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[deleted] t1_j295k5g wrote

No, the union got 2.5%. That’s it. Even thought inflation is like 9%


snoogins355 t1_j29jt1a wrote

My union got us an 8% raise, $1000 bonus, and backpay to June 2020


carlwinslow408 t1_j2ac3x2 wrote

Seiu 👊🏻


defenestron t1_j2e0cgb wrote

The only bad part of being in a union is how stuck you can get with a bad one.

AFSCME IMO sucks. I looked into moving my department to SEIU and it’s even more difficult than unionizing in the first place!

SEIU seems great and really supports all its members.


mgshowtime22 t1_j2c6tc2 wrote

Mine isn’t under contract and negotiations have basically been unproductive since September. We’re working on the old contract for the past 1.5 years.


potus1001 t1_j2aqlt5 wrote

If you’re already at the top step of a union contract, than it is just a 2.5% COLA. If you’re not yet at the top step, then it’s a 2.5% COLA, plus a step increase of anywhere from 3-5%.


[deleted] t1_j2bz98v wrote

If you get a step increase….. which 90% of people don’t get


potus1001 t1_j2c6q3g wrote

If you have a source for that percentage, I really would like to see it, because I disagree with your statement.

If we’re only talking about union employees, for them to not get a step increase, they need to be at the top step of the CBA grid. The average grid has between 9-11 steps, so let’s just go with 10. Since all new union employees start at step 1, it takes 9 full years for them to reach the top step, 10 full years before they wouldn’t get a new step.

I don’t know the exact percentage, but I’d be willing to bet that 90% of state employees within a union have not been with the state for 10 years or longer.


[deleted] t1_j2doohy wrote

I pulled 90% out of thin air. The number is actually 100% but I assumed there are 10% out there who must be getting a better raise. I’m under EOEEA. Are you MADOT? Most of my peers have been here less than 5 years and we are only getting the 2.5%. We talk about it all the time and are pretty bitter about it. The way you explain it, it seems like we should be getting more. Are you NAGE or MOSES?


TakenOverByBots t1_j298scl wrote

Yes, as much as I'm pro union, some people don't get how unions can actually make for worse pay. I can't go ask my boss for a raise. A three year contract is a three year contract.


James1995MREinfo t1_j29lx1g wrote

In Massachusetts public sector unions are nerfed because it’s illegal to strike.


TakenOverByBots t1_j29pxhh wrote

Yes thank you! People don't realize this. If you don't understand public sector unions, then don't downvote me. And btw, I have never missed a union dues payment.


freedraw t1_j2aee91 wrote

Malden and Haverhill teachers and paraprofessionals still did it this year though.


diplodonculus t1_j29agds wrote

Doesn't that just mean the negotiations on the next 3 year contract should result in significantly higher pay? The union will have significant bargaining power.

Plenty of non-union people are being told to pound sand. They have basically no bargaining power.


[deleted] t1_j29fu9q wrote

You would think that’s the case. But our last three year contract had 3% per year. Inflation is higher and we are getting less. Working for the state is always portrayed as some some cushy job where you get great pay. I keep waiting for the cushy benefits to start, I’ve been here 6 years, I would appreciate if they could start now.


diplodonculus t1_j29gbal wrote

So you're telling me that they negotiated 3% inflation raises when inflation was less than 2%?


[deleted] t1_j29n7cb wrote

I just realized that you thought I meant “inflation raises”. It’s just raises, as in 3% total. And I’m pro union FYI, I just think they are doing a shit job.


[deleted] t1_j29gkr6 wrote



Cameron_james t1_j29j05x wrote

I don't know where the "inflation raises" concept seeped into the public's mind. The raises are raises. They are typically 2-4% regardless of whatever else is going on in the world. The MTA is trying to smash up to 5%-6% a year raises, but every town is pushing back. This is why there have been some strikes lately and I predict there will be more. Towns aren't going to pony up 5-6% per year.


Boomstick101 t1_j29g74s wrote

Yeah. State employee we only retroactively negotiated the three year contract. We’ve got negotiate slated for this year.


Jackamalio626 t1_j29a1z5 wrote

Yeah, my union at Shaws fucking sucked. They gave us the bare minimum for raises and locked us out of self bargaining.

Unions are necessary but bad unions do exist.


neonboom t1_j29k4aa wrote

Imagine what you’d get if you had a police union working for you.


Jackamalio626 t1_j29lsnf wrote

not a whole lot, i'd imagine. See, i dont beat my wife or racially profile and assault people.


snoogins355 t1_j2a4fw2 wrote

Had a similar situation when I worked at stop and shop at 14. $10 of every paycheck (~$100 for weekend work).


TakenOverByBots t1_j29ro69 wrote

Whoever keeps downvoting me, please take a look at what educator unions are going through right now. It's horrible. If you don't know, I suggest following MTA. No, we can't "just demand more" and get it. I don't know if these comments are anti union sentiment from those who refuse to believe how little power unions have when there is a no strike clause.


NoMoLerking t1_j2albp6 wrote

Why are you booin’ him? He’s right.

When I was younger I worked at Filenes very briefly. I had to pay a union initiation fee and weekly dues. In exchange I got minimum wage and no (zero) benefits. Not even a sick day. Useless.


TakenOverByBots t1_j2b2ul1 wrote

Can someone please explain why you're downvoting me? All I want to know is if this is the anti union people or if it's the pro union people who are willfully misinterpreting what I'm saying, when I think it's pretty clear that I've said that public unions need to have more negotiating power or we are never going to get anything.


TakenOverByBots t1_j298jfw wrote

Our union got worse.


snoogins355 t1_j29kms5 wrote

Vote out the leadership


No-Initiative4195 t1_j2bgny1 wrote

It doesn't matter. I've been in a public sector union for years.. It's like rinse and repeat. You could put a monkey in a suit and call him the new President and expect about the same accomplishments.


symonym7 t1_j29g5xp wrote

Is it easy to switch employers w/ a union? I got a 2% raise in January and shortly thereafter got a 8% raise (not including bonus being paid out Feb/March) by getting a new job.