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DerekMcLeod t1_j1dgkud wrote

Airing my grievances. I got a lotta problems with you people, and now, you're gonna hear about it.


OD8891 t1_j1du2qo wrote

Festivus for the rest of us


Graywulff t1_j1fbv3b wrote

One time my whole family was fighting and we had an aluminum pole in the garage so I got it out and put it up and was like festivus for the rest of us! The airing of grievances.

I mean we fought so much over thanksgiving I left before the food hit the table. Last Xmas the fighting got so bad I got thrown out along with my parents, on Xmas. It was a disaster.

I wonder what’ll happen this year.


norgem t1_j1fhlx4 wrote

Why do you keep talking to these people? You all clearly don’t get along, why force it?


Graywulff t1_j1glvvk wrote

I have no idea. It’s honestly a made for tv drama half the time. Friends ask this, why do I go? I dunno. I guess my nephew and niece? Maybe we tell ourselves we have to? Always have.

It’s way easier if not a holiday. They’re somehow more explosive.lots of trouble all around because it’s a holiday. Maybe not. I am asked this and I dunno. We are just scratching the surface here with this. It’s some Netflix shit.

There is a storm. It’s take pages. I have gone into it in other threads. There has been a ton of shit.

I last saw my parents at thanksgiving in duress and haven’t seen since then.

It all.


Graywulff t1_j1hx6l7 wrote

Yeah I do t know Stockholm Syndrome? I really can’t figure it out either. I’m reducing the amount I travel with my parents, but continuing to repeat the same behavior and expect a different result isn’t gonna happen either.


Fortheloveofgawdhelp t1_j1dsjwj wrote

Me and my girl joke that I get all my bitching about the fam done today so tomorrow goes smoother lol I’m right with you


HappyGiraffe t1_j1dcnxs wrote

Cleaning and panicking. We are hosting the Christmas Eve party, which we always do, but this year I am also throwing my surprise wedding during the party; guests just think I hired a professional photographer to do nice pictures with Santa. Otherwise… no one except us and the officiant know


ilovedonuts4 t1_j1ddts3 wrote

This is awesome, congratulations! Come back to share how it goes please. Wishing you all the happiness and love, internet stranger ❤️👏🏻


gothpatchadams t1_j1djo5g wrote

This is amazing!! Congrats and please post an update on how it went!


MarvelHulkWeed t1_j1elef0 wrote

Tell me Santa is the officiant


HappyGiraffe t1_j1eok4j wrote

That was my first thought but I was worried that that might confuse our little believer guests… but Santa is making an appearance shortly after the ceremony for everyone!


hausofpurple t1_j1e1x2m wrote

I love this!! Congratulations and wishing you luck for all to go smoothly!


geek_m0m t1_j1f0cad wrote

It used to be super common to get married on Christmas! Good for you. It’s a great time to be with family and share your love. Plus y’all won’t forget and present buying will be low-key.


ShriekingMuppet t1_j1d4h8l wrote

In my apartment avoiding going back to the town I grew up in for as long as possible.


Jezebels_lipstick t1_j1e4107 wrote

Lol! Me too. Thankfully this storm hit & my small town in northern VT has no power so I can’t go up for a few days.

But it sucks they have no power, it is supposed to drop from 57 (now) to 6 degrees by 6am.


trimtab28 t1_j1fo8xt wrote

Debated that all week, then cracked at the last minute and bought tickets to go back to Queens where I type at this moment


pprabs t1_j1d66dl wrote

Baking and drinking way too much wine while doing so.


feel_me_bass OP t1_j1d6ntu wrote

What is something quick and delicious a noob baker can bake? I’d love to bake muffins or cookies but don’t know where to start


-Odi-Et-Amo- t1_j1d8wsr wrote

Can’t go wrong with chocolate chip cookies! Go to the store, grab a bag of Nestle chocolate chips. On the back of the bag is recipe for Toll House cookies. Buy ingredients, follow instructions and enjoy!


BostonRich t1_j1f4nif wrote

And remember....baking is a science (cooking is an art). Follow directions carefully!


Borner791 t1_j1eyybl wrote

Replace half the butter with coconut oil And half the flour with almond meal.

