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ReverseBanzai t1_iyepjan wrote


g00ber88 t1_iyeuuq4 wrote

Whoever set down their insta pot and forgot about it must be feeling pretty embarrassed rn


_violetlightning_ t1_iyeyv2n wrote

That happened while I lived in San Francisco. I worked across the street from a major train station, think Downtown Crossing. We Evacuate customers, all our employees head to our pre-arranged meeting place at a park a block away, yada yada yada. I saw pictures of a bomb unit guy going down the stairs into the station dressed like the Stay-Puff Marshamllow man. I’m texting my parents to let them know I’m safe in case the news goes national. Huge fucking deal.

Someone had forgotten their briefcase next to a bench.


impact4 t1_iyf4b0v wrote

I was flying home from college high as hell on edibles, went to the baggage claim to grab my suitcase and got surrounded by nearly a dozen enthusiastic cops. After I showed them a few forms of ID and offered to let them search me they showed me a photo of the suspect they were looking for. Apparently my doppelganger is out there threatening to blow up airports.


Dukeofdorchester t1_iyfcmk4 wrote

That’s a good way to have your high ruined


impact4 t1_iyfdb9o wrote

I was honestly so completely baffled by the entire experience that it really didn't register as frightening. As soon as I hopped in the car my buddy who was picking me up asked if I saw all the cops that were there which cracked me up. It honestly became one of my favorite stories because of the pure absurdity of the situation.

If the dude who ended up getting arrested for the homb threat wasn't so crazy I would've got in touch with him just out of pure curiosity from how similar he looked to me.


PresNixon t1_iyeztlw wrote

4th and King? I've been in San Fran for a month and I feel like I know this place pretty well lol. Can't wait to get back home though.


_violetlightning_ t1_iyfa91p wrote

Powell station, 4th and Market. Basically the SF equivalent of having to evacuate a couple blocks of Washington st around Macys and Primark. I felt really bad for the guy who forgot his brief case. I mean, who hasn’t?


bthks t1_iyezuv4 wrote

My freshman year of college all the family weekend events on Saturday were cancelled and the largest complex on campus was evacuated for 8+ hours.

Some dad had left a camera case on his car.


Alphatron1 t1_iyf0f6z wrote

So on one hand I haven’t flown since like 1998 and we’re going to Philly from Manchester. We go to get coffee. Not even thinking I leave my bag at the terminal and within 5 minutes they have a dog on it. I’m like oh shit. Then they call me down to the office and give me a talk. But I just wasn’t thinking. It was like 6 am.


[deleted] t1_iyf06q5 wrote



g00ber88 t1_iyf0mlz wrote

Yeah I know, I was joking. Or half joking at least, I mean maybe someone really did leave their instapot behind lol


sckuzzle t1_iyf5blx wrote

tbf insta-pots are common casings for homemade pressure bombs to the point they were banned in parts of Europe in order to reduce terrorism.


lukibunny t1_iyexzt4 wrote

This link had a reply if someone claiming the instant pot was theirs lol. He said it didn’t fit his bike so he went back to get his car.


DrowningInFeces t1_iyf3t5m wrote

My fears of pressure cookers randomly exploding has now been validated by the Boston police.


no_clipping t1_iyeeb1r wrote

Unattended box of one dozen donuts


Id_Solomon t1_iyehoag wrote

The Royal Family's coming through.

So watch out.


temp4adhd t1_iye7ux4 wrote

Probably doing a security sweep ahead of the royals visit?


MyRespectableAlt t1_iye9kgx wrote

I highly doubt the #2 in line for the British Throne is going to be on the Red Line.


itsonlyastrongbuzz t1_iyehotx wrote

Wouldn’t he be 1st in line?

His father is King. He’s on-deck.


imuniqueaf t1_iyerba9 wrote

That is a great question. I'd like to take a moment to explain the British Monarchy and how the line of succession works. Additional how it pertains to their relationship with the United States.

Who cares and it doesn't.

Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.


gregzhoba t1_iyec3hn wrote

Unless the royals are looking for the true “peasants of Boston” experience!


Omphaloskeptique t1_iyeem3t wrote

Actually, Somerville is their first stop in Boston.


nebirah t1_iyeib5h wrote

Actually, they will visit Greentown Labs which is closer to Union Square.


