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NoMoLerking t1_j1fq45k wrote

It’s more about the pad than the carpet. There are some brands specifically marketed as soundproofing. Something like this one.
If you really want to go insane-o style you rip out the subfloor, add insulation between the joists. Then replace the subfloor, then a layer of green glue then another layer of wood, then the carpet.


Mumbles76 t1_j1fw346 wrote

Came here to say this, rip the floor, add dense spray foam... you won't hear shit.


stricly_business OP t1_j1g77oz wrote

I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to rip out the floor. Obviously it would be a ton more work, but I'd hate to install carpet and padding only and it not make much difference. How to decide? I was hoping to talk with a local soundproofing professional to learn more, but I'm having trouble finding many options there.