Submitted by SkinnyJoshPeck t3_z2a7su in boston

I was just was at roche bros downtown when some absolute character of a guy looking at the pudding made a comment to my wife while he passed by us about how he was too old for this shit. I chuckled and he asks what i’m laughing about, i figure he’s just a goofy old man but he suddenly blocks the aisle and asks me 4 times if I'm a wiseguy, which i patently deny.

He then tells me i *am* a wiseguy, and says he wants my youth (??) and that he could still kick my ass at 74 from what he learned in Vietnam, and air punches my stomach. I realize he's dead serious, and so I start defusing. Then he accuses me of being too young to know anything, and guesses that I'm 25. I said “buddy, I'm the last of the cold war babies” to which he asks if i was in Vietnam. I said no definitely not and we start talking about how he served, I tell him my dad and uncle served, and that my uncle died of cancer from agent orange.

He curses the war and says it was a dumb fucking war. He then starts going off about how ugly Lyndon Johnson was, then points to someone near me saying “you’re too young to know”. I wish him a happy thanksgiving and we part ways.

Someone has got to know who this guy is! I need to know from who I just escaped the beating of a lifetime. He looked like old Elvis mixed with Rodney Dangerfield - a bit overweight, white hair, pompadour, three piece suit.

God I love this city.



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Chippopotanuse t1_ixfe2t4 wrote

This is either 100% made up or 100% real.

The Lyndon Johnson hate being dropped on absolute strangers while looking at pudding makes me think it is real.


SkinnyJoshPeck OP t1_ixfe7al wrote

I am as much a wiseguy as I am a liar! We had moved a bit down the aisle at that point, so technically we were closer to the chocolate morsels.


pgc60001 t1_ixfqk3u wrote

I absolutely believe this. This place can be a fever dream.


mead_beader t1_ixh8f3q wrote

Once in Harvard Square I saw a fat man wearing a dress shirt and suspenders arguing firmly with the police that it was not actually illegal to go into the women's bathroom. The police were firmly informing him that yes, it actually is.

I didn't stick around to see the outcome but I can take a pretty good guess.


pgc60001 t1_ixmt6k9 wrote

I was at a 7/11 a few months back and this tweeker was on the phone talking quite loudly about his dick. We made eye contact and he came up to me and made a jerking off motion with his hand and started laughing. I was already having a day so I lost my temper. I could of handled it better but I think I was entitled to enforce my boundaries. Not to mention there was a mother and a kid in line behind us.

He proceeds to get defensive and argue that “iM jUsT jOkiNG i sHoUlD fUcK yOU uP”. Nothing ended up happening because I wanted to keep my dignity/be a civil adult.


eneidhart t1_ixhi3jf wrote

I once had an old lady come up to me and, completely unprompted, give me a lecture on the difference between the German words "kein" and "keine" as if I had mistakenly used the latter instead of the former. She was in a heated argument with someone else at the bus stop but she saw me approaching and ambushed me with that lecture as soon as I got there.
She did not stop arguing with strangers the entire time I was within earshot of her, which was quite a while.


_memes_of_production t1_ixfplbt wrote

To be fair, hating on LBJ is pretty universal


Notmyrealname t1_ixhrqfs wrote

He sucked on the war, but was actually pretty good on just about everything else.

Edit: Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid. 1964 Civil Rights Act. 1968 Civil Rights Act. Clean Air Act. 1965 Voting Rights Act. Ended racist immigration policies in force for decades. Tons of federal money for education, rural areas, major laws to increase motor vehicle safety. Seriously, one of the best domestic presidents of the past 100 years.

Nasty person? Yup. Tell me some presidents who weren't and what they did.


_memes_of_production t1_ixhswl4 wrote

Among other things, he habitually exposed himself to female coworkers. Not great IMO


Notmyrealname t1_ixjjkpz wrote

JFK was probably a rapist. Clinton likely too. Still prefer them to Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, and Trump.


OutsiderAvatar t1_ixi53py wrote

He grabbed dogs by the ears, was racist and probably had Kennedy killed.


