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sammyo t1_iy8i0fi wrote

Don't even think about going to Market Basket on Somerville Ave on Thursday.


Coffee_cat262 t1_iy8zjo6 wrote

Biden and the royals shop at Market Basket. They love the prices


abhikavi t1_iy9e4n4 wrote

Market Basket is also great.

And where else are they gonna go, Stop and Shop? I mean, come on.


Coffee_cat262 t1_iy9i60b wrote

They are coming here exclusively to visit the Market Basket in fact


abhikavi t1_iy9j65l wrote

I'm surprised but impressed their priorities are so in order.


TDKevin t1_iyap8lu wrote

Really unrelated thought but we only had stop and shop and price rite in the town I moved here from. I thought stop and shop was the best but I really like Star Market now.

I go to the JFK one but is there a bigger or better one?


CAPICINC t1_iydeitg wrote

There's a Shaw's in Lynn.


abhikavi t1_iydez1a wrote

I think this is where Siri keeps trying to send me when I ask for directions to the mall in Burlington.

Side note, I suspect Siri's trying to kill me.


LennyKravitzScarf t1_iy9t5hh wrote

When do you think the last time one of them has been in a grocery store? Specifically to shop, photo ops don’t count. My money is on Kate, over 10 years ago.


phokis617 t1_iy8rdhx wrote

Don't ever plan on going to Market Basket on Somerville Ave. Ever!


RJH04 t1_iy8t5lf wrote

It’s fine during the mid afternoon and weekdays… and the fresh things are so fresh…


sawbones84 t1_iy95bs5 wrote

That is the only time I will ever set foot in there, and even still sometimes the checkout lines are all 3/4 people deep. I'd LIKE to shop there more, but it's such a fucking headache most of the time, and it's completely out of the question if it's a weekend or evening.


RJH04 t1_iya0x52 wrote

I mean… I view it like church. You mingle with people you normally wouldn’t… commune with the masses… come together in a long line of other supplicants, coming for the fresh veggies…


Darkest_97 t1_iy9b6zw wrote

Weekdays still seem so horrible to me but I've never been there on a weekend


UltravioletClearance t1_iy9vgwn wrote

The real pro move is driving to the Market Basket in Burlington.


fakecrimesleep t1_iya0nqx wrote

Or just going to wegman’s instead because their produce isn’t openly rotting all the time and it’s a much better experience.


cBEiN t1_iyan5ga wrote

I haven’t been to wegmans here, but I expect, you don’t have the low prices market basket has


AchillesDev t1_iyao713 wrote

At least for meats, Wegman’s has been on par with or cheaper than anywhere I’ve been to here (mostly TJ’s, Star, and that one market out in Acton). The MB I’ve gone to I haven’t been in years because it’s near my grandmother’s and when we visit her we don’t ever need to do any shopping.


b3anz129 t1_iy9gdwp wrote

Saw a fight breakout there last month. Good times


HellbornElfchild t1_iy8ybfb wrote

I live about two houses up from Somerville Ave on School St. I expect it to be a bit of a scene, haha


sammyo t1_iya80wz wrote

To clarify "..On Thursday, the couple will visit Greentown Labs, an incubator for start-ups tackling climate issues.." is right next to MB. Maybe a couple giant black SUV's slip in and out unnoticed, or any gotcha shuts the area down.


Anustart15 t1_iya48qn wrote

Honey, we gotta get bread, milk, and eggs! What if the royals want to stop by for french toast!?!


DigitalKungFu t1_iyayskj wrote

Dammit! I just ran out of the Teddy super chunky unsalted…


pre_postmodernist t1_iy8lx2s wrote

Itinerary in this article:

>Mayor Michelle Wu will meet William and Kate for a welcome event at City Hall on Wednesday afternoon. Caroline Kennedy, the ambassador to Australia and the daughter of President John F. Kennedy, will also greet them. On Thursday, the couple will visit Greentown Labs, an incubator for start-ups tackling climate issues, and Roca, a nonprofit organization that works with young people in preventing incarceration. On Friday, the prince will visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, and the princess will visit the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. The main focus will be on the Earthshot Prize on Friday night.


vengefultacos t1_iy9kjdp wrote

Is it a given that we have to roll out a Kennedy when big-time royals show up? Is there a lower threshold on who gets a Kennedy? "The Sultan of Brunei? No, he doesn't rate a Kennedy. Go book a Wahlburg. And not one that sings, either."


whymauri t1_iy9tdxh wrote

True, they didn't roll out a Kennedy for MBS. Not even Joe Kennedy :P


Stephen_King_19 t1_iydohs5 wrote

In this case, isn't it because the Earthshot program was inspired by JFK's Moonshot? It makes sense that they'd bring in the only remaining child of his for a greeting.


devAcc123 t1_iy8tzn4 wrote

Odds this fucks up travel going to the airport? Gonna be flying out Friday evening potentially :(


dancognito t1_iy9614c wrote

This is the one time you should act like your parents and leave for the airport sometime tomorrow morning.


