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eburton555 t1_j2azz0s wrote

This is gonna come off the wrong way but fuck it. People are way too entitled and addicted to bringing their dogs everywhere. I love dogs and I’ve always had them around but since when did it become so normalized to bring your dogs around food? When did it become normal to have them strolling about taking a piss in star market? They don’t literally need to go everywhere nor should they. And the reaction when someone confronts them is almost always incredulous - like there aren’t laws, health codes, and common courtesy. Dogs are lovely fluffy creatures who are also pretty dirty and gross and people can be deathly allergic or msg be seriously freaked out by them. And don’t get me started on the lax leashing in MA. Makes me sick to see dogs getting into avoidable fights, running into traffic, or lost on trails in the woods while their owners are fucking off taking selfies somewhere. We need to grow up and be better to our dogs and more courteous to each other