Haltopen t1_ixib5cq wrote

He’s also the one who led the democrat party to kick out the pro segregation Dixiecrats and make civil rights a key part of the democrat platform so like some good some bad


OnPointDom t1_ixj48df wrote

It’s funny that Democrats take credit for civil rights bill. But they also tried to filibuster it. And Johnson was racist. I think he was so devious that he promoted the bill just to get Democrats to switch away from the party they had freed the blacks from slavery. And for his own legacy. I did read an account that was pretty convincing of his behavior around the murder of Kennedy. It seemed to me like he was in on it.


fendent t1_ixjt6l3 wrote

The Republicans of that era in no way shape or form resembled the party of Lincoln. By the time of the New Deal, the parties had already fully switched platforms as well as members.


OnPointDom t1_ixjtqyf wrote

this is a false narrative. The democrats were deeply racist for a century after the civil war. all of the jim crow laws were passed by democrats. The KKK was run entirely by democrats. and democrats tried to filibuster the civil rights bill.
democrats want to make it black and white but it isnt. Prior to the civil war, it was almost impossible to find a republican who owned slaves.

But, anyway, was just mentioning the racism of LBJ like everyone else has here


[deleted] t1_ixhdl8w wrote

Talking to people who work in nursing homes, it sounds completely real to me


Livingontherock t1_ixihdfo wrote

Pants.... Google about his pants. Actually do not ever Google about his pants. There are only certain things the brain can make go away.


RortyIsDank t1_ixfymug wrote

As a NYer: It’s post like these that make me appreciate how culturally alike the northeast of the USA is in many respects.


smurph9876 t1_ixg3mbm wrote

Oh, everyone denies it but NY, Philly and Boston are the same place. NY Italians are the same as Boston Italians, Philly Irish are the same as NY or Boston Irish.


tbootsbrewing t1_ixhf5gr wrote

Bostonians never offer nice eggs to people going through trying times like they do in Philly.


DanieXJ t1_ixg736d wrote

Only difference is who we root for really.


OnPointDom t1_ixj4ehh wrote

We are only rooting for the laundry. One year we’re rooting for a player the next year he’s playing for the other city. It’s just the laundry that they are wearing that matters


SmashRadish t1_ixgdg7f wrote

Philly is an open garbage dump that can’t pronounce the letter L after an O. They are not like us.


big_whistler t1_ixgwxq1 wrote

Bostonians can hardly pronounce anything with an R so dunno if we have a leg to stand on


keyluke t1_ixh3w0t wrote

But Bostonians lost that leg climbing up the topsails. We are not the same.


spitfish t1_ixhft8f wrote

We move them to other words. Ask one to pronounce "idea".


homesnatch t1_ixhoneb wrote

Not fair... the 'R's were stolen by pirates...


SmashRadish t1_ixh0eme wrote

You overlooked the part where their city is overrun with empty beer cars, dog shit and dirty syringes. Just say no to philly.


big_whistler t1_ixh0xcr wrote

I’ve seen all this shit in Boston too. I know Philly is worse than here but its the sane stuff just more.


KingFucboi t1_ixhh9rk wrote

lol Philly is way fucking worse. There isn’t a single street in boston that looks like any street in Kensington. Phillys great I’m not hating. But it’s the truth.


[deleted] t1_ixhdi0s wrote

EVEN better when you see empty beer cans, syringes, and dog shit all in the same place 😂


SmashRadish t1_ixjauhb wrote

Dude, every city with more than one sports team is discernibly cleaner than Philly. People from Philly travel to Detroit and remark on how clean Detroit looks. Philly is head, shoulder, nips, belly buttons and zippers above every other major city when it come to litter.


DeBurgo t1_ixhhbp9 wrote

Someday Philly is going to come back and it will be terrifying. I don't know how or when or under what circumstances, maybe the apocalypse, but it will happen.


Bsabia30 t1_ixhg6i7 wrote

I see that shit daily in Boston ^ Philly is 2x the size, so they’re going to have 2x the amount of needles, etc. it’s really not astronomically diff than Boston other than the layout of the city here being trash to navigate.


SmashRadish t1_ixjaoxb wrote

LOL you’re joking right? You think the litter is the same as boston as in Philly?

Also, philly MSA is 13% bigger than Boston MSA. It is not twice the size.


SBLOU t1_ixhirvb wrote

Yeah, as a former NY native. I agree. I hate Philly. Used to have to go to area meetings for work to Philly from NY.


bagelwithclocks t1_ixhfe9w wrote

The idea that they would be different is so laughable. They are three cities in a very small region. It is so funny the divisions that we make for ourselves as humans. You see the same thing everywhere. Wales and England, Neighboring villages with different dialects in rural Guatemala etc. We are all the same.


powsandwich t1_ixifqjv wrote

I agree with your main point but I mean Wales does have a completely different language and celtic v norman shit going on


bagelwithclocks t1_ixkep0w wrote

Yeah it does. It is just so funny they are so distinct. England and Wales are each the size of like small US states.