ADarwinAward t1_iy8xt54 wrote

JFK library is not near the airport so unless you’re passing by it via 93, it’ll probably only be a small increase in overall traffic.

If you’re coming from Cambridge and have to pass through Harvard Square expect additional traffic during the day.


devAcc123 t1_iy8y1k0 wrote

Only time I’d be near 93 is entering the tunnel over to east Boston from north end area, which shouldn’t be impacted. Just hoping it doesn’t mess with air traffic too whenever Biden is planning on flying in.


BigBrrrrrrr22 t1_iy93hno wrote

They GENERALLY don’t fly Airforce One into civilian airports they most likely flew into Joint Base Cape Cod (since they were in Nantucket the other day) an will most likely leave from there


TheWix t1_iyaf4bd wrote

Born and raised in Falmouth. Never heard it called 'Joint Base Cape Cod' always called it Otis. Hell, my grandfather and grandmother are buried there. Was it renamed?


BigBrrrrrrr22 t1_iyafgh8 wrote

Was just there the other day it’s called that now 😂


BigBrrrrrrr22 t1_iyafqkq wrote

Just like how Ft Lewis in WA is Joint Base Lewis- Mchord now


ADarwinAward t1_iy8yis8 wrote

There may be disruptions, best of luck.

> You can expect severe disruptions when the United States President comes to your local airport. Airspace and airports will be closed to flight operations. Access to the airport will be reduced. Flights may be diverted or canceled. But it's all in the name of security


subprincessthrway t1_iy9g1xw wrote

We were flying into Boston from San Francisco last time Biden was leaving and we had to circle for about 40 min until Air Force one had cleared the area.


devAcc123 t1_iy8yt55 wrote

Will have to read when I get. A minute, would they not announce this in advanced or do they just tell everyone to go fuck themselves the presidents in town


ADarwinAward t1_iy8zg3m wrote

I imagine you’ll find out at least 24 hours in advance, but I’m not sure. I once watched Air Force One land in LAX and we had a fairly good idea of the timing, so it can’t be at the last possible minute that everyone finds out.


Nervous-Quarter5822 t1_iyaub0t wrote

We were on the runway at Logan waiting for take off on September and saw Air Force One parked at the Jet Blue terminal. Idling. Not sure who was on it but air traffic was halted


Vomitus_The_Emetic t1_iycucbb wrote

By the people, of the people, for the people. Now would all the people kindly fuck off, we are far too important


RickWest495 t1_iyads3j wrote

Incorrect. Kamala Harris came in a few weeks ago to go to Roxbury. They shut down Rte 93 from the the Zakim Bridge to South Bay for hours. Traffic to the airport was a nightmare. They closed at the Zakim so that if someone detonated a bomb under Causeway St, I couldn’t get her. JFK library is close to 93. That road will be shut down for hours. Better to take 95/128 north to Weston and take the Pike to airport. Or go in through Revere.


ADarwinAward t1_iyal196 wrote

JFC that sounds awful. I’ll let the other person know to get there super early


RickWest495 t1_iyav782 wrote

I drive people to the airport for a job. Anytime these celebrities come in it causes a nightmare so I would look at the time schedule of when they are moving around and do your best to work around that some people will get a room in one of the airport hotels, Hilton Hyatt and Embassy suites, and then just shuttle over in the morning for a flight. But that’s a pretty expensive option.


Sufficient_Prior3828 t1_iybic36 wrote

It doesn’t matter. Boston is so small. Something in one part will affect every other part of the city. Boston is just a giant intersection


spoonweezy t1_iy9s636 wrote

You are right that Logan and the jfk museum are far away from each other - but if you are at the jfk museum it feels like planes are right above you.


tarandab t1_iy91lfq wrote

It might - I once connected in Detroit when Obama was president/flying in to give a speech and we had to circle a bit until he cleared the airport.


