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treescented t1_iydcu4u wrote

I live in Eastie. My guess is that they're doing a photo op at Piers Park. It's the best spot to take a picture with the city of Boston in the background.


Conan776 t1_iydrcfu wrote

Also a good place to give an offshore invasion fleet the "all clear" signal.

We should be preparing for a "two lantern" situation.


hitbyacar1 t1_iyd3hnn wrote

get the tea


eburton555 t1_iydhoep wrote

The audacity of them coming to Boston of all places. We should have them stay in the old governors building. As is.


eaglessoar OP t1_iyd25t3 wrote

This was shared in Jeffries Point neighborhood fb group by a business owner in the shipyard and others confirmed in comments doesn't seem to be a rumor but as an area resident I've seen nothing from police or mass port about this closure. Anyone got the deets (or a huge Irish flag to lend me?)


elbenji t1_iydtm5d wrote

They're taking a photo. They're in Chelsea all day today.


xalupa t1_iyd87gu wrote

They're going to visit Roca in Chelsea, maybe that's why?


eaglessoar OP t1_iydbw8t wrote

this is specifically marginal st in eastie, she said massport came to the shipyard to notify them its not a misunderstanding with anything going on in chelsea


Buffyoh t1_iydeys2 wrote

Hey - maybe the Royals will stop by Kelly's for a pint!


ZainebBenoit t1_iydw22t wrote

Soooo trying to get to Lynn is gonna be like what tonight?