Hahafuckreddit t1_ixuhbp8 wrote

They literally are though. I did some genealogy recently when I found a family in New York with my grandmother's maiden name, an uncommon Italian name. Found photos of them and they look exactly like my dad and his brothers. Then I started researching and found a trail of Italians, my family, who went to New York from Italy. Some stayed in New York, others went to Massachusetts. It's bizarre and awesome.


squarerootofapplepie t1_ixg3xku wrote

I think Boston Irish and New York Italians are pretty unique.


smurph9876 t1_ixg4abo wrote

IMO not really. I’d even throw Chicago into the ‘they’re pretty much the same’ bucket


Birdman781666 t1_ixheugk wrote

No way fucking Chicago is the same. You’re nuts. Have you been there?? It could not be more different. That weird midwestern politeness. Everything is flat so you can see down a long street literally for miles. Chicago style pizza is an abomination. It’s not pizza. Subs aren’t really a thing out there. Go order a steak and cheese sub at a place in Chicago and they’ll look at you like you’re the weirdo.


eneidhart t1_ixhh8zf wrote

Not to defend Chicago style pizza but Boston doesn't really have much of a leg to stand on there


ballsinmyyogurt1 t1_ixhz7qy wrote

The Italian pizza in Boston is AMAZING. You gotta hit up the north end. Boston has incredible food


Birdman781666 t1_ixi2jq0 wrote

Boston pizza absolutely drops it’s cheesy balls on Chicago’s face. North End baby.


DoinIt989 t1_ixn7xlr wrote

Home Run Inn or Aurelio's >>>> Anything in Boston.


eneidhart t1_ixjript wrote

You're not wrong about the north end! But Boston has a particularly bad rap when it comes to pizza. Probably mostly from New Yorkers who don't realize you pretty much have to go to the north end to get the good stuff, unless you already know where to go. And bad pizza isn't in short supply if you don't know where to go.


neonwattagelimit t1_ixi1ax1 wrote

> Subs aren’t really a thing out there.

Huh? You can definitely get subs in Chicago. The Italian beef sandwich is, basically, a kind of sub. You can get regular cold cut subs, too.

> Chicago style pizza is an abomination. It’s not pizza.

Chicago-style pizza is definitely very very different from the pizza that you get in the Northeast, and I think you could argue that it's different enough to be a separate type of food. But I think it's fucking awesome. And it's pretty unique, too - you can get good thin-crust pizza pretty much anywhere, but I've never really had good Chicago-style deep dish outside of the Chicago area.

And thin crust and Sicilian pizza exists in Chicago, and is often quite good. Actually, people eat it more than deep dish - deep dish is kind of seen as something for tourists and special occasions.

Source: Have lived in Boston, Chicago, and NYC.


Birdman781666 t1_ixi2xpo wrote

Yeah no hot subs though, which defeats the purpose. And all Chicago pizza is bad. Thin crust, deep dish. Even the way they cut the pizza is wrong.


neonwattagelimit t1_ixihfmi wrote

Italian beef subs are usually served warm-to-hot. Pizza, well...let's just agree to disagree. :)


DoinIt989 t1_ixn7q9y wrote

Chicago is very different from Boston/NYC.


squarerootofapplepie t1_ixg4vj1 wrote

Most people would agree with me. Think of how Hollywood views Boston and New York.


SmashRadish t1_ixgdpru wrote

If you want to see how Hollywood views boston, watch boondocks saints 2. To hollywood, we’re a city of Mexican gangs and there’s no HR department at any employer anywhere.


MagicCuboid t1_ixg91qj wrote

Yeah I think it's just a matter of volume. NYC is so big, you can find a character on every block easy, and someone is probably willing to chat. I was amazed after a week in Brooklyn at how many strangers I chatted with.


RortyIsDank t1_ixgce1m wrote

It’s that for sure but it’s also how the density of people in the big urban conglomerates shapes the cultures. I’ve traveled pretty widely across the USA, Asia and Europe and there’s something distinct about big urban conglomerates culturally but then also something else distinct about the big urban conglomerates of the us northeast. Hard to really describe but you can see and feel it if you’re a local after having traveled widely.


