dosmoney t1_iyaqn44 wrote

Not going to avoid rising rents no, I agree there. But, having looked for apartments a few of times over the last few years in New Bedford and surrounding areas, the rise in price in New Bedford has not been in line with surrounding areas. (Obviously this is anecdotal and pertaining to my situation, needing something pet friendly, and 2 bedroom), but many I know echo the same thing. New Bedford is also falling victim to many multi families being sold to property management companies, who are pricing out long time renters(I know this in particular isn’t a New Bedford specific problem ofc)

Also on topic, I LOVE this jersey design.


The_Darkprofit t1_iyarlxl wrote

Yeah I mean what will stabilize affordable rents? It’s not going to be less housing or jobs, and if one of the solutions is more housing the minor cities like New Bedford, Fall River, Brockton, Taunton etc. are the fastest route to more housing. It would take years in court to try and force the wealthy suburbs to get rid of their NIMBY policies.


dosmoney t1_iyazr6d wrote

Oh I assure you NIMBYisn isn’t exclusive to the suburbs. Plenty of people against affordable housing in New Bedford. It’s stopped some projects from happening even in the last few years.

My biggest concern is where do the current residents go when they can’t afford the rents of property managers who are catering to new commuters? I mean I guess like the shitty 3 families owned by slumlords will still possibly be an option but man it’s fucked out here.


The_Darkprofit t1_iyb1gqd wrote

I don’t know the situation. I do know that if you are getting priced out in NB there isn’t much within an hour that’s cheaper without paying/earning compromises. I hope things work out for you.


dosmoney t1_iyb2dou wrote

Yeah I hope so too and everyone else in the city. The only places that we could find that were cheaper were heading pretty far west, or parts of RI or CT.

Something has to happen for housing, and not just here.


tsully1975 t1_iyatmsh wrote

I'd buy one. Let me know where and how.


cherry_bobomb_ t1_iybhlq9 wrote

You stole this design from someone else but made it worse. Good job op


Flaky_Section t1_iybjg28 wrote

They should actually make this jersey. This is sick


_no_mans_land_ t1_iybn8ng wrote

Millionaire celtics players be like "whats the T?"


beannet t1_iyclr4s wrote

Abso-fuckin-lutely not.

Not a fan of the jersey, it feels corporate design. I do feel bad for the redditor that made a better version of this design first.


Peeeculiar t1_iyamog4 wrote

That's really sharp. Well done.


stvblan t1_iyav4in wrote

Holy 70s Batman


tieny t1_iybpq54 wrote

I would buy the shit out of this, hell buy two!


Bburke89 t1_iyctaky wrote

If it’s after a win why would you use the T as inspiration?

Seems weird to use that, quite literally sometimes burning, pile of a transit service to represent something positive.

EDIT: just want to add the shirt looks cool either way.


-Boston617 t1_iycwo1l wrote

I’m sorry but why on earth would I pay any amount of money to advertise or advertise for MBTA u less it was bootleg T-shirt mocking them !


disco_t0ast t1_iyasfrz wrote

But it's not on fire


tacknosaddle t1_iyawbm0 wrote

It's also not made of fire retardant material so don't use it for your kids' pajamas.


222KFT t1_iyax658 wrote

MBTA fundraisah


jleonardbc t1_iyayhu7 wrote

Extend the lines into the harbor and sell a T tea tee


eburton555 t1_iybcayu wrote

This jersey must be super flammable


nlsnpgr84 t1_iybe8eg wrote

This is a masterpiece and must be the inhouse uniform


blbrd30 t1_iybfhoc wrote

Only if the orange line is on fire


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iybxzhh wrote

Bro should kickstarter this. I do t see any trademarks. Just print it on Blank Nike jerseys


bostonaliens t1_iycgezg wrote

Replace the Nike swoosh with a shamrock


kjbeale t1_iycsjw2 wrote

After using the train for the first time this Jersey is fire


Marco_Memes t1_iyct2tj wrote

The 9 serves a dual purpose, as it also represents the number of times an MBTA vehicle has ever arrived at its destination on time


dondadda2k t1_iycybcs wrote

That is fire literally lol.. iconic Boston in every way. I would def cop that!!


kyleholtzman t1_iycyhte wrote

I would purchase this years city jerseys if they were available literally anywhere online


Bufb88J t1_iyd7ipq wrote

I’m not a Celtics fan but I’d cop that jersey.


informal_bukkake t1_iydaik4 wrote

If the mbta had a Merch store I’d do a little shopping


boat--boy t1_iyen48d wrote

That Jersey is literally fire


[deleted] t1_iyeq4su wrote

It’s better than the actual city jerseys Nike makes for them every year


Jayembewasme t1_iyaraha wrote

I’d gladly pay for this. $200, easy.


Z0idberg_MD t1_iyaw0s5 wrote

That design should become Boston's I heart ny. It's amazing. With the T logo in boston in perfection.


AnnoyingCelticsFan t1_iyam3hb wrote

This one made me cum. I’d buy that in heartbeat