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transferStudent2018 t1_iydi4jr wrote

No parking ever, but you can spend 15 minutes picking up or dropping off between 8-6


sericuIture t1_iydi5sx wrote

My guess would be no parking outside of 8am-6pm, and within the 8am-6pm timeframe it's 15 mins/drop off only.


symonym7 t1_iydmo3k wrote

Are we sure that isn’t the new Welcome To Brookline signage?


Jack_Jacques t1_iydoz29 wrote

It means tow trucks can pick up and drop off between 8 & 6.


N8710 t1_iyeugga wrote

This is absolutely the correct answer, but I would be shocked to see them dropping a car off haha.


willzyx01 t1_iydis7d wrote

No parking between 6pm and 8am. 15 min pick up/drop off only between 8am and 6pm.


NEU_Throwaway1 t1_iydl02u wrote

I would not ever assume that I am free to park in a city from a sign unless it explicitly says so. I interpret this as 15 minute parking only allowed between 8-6 for pick up and drop off.

If parking was allowed outside of 8-6, there would be another sign explaining the rules for that time period.


Academic_Guava_4190 t1_iydn1l0 wrote

No parking ever but you can pick up and drop off between 8 and 6 for 15 mins


raylui34 t1_iyezfih wrote

no parking ever, but you may "idle" for 15 minutes between the times of 8 AM - 6 PM to pick up or drop someone off

I was always taught to read from top to bottom, where the bottom ones are considered "conditionals"


kbmeow0326 t1_iye5sqk wrote

You cant park your car there during those hours. During those hour you can pull over there ( stay in car) and wait up to 15 minutes to pick up on drop off someone


lukibunny t1_iydn95j wrote

15 minutes limit pick up and drop off only between 8 am - 6 pm, all time outside no parking tow zone.


Pichon_Gaming t1_iyehpxp wrote

It means only 15Mins parking during does posted hours.


Alarmed_Nebula3917 t1_iyeuzhg wrote

Reminds me of an episode of louie where he’s trying to understand the before midnight after midnight parking sign


cloud9employee32 t1_iydk6e2 wrote

As a Bostonian, My interpretation is no parking between 8 am to 6 PM. Pick up only. Other time park away.


Tall_olive t1_iydmt6m wrote

It's 15 min drop off 8am to 6pm, no parking 6pm to 8am.


SpindriftRascal t1_iydmmso wrote

I think this is correct. It surely isn’t clear, but that’s how the Loading Zone and Valet Parking zones work. The time limit and use restriction on the sign govern its applicability. Other signs in the area might offer additional guidance.


willzyx01 t1_iydp2fi wrote

This sign is very clear. How much clearer can it be?


SpindriftRascal t1_iye5eor wrote

By virtue of the original post and the disagreement in the comment thread, I think we see that the sign is not clear. Many people think it is a total ban on parking except that you can pickup/drop off for 15 minutes during the day. Other people think it means parking is always allowed, except it is limited to 15 minutes for pickup/drop off during the day. I am in the latter camp, by analogy to the commercial and valet zone signs found around the city.


slothcheesemountain t1_iyfdryy wrote

I currently park overnight every night at a sign like this and I also leave it there all day sometimes


coldsnap123 t1_iydq923 wrote

This is an insane interpretation. It’s no parking, ever. Except between 8-6 where it’s a pick up drop off point, 15 minute max.