MagicCuboid t1_ixi5uvl wrote

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I find the European cities are much more segregated by wealth, so the urban cores are typically just full of the wealthy and the tourists. In the Northeast, it's still segregated but it's more like block by block, so the "melting pot" feel is still kind of present


SBLOU t1_ixhj1dy wrote

But that’s the charm of NY. I loved living there


ser_pez t1_ixi3gyd wrote

I had to double check that this wasn’t showing up on my feed from r/NewJersey


aintnufincleverhere t1_ixfqrm7 wrote

That's a story a wiseguy would tell


NoMoLerking t1_ixfr6jw wrote

Agree. OP is likely some kind of wiseguy.


SkinnyJoshPeck OP t1_ixfr89p wrote

come on guys :(


Doover__ t1_ixfxwpy wrote

that's only a reaction a wiseguy would have, you sure are soundin' like a wiseguy, wiseguy


OakenGreen t1_ixh6uqs wrote

I want your youth, wiseguy!


flora_poste_626 t1_ixhyavb wrote

Do you also slice your onions with a razor blade to make pasta sauce in prison with Big Paulie?! Not just a Wiseguy, but an Aristocrat too 😂😂😉


MagicCuboid t1_ixg8rzc wrote

Old Boston: "What are you some kinda wiseguy?"

Young Boston: "I would like to take this moment to categorically deny any and all wiseguy accusations. I carry two post-graduate degrees, but I am not, nor have I ever associated with, a wiseguy. Please, let us continue this conversation over a glass of-"

Old Boston: "Alright wiseguy I'm gonna kick your ass!"


HOARDING_STACKING t1_ixfd035 wrote

You just described Andrew Dice Clay!


CountCrackula84 t1_ixh6il1 wrote

Should have told him “I’ll see ya in an hour…BACK! Get it?! Hour BACK?!”


frauenarzZzt t1_ixfozi0 wrote

He's right, you know. Lyndon Johnson wasn't very pretty at all.


TheUnknownDouble-O t1_ixfqwrl wrote

Huge cock tho


Itchy-Marionberry-62 t1_ixfcqn2 wrote

Weird things happening at Roche Brothers downtown lately. I hope they do not close the location. 😳


SilverCyclist t1_ixfxvge wrote

For real. I love that place. Commuters, gym rats, vagrants. Direct access to the T, insane line at lunchtime.


devinvassellfanacct t1_ixfvtjw wrote

What else happened there?


Itchy-Marionberry-62 t1_ixg6e1s wrote

Some weird woman in there was assaulting customers there with some type of noxious chemical a few weeks ago. There has been other trouble in there.


jimx117 t1_ixh7pmx wrote

lol honestly it's on Roche Bros corporate for not understanding what kind of a place DTX is


irishgypsy1960 t1_ixhhupu wrote

I just moved back to boston and was in that roche bros recently. I can’t even imagine how any sane person could eat from the hot bar there. Just the thought makes me queasy.


Itchy-Marionberry-62 t1_ixhsowt wrote

The Pot Roast is really good! The other stuff…iffy.


irishgypsy1960 t1_ixi4lba wrote

I actually love pot roast. Hmm, I’m not phobic about food, in fact that is the first time I ever had that thought about a buffet situation. I love the city, but as an elder disabled woman, w ptsd, but who can space out, I’m trying to train myself to be vigilant on all fronts. And I get very triggered, sadly, by the street people. Not for lack of compassion. I also have memories of hanging in the area, especially park st, as an aimless, misguided teen.


Itchy-Marionberry-62 t1_ixinmv5 wrote

I am older too…and don’t walk as well anymore. I tend to stay away from the area. I can easily be knocked over. There seem to many pretty rowdy and unpredictable people there lately. It is a shame…since I used to love the area. Now it is just a shell of what it once was. Hopefully there can be an improvement to the area. Younger people have no concept of how vibrant and busy the area once was.


irishgypsy1960 t1_ixj256e wrote

I took my kids there from the burbs in the 80s to see the animatronic Christmas display windows at Filene’s and Jordan’s. Does Macy’s do that? It’s like it’s switched from the 70s, whereas DTA was nice and the combat zone 2 blocks away. Now that area is all cleaned up.