DaWolf85 t1_iya31dw wrote

There is no TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) currently posted so Biden will not be coming in by air. I think someone else said he was coming in from Nantucket, so the roads might not be great. But the airport will be fine, should be no delays.


in_finite_jest t1_iy9jqlh wrote

I've gotten stuck in traffic on the way to the airport enough times that I just take the T now. When I ask family members to drive me to the airport now, I will usually ask to be driven to the train.


skyppie t1_iybmfrr wrote

Having taken the silver line to the airport a couple weeks ago, I'm honestly shocked more people don't do it. It's so easy.


ADarwinAward t1_iyal4mw wrote

So someone else replied that when Harris came they shut down part of the interstate. Could completely fuck traffic so I would there extra early


Pudge223 t1_iy9agiz wrote

Glad ROCA is getting shine. They have been doing great things for years.


bookandbark t1_iyb0br4 wrote

bro. I live down the street from Greentown labs, oh no.


Born_Ad_4826 t1_iycr6ir wrote

They're visiting ROCA in Chelsea? I knew them as a very cool non profit back in the day.

Also RIP to the daily travel time of UMAss Boston students, staff and faculty who have to be on campus Friday 😮


houndoftindalos t1_iyd6j9m wrote

Can you imagine how out of touch all these people have to be if this is their typical way of interacting with the world....


Kevlub t1_iyctkrw wrote

They have a set of fenced off covered bleachers setup at city hall as of Monday


CAPICINC t1_iydethj wrote

> and Roca, a nonprofit organization that works with young people in preventing incarceration

That's 3 blocks from where I workin Chelsea. Going to be a fun Thursday!


PikantnySos t1_iy8yuxh wrote

If they are so concerned with the environment why cant they do it from Zoom?


18hockey t1_iyaosy9 wrote

Because rich people don't give a fuck


TeachMeHowToThink t1_iy999pj wrote

The CO2 emissions that will result from this trip are absolutely negligible in overall metrics.


wet_cupcake t1_iya201w wrote

If thats the route we’re going people should hold that energy when they get butthurt when celebs fly in their private jets


Afitz93 t1_iya3vxo wrote

But if they do this weekly (or more) around the world it’s not as much. Especially when it could be significantly more negligible by flying commercial.


BHKbull t1_iy8mw03 wrote

Great, I’m working in Beacon Hill and commute from Nashua everyday. So how bad is it, will my 1.5hr commute be 3 hrs now?


jucestain t1_iy96lqe wrote

Dude props for commuting in from Nashua. That is true dedication.


BHKbull t1_iy97c6z wrote

Thanks! Some days are rough but overall it’s worth it. Not much of this caliber of finish work in New Hampshire, right now I’m working in a beautiful 4-story brownstone right next to the capital building. Can’t find this in Nashua!


jucestain t1_iy99tqa wrote

Thats awesome.

Nashua is a nice area, can definitely understand people living there and commuting into Boston. One of my favorite breweries (spyglass) is up there. Would be nice if they extended the lowell commuter rail line up there some day.


BHKbull t1_iy9a7it wrote

There was a post the other day about them considering extending it to Manchester, which I assume would include a Nashua stop. Would be cool! But probably not for a while, they would need to get the NH statehouse on board first


thejosharms t1_iy9p3vb wrote

There have been rumors and plans about that since the 90's. Don't get your hopes up.


BHKbull t1_iya7ilp wrote

Yeah, figures. Won’t help me much anyways with my can full of tools.


thejosharms t1_iyajb6u wrote

Probably not, but it'd be nice to have for weekends and leisure time. Maybe someday.

I commuted from Hudson to Burlington and back for about 3 months when I had to move back to my parents a little bit and it was hell on Earth.

I was talking to a guy recently who is in IBEW and is contracted out to MIT who lives in the same area. He leaves home at about 3:30 in the morning, gets to Cambridge and gets a prime parking spot and then has a little setup where he goes back to sleep for an hour or so in his car truck. Then he works 6:30-2:30 and scoots out just before northbound commuting traffic.


No-Sheepherder-6257 t1_iy9n56x wrote

Make sure you try Florina Pizza at least once.

And they dont really write parking tickets around the capital building after 3pm.


BHKbull t1_iya7pvt wrote

Been gettin Florina for lunch for a couple weeks now, great stuff!


Starbuksman t1_iy8q57k wrote

Dude use this happening as a way to work from home….


BHKbull t1_iy8qiu6 wrote

Wish I could but I’m a finish carpenter doing high end kitchens. Maybe if they hurry up and invent teleportation!


dyslexicbunny t1_iy971gi wrote

Have the owners wear a GoPro and earbuds and just talk em through it. Like VR!

