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Wdyt are Boston’ers cool and will let us buy and try a Cosco pizza without a membership by scanning their badge for us so we can buy it? We heard much about it from friends and want to try it but it seems you may not even get into Cosco without a membership. We wanna go to the one in Everett. Do you know if they check ID at the entry or at the food court?

Edit: thanks for all the tips! Got the pizza, ate half, brought half home. Not out of this world but definitely OK.

Re all the “not good pizza”: Obviously no good high quality ingredients but we’re not trying to get good Mediterranean food after all. We’re in the US so we try your stuff :) going back home in 3 days and gonna detox then.



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KungPowGasol t1_iww8a4l wrote

I too enjoying traveling to other countries and sampling their below average pizza offerings.


malusmax OP t1_iww8ep8 wrote

I know right. Vacation is all about realising how much better home is and the rest sucks.


Rough-Jackfruit2306 t1_iww9619 wrote

I mean, outside of Italy which is a different thing anyway, our pizza is actually way better than Europe's in my experience. Just not our Costco pizza. I think it's just a meme because it's surprisingly good, not because it's actually good relative to a decent pizza shop. But hey you do you.


malusmax OP t1_iww9o0g wrote

How about the Hot Dogs? Also you should try spotting Neapolitan pizza places across Europe. They are usually the ones that rock. Eg these guys in Bratislava (No affiliation)


eireann113 t1_iwwb33j wrote

I think people like the pizza and hot dogs partially just because they're so cheap, not because they're the best around.


UndercoverPages t1_iwwditv wrote

Agreed. The hotdogs are famous because they are cheap, not because they are especially good. For at least 25 years a hotdog with a soda at Costco has been $1.50. Costco famously refuses to raise the price. They even started manufacturing their own hotdogs instead of raising the price.


WinsingtonIII t1_iwwd0zz wrote

The deal with Costco stuff is generally that people are saying “it’s surprisingly decent quality for how cheap it is.”

It isn’t by any means the highest quality stuff you can find though, you’re going to be disappointed if that’s what you’re looking for. You can get much better pizza in the US than Costco pizza.


JackFTL t1_iww81ue wrote

So you can’t check out at the main registers without a membership, but I think you can buy at the food court without your card being checked, I don’t think they’ve ever scanned mine.

You can just walk in the left (towards returns) or tell them aren’t a member and want to look around the warehouse before committing to a membership and they’ll typically just let you in, but make you aware that you can’t purchase the membership at the register at the same time as checkout.

Either way, you should be able to get in and get pizza without too much hassle or without even needing to tag along with another member. Someone correct me if I’m way off but this is my experience.

You can also say you want to purchase alcohol and they’ll let you in because you can’t have a membership-only liquor store in Massachusetts.


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Stronkowski t1_iwxfu3v wrote

I have a membership but have popped into the Everett location just for a hot dog and soda several times while in the plaza for other reasons, and not needed to show my membership.


UndercoverPages t1_iww8vsq wrote

The pizza at Costco is not good. That being said if you want to try it, you can almost certainly do it without a membership if there are only a couple of you. If there is a big group, the advice below probably won't work.

You need a membership card to get into the club or to buy regular merchandise. However, once you are in, you don't need a card to buy items from the food court.

Enter through the exit. Tell the person checking receipts at the exit that you want to go to the membership desk. Wait in line for a few seconds and tell the people at the membership desk that you just moved there and are deciding if you want to join. Ask if you can look around the store. They'll say yes. Walk a few dozen more meters into the store and you'll see the food court. There are giant pictures of the food up on the wall and tables. You can't miss it. From there, you can order the pizza without a membership card.


Shemsuni t1_iwwepqy wrote

Costco Hotdog > Costco Pizza


codyb43 t1_iww9p7t wrote

The cafe area is on the side with returns and membership sign ups. You can get there and eat without being a member


-Jedidude- t1_iwwqh1p wrote

They don’t check cards for the food court


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-Jedidude- t1_iwxdb72 wrote

Just saying what I’ve experienced 🤷‍♂️ no need to freak out.


The-Invalid-One t1_iwwz7g9 wrote

You should be able to just walk in through the exit in Everett without the card


willzyx01 t1_iwwd260 wrote

Go thru self check out (food court, not floor self checkout). It doesn’t ask for membership.

If they stop you from going inside, tell them you are going to the pharmacy. You don’t need membership for the pharmacy.


Enkiduderino t1_iwwtbes wrote

I dunno if this is an unpopular opinion, but costco pizza sucks. Sauce is too plentiful and too sweet(?) imo.


RockHockey t1_iwxi2x8 wrote

When you walk and tell them you’re going to the eye doctor you don’t don’t need a membership to go to the eye doctor


herdswords t1_iwxlbny wrote

Better places to get pizza that you don’t need a membership for


Legitimate-Emu-9006 t1_ix0pjqn wrote

Anybody can walk in and go to the food court. It’s the doors on the left that look like an exit