Itchy-Marionberry-62 t1_ixjhbgs wrote

Macy’s does like three windows. It looks ok…but nothing like back when Jordan’s and Filene’s would go all out. The do have a nice tree though. Miss the Combat Zone. That was a fun area.


[deleted] t1_ixhdr7l wrote

OMG, there was a whole thing on tiktok where people were asked to smell something and they ended up passing out, it was some sort of sex trafficking thing, stay safe


downthewell62 t1_ixi5qm2 wrote

> it was some sort of sex trafficking thing, stay safe

I'm... gonna doubt this one. This sounds just as valid as the pizza parlor or the Wayfair trafficking Tiktok trends


[deleted] t1_ixjmyov wrote

never heard of that. but for some reason they kept happening at walmart


downthewell62 t1_ixrsnxi wrote



[deleted] t1_ixrst4z wrote

The things going around on tiktok...kept happening at walmart. People claimed people were trying to sex traffick walmart. it was a whole thing


hewhoamareismyself t1_ixh0w8c wrote

What mods do I have to ping in order to get this guy a "Wiseguy" flair?


bostonaliens t1_ixfz50k wrote

That’s my dad. Ignore him


XHIBAD t1_ixhuz1f wrote

Sounds like your dad and my grandpa shoukd hang out sometime


riski_click t1_ixfkpdp wrote

Just chalk it up as a win that nobody tried to set you on fire.


nedger19 t1_ixfeygt wrote

I always had interesting encounters in there (and directly outside) when I was going a few times a week for lunch when I was working downtown. Some real characters so not surprised hahaha


metatron_ebooks t1_ixfn1vn wrote

DTX is like a miniature Florida in the middle of Boston


Syjefroi t1_ixgh6mi wrote

It took two decades of living here but I can now rest easy knowing I have finally seen the most perfectly succinct description of dtx ever written.


nate_rogers t1_ixfxn8q wrote

This is the truest truth I’ve ever read on this website.


Rough-Jackfruit2306 t1_ixhaian wrote

I miss having that be my primary store when I lived there. Always an adventure. My favorite was when you’d catch Macy’s security chasing somebody.


Spicethrower t1_ixfxqam wrote

Should've given him the three stooges eyepoke.


WorKurt t1_ixgg3ox wrote

My god this reminds me of an interaction me and my buddy had with a old guy hopping out of his 86 Lincoln down the Cape at our local beach as we headed home. We saw him wrangling a cane and a bag out of the back and tossed him a “we kept the water warm for you!” At him as we were walking home drying off and 20 min later we knew he was a 3rd gen pipe fitter, his wife was home recovering from a cancer scare, he’s been down to the water every day for 30 years, he was a Korean War vet who “saw some shit”, his son died in a hot tub, his daughters had families and were happy as a clam, and us liberal yahoos in Boston were ruining the city and/ or state (while he admitted that we’re still paying his nice pension and retirement lifestyle). It was an absolute roller coaster of a covo we were not expecting to get into but at the end of it we all shook hands, shook our heads, and went on with our lives saying “something’s gotta change!!” It was one of those moments you never forget.

I still turn to my friend who was with me and call him a yahoo to this day. I think the old grey fox just wanted a moment of random interaction outside his norm and we sure gave it to him. We may not always agree with every generation but it’s a ride hearing some of their stories. Hopefully your weird interaction brought a smile to his face and a good story for your future!


MisterFatt t1_ixfvefh wrote

Sounds like my upstairs neighbor, who’s name I forget, from when I lived in Brighton. Old Vietnam Vet Marine, had the 3rd floor balcony setup like a bunker, flying his globe and anchor flag, ripping joints all day


Conan776 t1_ixfgdg9 wrote

>He then starts going off about how ugly Lyndon Johnson was

This is why Texans and Bostonians can't get along. Also, maybe that one song doesn't help.


gl00mybear t1_ixg9c1o wrote


ergister t1_ixgbkmk wrote

God the shit you find... and can't believe are actually real...


Outrageous-Pause6317 t1_ixh08gz wrote

Wait a second there. What about Mike Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen? A Bay Stater and a Texan tried to fix the world together.


Michelanvalo t1_ixhlqb2 wrote

> 6 minutes

There's like 4 songs in existence worth that level of attention and this isn't one of them


ibrewbeer85 t1_ixfpcsn wrote

Should have given him a seasons greeting by throwing hands.