I don't know what the coconut oil does, but I feel less gross using less butter...

That's my secret, and they're well received.


yum-yum-mom t1_j1d83bz wrote

Look up a recipe. Follow the instructions. Or you tube it. Give it a whirl!


pprabs t1_j1d74yf wrote

So many cookies!! Bake and give to friends, and neighbors that you know well.


batdesk t1_j1d8b8e wrote

How about thumbprint cookies (shortbread cookie with jam in the middle)? They are seasonal and simple - short ingredients list. You don’t need to roll them in nuts.


aray25 t1_j1ddbzv wrote

Cookies (except some fancy ones like biscotti or Russian tea cakes) and cakes are some of the easiest things to make. Get a recipe off the interwebs. Ginger snaps are seasonal, but require some less common ingredients that you may not have on hand, so I'd recommend something like a chocolate chip shortbread instead. Shortbread is still seasonally appropriate and is just butter, sugar, and flour.


111unununium t1_j1dt7ux wrote

Raspberry thumb print cookies are easy but look and taste like much more work went into them


Glittering_Aioli6162 t1_j1diano wrote

thé box is a good place to start and also the cleanup is less :))


Heyedith t1_j1f5211 wrote

Add 2 mashed ripe bananas to a box mix for amazing banana bread


Glittering_Aioli6162 t1_j1f8zt4 wrote

and it’s so good . basically baking in the oven(even a mix) will come out like heaven if u follow the directions and add some personal touches 💓


drowsylacuna t1_j1ey9ov wrote

Cookies or brownies are generally pretty quick to make and have simple recipes.


jazzyjake t1_j1f2g62 wrote

NYT German chocolate cookies are easy and so deliciousss!


Weird-Traditional t1_j1fmk8y wrote

Box of Betty Crocker cookies, muffins, or cake, and then decorate how you want. Practice reading a recipe, making sure it's cooked all the way through, and not burning it. Once you're confident, bake something from scratch.


jazzdrums1979 t1_j1dcidf wrote

Getting the in-laws fucking trashed. I’m bringing a gallon mason jar of espresso martini. This will get interesting.


lpn122 t1_j1ec0p4 wrote

I’m bringing a gallon of aged egg nog lol


Glittering_Aioli6162 t1_j1f9fjx wrote

m’y aunt did that exact thing last year and my grandmere had a great time i must say :3


Vox2345 t1_j1def8q wrote

Today's my birthday but due to disability I'm not very functional right now so I won't be doing much of anything at all but this time last year I didn't have a safe place to live so having an apartment is a celebration all its own


CatCranky t1_j1dmzrp wrote

Happy Birthday. I’m glad yiu have a safe place to live now.


TheLadyButtPimple t1_j1dvfe3 wrote

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy watching or reading something good today.


lpn122 t1_j1ec7sy wrote

Happy birthday! Here’s hoping you have a great year in 2023.


geek_m0m t1_j1f0fax wrote

Happy birthday and I hope 2023 shapes up well for you!


boston_dougie t1_j1d4xb3 wrote

Cleaning, drinking, cooking, and smoking joints.


geminimad4 t1_j1dcgpi wrote

That sounds cozy and awesome. Make sure you have done good music playing, too! When I smoke a nice daytime sativa and get the good tunes going, cleaning is actually fun!


beerpatch86 t1_j1di5vx wrote

I don't get high often, but when I do, the perks of being a hifi nerd really shine.

I usually get distracted for like an hour trying to find something to ride the vibe with.


deegofuego t1_j1d47qo wrote

working. driving delivery. tip your drivers folks


pprabs t1_j1d79h6 wrote

Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you for making our lives easier in this treacherous weather. Be safe!


MurdrWeaponRocketBra t1_j1ekpsh wrote

Why would anyone tip people for only doing their job? I tip servers, and I tip for car service if they did something extra. If we start tipping delivery people, might as well start tipping grocery store clerks.