Unrelated, do you have a website? We may want to redo our kitchen at some point and always good to have people to start looking at.


Starbuksman t1_iy8riem wrote

Oh that would be awesome. That sucks I’m sorry - maybe get a hotel room and hit up downtown? Nothing is worse than sitting in traffic for hours


heliumbox t1_iy8yohg wrote

Paying your days wage for a hotel so you can go to work is pretty bad...


geminimad4 t1_iy90nhi wrote

... as well as finding a secure place to park your truck (presumably filled with valuable tools) overnight


Starbuksman t1_iy8zmhy wrote

I guess- I’d use points and make a fun evening of it. But I see your point.


cdmistman t1_iy9i8c8 wrote

My bet would be on commuter rail at Lowell. Not sure what the park and ride situation is. If you need your truck for this job, you might be SIL and have to bite the traffic bullet.


BHKbull t1_iy9ihst wrote

Yeah, I’ll have to suck it up. No biggie though, I survived the first day of back to school a few months ago.. this can’t possibly be worse than that!


ijustlikebeingnosy t1_iy8l455 wrote

William & Kate are here starting tomorrow. They’ll be all over the place.


es_price t1_iyavt1q wrote

I wonder what restaurants are about to get more popular


jtet93 t1_iybzgff wrote

When have you ever seen any of them eat at restaurants in recent years? Even in their younger years it was mostly posh private clubs they partied at. Very rarely spotted at a restaurant open to the public. On a trip overseas I would be fully shocked if they dined out.


elbenji t1_iydgqvg wrote

Doubtful but Chelsea has some good eats. Would pay to see the royals chow down on a 2$ pupusa


msiggy t1_iy8k3nr wrote

I thought Prince William was speaking on Wednesday?


ZippityZooZaZingZo OP t1_iy8ljq1 wrote

From what I have read: William and Kate will be here Wednesday-Friday. Friday is the actual Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony at the MGM Music Hall. They will also be doing charitable work in Chelsea and Somerville Wednesday and Thursday. Biden is scheduled to attend a political fundraiser here Friday.


spaceflower890 t1_iy8nwg1 wrote

I’ve also heard the Royal family will be by the JFK Library and around Harvard on Friday, so likely parts of 93 will be shut down again.


BigBallerBrad t1_iy99jnt wrote

Why are they here/being received?


Anustart15 t1_iya4i0d wrote

>Friday is the actual Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony at the MGM Music Hall.


foonsirhc t1_iya9ded wrote

You handled this question marvelously. Bravo.


helpthe0ld t1_iy8v1p9 wrote

Do you know where the fundraiser is supposed to be held? We have tickets to the Celtics game on Friday, but plan to take the train in and out to avoid driving.


Conan776 t1_iy8l6gd wrote

Yeah, Wednesday at City Hall, Thursday in Somerville, Friday at Fenway.


Teuszie t1_iy9ckw8 wrote

God Save The I-93


swap_catz t1_iy9n0xn wrote

I hope they ride the T and it stalls for 8 hours.


AboyNamedBort t1_iy9p6sw wrote

According to their official itinerary they’ll be riding your mom for 8 hours.


swap_catz t1_iy9soer wrote

My mom is dead but considering Bidens problem with inappropriately touching anything that moves, I wouldn't put it past him.


Anustart15 t1_iya53kg wrote

>anything that moves

I'm not sure you fully understand how dead works


YouAreGenuinelyDumb t1_iy93fja wrote

YEAH, let’s go! A useless visit to fuck up the average person’s commute! A fair price to pay for knowing that our glorious elites might jerking each other raw in some random building!


vimgod t1_iyae1sh wrote

Just take the T lol it's not that serious


elbenji t1_iydgup6 wrote

Tbf they're giving a lot of money to some Chelsea nonprofits so I can't hate


magik779 t1_iy8odb2 wrote

So pretty much business as usual. Got it


DontMakeMeDrive t1_iy9o7l9 wrote

Is there any way to know what time Air Force One will arrive? I've just moved to East Boston and it would be cool to see! Thanks


dc8291 t1_iyf31be wrote

I don’t believe AF1 usually flies into Logan


Mswc_ t1_iya1bts wrote

I saw a huge army like green helicopter come into Boston about half an hour ago


HurdieBirdie t1_iyahusp wrote

Just go to the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for all of this to blow over


yuvng_matt t1_iy9o957 wrote

Won’t affect the trains!


