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Anustart15 t1_ix2cdxj wrote

>Because you get what amounts to a fine that goes directly to PG&E because youre not using all of their electricity.

Not really. They have to charge you differently because you are paying for the benefit of grid access (which 99% of people absolutely require), but no longer pay for it through electricity use like everyone else on the grid


imanze t1_ix2ty9x wrote

You don’t pay for grid access you pay for delivery and distribution. That cost is usually set per khw on top of the electrical rate. With solar you’d still almost always still be using grid power thus using both of those. If there is (i don’t know CA rules) an additional fee just for having solar that’s a bit fucked


Yossarian465 t1_ix31kng wrote

They aren't supposed to be making money through just people using their no they don't need to do that because they aren't losing money


Anustart15 t1_ix3nuxs wrote

But they are also providing a very crucial service by providing grid access and maintaining the grid. If nobody paid for it's maintenance because everyone had solar, it would fail for everyone