CheruthCutestory t1_iyefbsa wrote

Well I'm no royalist but that would put them one ahead of Governor Baker.


Admirable-Towel3709 t1_iye5qye wrote

Maybe ask the cops


shminkydink OP t1_iyebg2q wrote

I was in a hurry,, plus I hate talking to cops if I don’t have to..


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyegrxn wrote

Just curious why? I mean as someone with a long criminal history I find talking to cops when I’m not doing something wrong is actually pleasant (about 80% of the time, just like the public not everyone is friendly).

Most of their interactions are negative with the public by nature of the job, so when they have a chance to engage with the community most are actually excited to do so


Gatorcat t1_iyejfle wrote

I'm going with "Don't poke the bear"... having as little interaction as possible with something which could be dangerous lowers the chances of a potential negative outcome....


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyejwyt wrote

Asking a random question? Jeez people wonder why we have such bad police relations. Bro I have a long criminal history, my friend black and he talks to cops all time. You can ask a fucking question, especially if you are genuine and not acting mean. I give it a zero percent chance Of turning bad lol. I mean unless you have warrants or something


TakenOverByBots t1_iyf0jvz wrote

I can't believe you went the "I have a black friend" route. Please understand that one person's experience doesn't mean it's everyone's experience.


Not-a_raccon t1_iyet8uk wrote

Yeah unfortunately this isn't because of anything the public did, if the police hadn't lost trust of the citizens they were sworn to protect and serve, then things would be all hunky dory, but nobody is going to talk to a unionized gang unless absolutely necessary.


givemeyoushoes t1_iyej2p4 wrote

fuck 12


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyej6dj wrote

Huh? What’s 12?


Xikky t1_iyettm7 wrote

12 represents the amount brain cells he has left due to all the crack he's smoked.


givemeyoushoes t1_iyejvrk wrote

context clues my friend


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyek1dv wrote

Not sure why you’re acting like a pretentious asshole and just can’t give a real answer but whatever fuck you too


Pool_Party_Ziggs t1_iyek5cp wrote

ACAB pigs live to oppressive the poor and minority's


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyekstt wrote

I wonder if you recognize your own hypocrisy? Like group all of any group of people is bigotry and breeds hate.

You and your attitude literally make the situation worse. You are for reform, talk about the bad cops, training..etc

But you are literally part of the problem. Spreading the divide and hate. In my mind you are just as bad as a racist or sexist.


bakrTheMan t1_iyelim8 wrote

Nobody is born a cop asshole


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyelp9n wrote

It doesn’t matter people don’t take the job to be racist or this or that. People aren’t born immigrants either but you can still be bigoted against immigrants.

Anytime you generalize a massive group of people and all bring them down to their lowest common form you’re being a bigot


Albitron t1_iyen4kt wrote

Bzzzt wrongo


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyen9kd wrote

Oh so you can be born in immigrant? weird didn’t know that. Are you born following a particular religion too?


bakrTheMan t1_iyeo8c2 wrote

No but i got baptized a couple days later, I didn't make the choice


bakrTheMan t1_iyenxvu wrote



[deleted] t1_iyeo7cv wrote



bakrTheMan t1_iyeof4f wrote

Lol keep telling yourself that. I hate the violent racists that use our tax money to terrorize people but you equate that to bigotry


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyeopww wrote

Yeah because you’re calling them all violent racist. That’s like saying all Democrats are part of antifa we’re all Republicans are racist, we’re all Muslims are terrorists. You don’t get to generalize large groups.

You can hate the 1% but hating all cops even the great ones and the hero’s makes you a shitty person.


bakrTheMan t1_iyesc0i wrote

Its not like saying all muslims are terrorists because islam is a religion and policing in america is a job that requires you to carry out racialized violence on the poorest people in society. Its not a fucking moral judgement genius


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyemxys wrote

This people are not born but are prejudiced against:

Religion, immigration, financial status, job, political beliefs…. The list goes on… asshole


saint_thirty_four t1_iyewhry wrote

Your -62 downvotes are why I don't post on the dumb subreddit. Cheers to you and thanks for sharing your opinion.