ZippityZooZaZingZo OP t1_iy9p6go wrote

It will be circumstantial. They typically hold the trains if the President or motorcade is nearby. Happened to me when Obama was in town years ago.


WhiteGrapeGames t1_iycr2jw wrote

Oh my god that day. It took me two hours to drive home from JP to Brookline. Police officer stopped in front of me near Jamaica Pond and said “sorry bud, I have to divert all traffic and you’re the first one.”


sufimalang t1_iyac9jh wrote

What are these idiots doing in Boston


Careless_Ad3968 t1_iyawuxe wrote

Trying to stay relevant. They're desperately trying to make it look like the Monarchy is evolving with the times, rather than continuing to be the racist creeps that they are in reality. Harry was smart and ran like hell.


MomTRex t1_iyasuf7 wrote

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph what did we do to deserve this?!


Careless_Ad3968 t1_iyawlnz wrote

I think we're getting payback for that tea party we had on the harbor a few centuries ago.


TheElusiveFox t1_iy97kou wrote

you mean MORE of a logistical nightmare... because generally speaking it always is...


RandomQuestiion t1_iy93jx2 wrote

When do you think the logistics nightmare will end ? I was planning on grabbing dinner, drinks, and movie around 9 pm on Friday. Should I expect a lot of traffic ?


LadyGreyIcedTea t1_iyaamob wrote

Goddamn it, I have to go through the city to Revere on Friday.


Marco_Memes t1_iy9ldkr wrote

Can’t possibly get any worse than it is now


BSNF2314 t1_iy8s9pa wrote

Anyone know the timing of this? Flying out of Logan around 8:00am on Friday.


outsideroutsider t1_iyeo9gc wrote

Heard they are staying at a La Quinta in Fall River.


OsmaniaUniversity t1_iy9ft6y wrote

I thought this is happening on Wednesday. Thank you for the PSA.


QuirkyWafer4 t1_iy9hthf wrote

William and Kate start their Boston tour on Wednesday which will last until like this weekend. Biden will also happen to be in Boston for the day this Friday.


ZippityZooZaZingZo OP t1_iya0gki wrote

Yes, W and K will be here starting Wed, but the real potential for inconvenience is Friday when Biden will also be here.


Jimmyking4ever t1_iy9hgx7 wrote

God damn didn't think it would matter. So are they going to do this with anyone related to the king?


stickmaster_flex t1_iy9vr7b wrote

Didn't we fight a war to prevent exactly this kind of thing?


ProfessorJAM t1_iyaae7o wrote

This will certainly intersect with my return to Logan from business trip around 5pm. Guess I’ll walk home. Dragging my suitcase behind me. Maybe 93 will be shut down and I can just walk along the highway?


pastelxbones t1_iybcu45 wrote

AND joe pera, how could you forget him


Scytle t1_iy92wd3 wrote

go out and scream at him for turning on rail workers.


After-Bowler5491 t1_iyd8204 wrote

Hopefully Biden doesn’t get lost, it’s a big city.


gumbygump11 t1_iyad31i wrote

Can’t we just throw them in the ocean?


_no_mans_land_ t1_iybj1u3 wrote

can we throw rotten tomatoes at them?


GarveyAC_1962 t1_iyb3ppt wrote

They should drive by Mass and Cass so the Big Guy can point and say “I did that”.


ShoreNorth9 t1_iyaekn4 wrote

Joe will be in bed by 5 pm


Mecongcola t1_iya3kxn wrote

I'm sure Wu will not miss the opportunity to stick her nose up Bidens ass.


smc733 t1_iy8qpta wrote

Why should anyone give a shit about stupid British royalty? Dumb. If they want to come here, there should be no special accommodations.


potentpotables t1_iy8rklx wrote

Protecting the Queen's safety is a task that is gladly accepted by Police Squad. No matter how silly the idea of having a queen might be to us, as Americans we must be gracious and considerate hosts.


boreas907 t1_iy8s4le wrote

You're not wrong that security needs to be provided for foreign dignitaries, but they currently have a king, not a queen.


crippledcommie t1_iya45ov wrote

Its not silly to us its silly period


potentpotables t1_iyajpyl wrote

You mean you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you?


zambicci t1_iy8s1kg wrote

go fuck yourself. welcome to boston.


BreakdancingGorillas t1_iy90unk wrote

Because they take up space. If it was where you lived and a giant crowd of people showing up it might be a problem