TakenOverByBots t1_ixfz4pz wrote

Thanks for defusing the situation. It almost always has a positive outcome like this, and makes for a good story. I wish more people were like you.


njas2000 t1_ixhc1gz wrote

Congratulations! Your de-escalation skills are better than 99% of the police force in this country.


leuchebreu t1_ixhipo3 wrote

I've got a similar experience in Lynn. I we t to grab a bahmi and this older gentleman, about 90 something, holding a walker said he was "going to stab my belly and let my stomach hang" and then immediately proceed to release a nice and warm laughter follow by "I'm joking but, don't mess with me" and then said "welcome to Lynn kid"

I'm dead serious!


Dajbman22 t1_ixhksz0 wrote

What OP doesn't know is that by engaging in conversation with this being, he actually did have at least 5 years of his youth sucked from him. People really need to be more careful around eldritch horrors.


riski_click t1_ixfkj6x wrote

sounds a bit like the guy who drives the classic car with the "cucaracha" horn


Billymaysdealer t1_ixfmpdu wrote

Or that guy that rides that led lit up scooter blasting music from his gigantic speaker that he sits on.


BostonWailer t1_ixg04da wrote

Oh boy. looks like I gotta go pickup Gramps from roach bros again.


dudeKhed t1_ixfxnsh wrote

You just had an experience of a lifetime… congrats OP


raabbasi t1_ixgf2m1 wrote

New copypasta just dropped!


Swak_Error t1_ixgr04w wrote

As a veteran, it seems to my experience that anybody that goes around the circle jerking themselves about Vietnam, or the Gulf War, or Iraqi freedom or something like that Flexing on people didn't actually go there


hobokenbob t1_ixhd7cz wrote

Just some poor asshole with creeping dementia who's probably looking at spending Thanksgiving alone tomorrow.


GoBlank t1_ixhf5h9 wrote

Reminds me of the two boomers on Charles St. who asked me if I thought I was tough when I said "excuse me, you're in the bike lane", and then threatened to knock me off my bike. In the south, they'd be called good ole boys, but I have yet find a New England equivalent.


GroundbreakingCook68 t1_ixid8j9 wrote

Probably some elderly gangster, smart of you to defuse the situation.


E-Reezy420 t1_ixifo3t wrote

Only in Boston haha you can't make this shit up. So many characters. If I see this guy I'll be sure to post about him


theshoegazer t1_ixg9lig wrote

They only come out at night. Or in this case, uh, the daytime.


nateisic t1_ixfuhuf wrote

Probably from the vets shelter a few blocks away....


SkinnyJoshPeck OP t1_ixfuzi8 wrote

i don’t know - he seemed way too put together. he looked like old money, boston brahmin wealthy.


_AttilaTheNun_ t1_ixhthqi wrote

Not sure old money would have ended up fighting in the jungles of Vietnam.

But then again, he sounds a few shy of a six pack, so maybe he went because he was bored and thought it would be interesting.


geographresh t1_ixhl8e5 wrote

I love DTX so much, keeps life interesting!


nailbender77 t1_ixhowsr wrote

You did the right thing and will be blessed. With out ancestors there are no descendents. Enjoy your holiday, Bravo! ((:


The_Chrizz t1_ixhuv56 wrote

Confirmed wiseguy #startthecommotion


neons26 t1_ixi49l3 wrote

Nice flair, wiseguy


GreySithJedi t1_ixiyrjo wrote

Good to see the old vietnam vets have aged gracefully.


batdesk t1_ixg6gls wrote

Excellent story. Good job defusing.

This is 100% believable based on what I’ve seen in downtown crossing myself.


Rosemadder19 t1_ixgxaox wrote

I'm glad this story had a.... happy? Ending?


anonanon1313 t1_ixhbc74 wrote

I run into guys like this all the time, they make me embarrassed to be 73.


Kaysette t1_ixhmitj wrote

This is beautiful, thank you.


Hen-stepper t1_ixibw76 wrote

>I was just was at roche bros downtown

I believe everything that follows.

The white-hair pompadour does make him a rarity... the Joseph Joestar of Downtown Crossing.

Hope I get to see him some day.