Hen-stepper t1_iyep074 wrote

Uh oh... you implied cops are people.

Looks like this is the other way around. Try to converse with Boston redditors about cops and the redditors attack.


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyepx47 wrote

I’m just amazed that people don’t see the irony, of hating stereotypes and generalizing all Muslims as terrorists, all Black people as criminals, or Mexicans as illegals, but for some reason it’s OK to generalize all cops as racist murderers.

Super weird hypocrisy. Talk about making the situation worse not better


VaeVictoria t1_iyeqn3b wrote

"Cop" is not an immutable trait.

It is a choice they made - and a poor one at that.


Drew_P_Nuts t1_iyerb05 wrote

Immigration is a choice. and lots of people think their jobs are traits. Ask a doctor.

You keep moving the goalposts that way you don’t feel guilty generalizing and grouping all cops as shitty people because you hate racists and you hate sexist but you fail to recognize you’re just as bad as them.

But just like when a KKK meets a really nice black person they change their minds look up (Daryl Davis) you would feel the same way when a cops helps you after an accident, stops a domestic assault or saves a friends life.

It’s sad you have suck hate. Do you have more in common with the Nazis than you realize.


Treebeard2277 t1_iyesyky wrote

The idea that cops and doctors are both egomaniacs who conflate their job with their personhood is not shocking.


felineprincess93 t1_iyezxnq wrote

Ooh wait, if we're going with this analogy of doctors and cops, can we please mandate cops get malpractice insurance so the taxpayer can stop paying for the mistakes they're criminally immune from being charged for? I'd love that.


VaeVictoria t1_iyevbj8 wrote

Pft. What a load. I mean a false equivalence if I've ever heard one.

Immigrants generally don't cause harm to society the way cops do. There's something driving them to get here,and it's usually poverty or violence. I don't fault them for that.

I also don't hate cops enough to wish death on them the way nazis (many of which are cops as they've inflitrated our police departments) wish death on me for being trans.

I've never been "helped" by a cop. Never in my 40 years on this earth. Every interaction has been shit. They're bullying, self-serving authoritarians who relish the idea of having power over others. That's why they take that job.

...Have you ever seen the training they go through? Do you know how they talk about civilians in their union meetings, how they're trained to view us? They're slave-retrievers-turned-occupying-force. They think they're in a war with the very communities they claim to protect.

Your response is ridiculous.


UsernameTaken93456 t1_iyetum1 wrote

"Cop" is not an inherent trait, it's a pattern of behavior and a set of choices.


kennyisntfunny t1_iyequvn wrote

someone was seen wearing a combination lakers-Yankees shirsey


AutoModerator t1_iyequxe wrote

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popfilms t1_iyfb8gp wrote

"Sir, you can't wear that!"

"Ok" pulls off shirt to reveal Cowboys jersey


Falsse_Flag t1_iyes8kp wrote

Yeah hats off to the guy opening that suspicious pressure cooker.


NoMoLerking t1_iye3ysw wrote

Unattended pressure cooker


ashfidel t1_iyeszj3 wrote

lol why is this getting downvoted it’s the correct answer


frankybling t1_iye9ym4 wrote

I did hear suspicious package on the scanner, thought it was Cambridge not MBTA though.


Not-a_raccon t1_iyeu1c6 wrote

Getting downvoted because apparently nobody actually wanted to look it up and would rather just think your making a joke. I mean it kinda looks like a rice cooker but the sentiment is the same


book_book t1_iyex9yg wrote

This is correct from the tweet image. It's an instapot or similar pressure cooker combo.


tbb2796 t1_iyen63l wrote



Not-a_raccon t1_iyetu39 wrote

It's literally though what happened, maybe not a pressure cooker, it looks more like a rice cooker, but he's not just being edgy


Davvyk t1_iyeq96x wrote

I farted. Sorry.


coldsnap123 t1_iyekwrz wrote

Some bums were having an argument for a few hours earlier and probably just left their trash/belongings and someone phoned it in.


bostondev9159 t1_iyewk0g wrote

Just another scumbag doing scumbag stuff.


wildcard1050 t1_iyfc3xb wrote

Davis square is not Boston