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I'm a university student in Boston and my roommate has always wanted to pet a rabbit and I really want to do this for her. Maybe this is silly but I've been doing a lot of online research and there's not a lot of ways to pet a rabbit in this city short of kidnapping one on campus, hiring a couple hundred dollar petting zoo, or actively trying to adopt one. Does anyone know of any cost-effective ways to pet a rabbit in Boston, Medford, Cambridge, or Somerville (ex. pet store with open pen where you can pet them, therapy rabbit appointments, some method of renting a rabbit for $50 or under for an hour or so)?



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Angri_1999 t1_j1t4yl4 wrote

Try contacting the House Rabbit Network. They currently have bunny yoga sessions in Andover available for $35, open to anyone.

They are also looking for volunteers. While volunteering is probably helping clean rabbit pens or yards at their HQ or a foster home, I’m pretty certain it would come with bunny petting, if not a full on bunny brushing and grooming session.


pohanu t1_j1v8f8o wrote

100% this! Adopted all my rabbits over the past 20 years from HRN great educational resources as well.. become a foster home if you can!


Tall_olive t1_j1sri4g wrote

You could volunteer at the MSPCA in Jamaica Plain and go take care of rabbits there. Or you could just go look at and pet them.


no_dae_but_todae t1_j1uqwyg wrote

FYI if you go with this suggestion, I'd call ahead to double check their policies on walk-ins. They recently closed the dog pavilion to the public in the interest of the dogs' wellbeing (less foot traffic = less stressed dogs), and I'm not sure if things are working differently for other animals too.


zumera t1_j1us2wn wrote

Yes, the adoption center is by appointment only.


ihavefat t1_j1uil4o wrote

By any chance your roommate goes by the name of Lennie..? Don’t tell me your name is George


johnnyappleb t1_j1x0w84 wrote

sometimes Kimball Farm has rabbits in their petting zoo


ForwardBound t1_j1z1xl1 wrote

Seconding House Rabbit Network. My wife and I went there a few times and it was really fun!