Livingontherock t1_ixih3c2 wrote

I want his hIr and suit. Fuck it, I wanna be him


itsmesylphy t1_ixh3v7o wrote

"from what I learned in Vietnam" what, running away after you are forced into a situation? Old war kooks are wild.


pablomoney t1_ixh9gfg wrote

This is so specific that I believe every word of it.


treehouse4life t1_ixhio5t wrote

Guaranteed he didn't serve but he's been using it for leverage his whole retired life


rodman666 t1_ixide0q wrote

This is a lose lose situation. 1. He could kick your ass and you’d lose, 2. You could kick his ass but he’s 74 years old and you’d probably be arrested for attempted murder = lose. Just walk away homie


yanagtr t1_ixkirm5 wrote

I told my friend this story and he says that sounds like a dude that lives near him in a building in Brighton. However, he said this guy is short (about 5’3”) and has slicked back hair all the time. Apparently, he grew up in southie years ago and is always calling people wise guys.

So, please confirm if this dude was around 5’3” and Italian looking, because, if so, you’ve found your guy. BOLO!


SkinnyJoshPeck OP t1_ixklxmo wrote

nah my dude was like 5’ 10” and his hair was like… man it was like cut like a pompadour but not styled like one. it was like when conan grows his hair out.


yanagtr t1_ixkmakg wrote

Okay, probably not this guy then!


Stratussphere t1_ixfnteo wrote

Sounds like an old dude trying to live his younger days. Sad that some folk try to fluff their feathers/stick their chest out in an attempt for dominance. Just do you. Show him respect, even if he might not deserve it. He's probably not worth the time or energy out of your life.


Bigarette t1_ixgrqgm wrote

Shit like this makes me closer and closer to canceling my account.


[deleted] t1_ixfdohf wrote



SkinnyJoshPeck OP t1_ixfdyrm wrote

I mean, my dad was in Vietnam and he was born in 1951. Vietnam ended in '75 so I'm not sure. The air punches he did to my gut were certifiable! To be fair, he didn't say explicitly that he was in the war. Maybe he ran a sweatshop there in the 90's.


Stratussphere t1_ixfnz6k wrote

Guaranteed he knew Frank. Get Dennis on the line to try and get Mac to set his ass straight.


3720-To-One t1_ixff1y6 wrote

I mean… that’s the age someone would be who served in Vietnam.

He would have been 20 years old in 1968, during the height of the Vietnam war.


william-t-power t1_ixfurt2 wrote

Maybe check your math. Someone born in 1948 was 18 in 1966. Vietnam went until 1975. That's plenty of time past 18 to be drafted.


Budget-Celebration-1 t1_ixfhtt8 wrote

You probably were an ass. Just admit it and move along. I kinda got that when you said you’d “defuse” the situation.


SkinnyJoshPeck OP t1_ixfib9e wrote

Did you even read what I wrote? I'm not upset at all! I thought it was wild - felt like I was in a movie or something. I literally laughed at something he said while he was looking at me, he had no reason to be aggressive with me. He's just on one, he was a wild character. I wanna know who he is; I'm not offended at all. No one did anything wrong, and by defuse I meant that I started talking to him instead of chuckling at the whacky shit he was saying. Clearly it was bothering him that I kept laughing.


DawctorDawgs t1_ixfjt6g wrote

Dude above is trippin - I feel like plenty of people would crack a little well intentioned smile at what they thought was a harmless comment about pudding.


cooperstonebadge t1_ixfimtp wrote

How is OP an ass? It was the other dude telling his opinion on pudding being the ass. I'm too young for Vietnam but not too old for pudding and if you tell me I am I will laugh at you.


[deleted] t1_ixfk8cl wrote



SkinnyJoshPeck OP t1_ixfkdg9 wrote

yeah I wasn't laughing at him, he said that out loud to my wife next to me while passing us after he was looking at the pudding. I think my wording was confusing.


cooperstonebadge t1_ixfl8uq wrote

Was he low-key flirting with your wife? Was he just thinking out loud? Either way his response to your laugh seems over the top.


SkinnyJoshPeck OP t1_ixflut4 wrote

oh yeah he was just one of those old timers. Certainly was flirting, and I don't think he initially was trying to start a fight with me, but I think because I kept smiling and laughing at his whimsy, he figured I wasn't taking him seriously. The fact that he said he wanted my youth makes me think he's just a bit bitter about being old, so he took me laughing as me laughing about him being old. It was mostly just how outrageous his character was that made the whole thing insane. He was like picking up the pudding mixes and putting them back on the shelf and huffing. He was just larger than life. Big personality.


cooperstonebadge t1_ixfm6s3 wrote

I want someone's youth too. I hope he got some pudding or something anyway.