Current-Weather-9561 t1_j1d4wec wrote

I’m curious as to why we should tip drivers? 0 customer interaction. You drop the package on the porch and go on your way… it only exacerbates tipping culture


Snow_Moose_ t1_j1d6ipo wrote

Just don't order delivery if you don't want to tip.


deegofuego t1_j1d7mfh wrote

i deliver a regulated substance. i dont just drop it off. also, if youre ordering food, meet your driver at the damn door. no one should be so lazy that they cant walk 20ft to get their 3 piece nuggets


aray25 t1_j1ddocm wrote

Just so you know, several of the food delivery apps specifically advise you not to meet the driver unless you have to.


deegofuego t1_j1djwuj wrote

so they can keep their drivers on a constant go go go. not safe.


hce692 t1_j1dsljg wrote

Women don’t want to meet a strange man by themselves in their jammies at night. If my directions are leave them at the door, please do it. The ones who call me and insist on me coming down are creepy AF


deegofuego t1_j1esef2 wrote

lol its literally a hand off….nothing creepy or dangerous about it. anyway in my delivery line of work if you dont come down and sign off/pay, we cancel your order per regulation


hce692 t1_j1etkia wrote

Welp we aren’t talking about alcohol, you said chicken nuggets. And you don’t get to decide what’s safe or creepy for a woman. Opening her front door while alone for a strange man is 100% dangerous, and if she isn’t required to for food it’s bizarre for you to get on a high horse about doing so


ThatDismalGiraffe t1_j1dzsdc wrote

Have you not worked delivery very long? Bevause I delivered food on/off for years in grad school, and most people will not answer the door. That's the status quo. Now i don't answer the door either, I just get my food from the porch. The delivery fee is a premium to avoid the akwardness of dealing with the restaurant, why would people want the added annoyance of talking to a delivery driver?


deegofuego t1_j1erl8f wrote

“here is your food.” “thank you, hope you have a great day.” “thank you! you as well.” thats too awkward for you?


deegofuego t1_j1erp4p wrote

this society is becoming so damn introverted. interact with the people around you. its not that hard


AccousticMotorboat t1_j1g2whw wrote

You can do this from a distance. When I had COVID I at least opened the door as the driver got to the bottom of the stairs to say thanks.


BobSacamano97 t1_j1dcpo8 wrote

If you can’t afford tipping, I would suggest buying ramen in bulk and not ordering delivery.


Deep_Distribution621 t1_j1ffoy2 wrote

It’s not “culture” it’s people’s livihoods. You tip because a service was performed.


dustybooksaremyjam t1_j1e07qw wrote

Yeah who the fuck tips delivery drivers?? I've never even heard of this. Do these people just have a pile of dollar bills sitting by their door for when they get a package?


mackyoh t1_j1dfqot wrote

Baking while baked!


rainniier2 t1_j1go8jx wrote

How do you do productive things while baked? I need pointers.


mackyoh t1_j1hhqzg wrote

Gotta know yourself + strain types that keep you uplifted vs sleepy. Practice, my little leaf


theliontamer37 t1_j1dgxfp wrote

Got engaged a few weeks ago so me and the fiancé are gonna pop some of the bottles we got, make a homemade pizza and calzone, eat a few edibles and watch Christmas movies all night.


Sad-Alpaca t1_j1f53oa wrote

Congrats! Also sounds like an awesome way to spend the pre-holiday.


locke_5 t1_j1ddigx wrote

COVID quarantine. Girlfriend got it from work (big law firm with lots of billboards around town). HR was aware employees were coming to work sick, didn't care, had a holiday party even. Now we have to miss Christmas.


Laureltess t1_j1fdnyg wrote

Same. My husband got covid at work. Tested positive Tuesday, so now we're missing Christmas with our families. I'm just hoping I don't catch it from him so we don't miss New Year's too. Sucks, man. We avoided it for almost three years and now he gets it from a brand new job right before a holiday.


ayym33p33 t1_j1evjao wrote

Morgan and Morgan and Morgan and Morgan and Morgan and Morgan?


tempelhof_de t1_j1d8nz5 wrote

Cooking some lobster tails at home in Rhode Island, drinking some good wine, and watching Christmas in Connecticut.


Dseltzer1212 t1_j1diy8i wrote

Wrapping presents, doing some pre cooking and getting very stoned on my homegrown made in MA legal weed


mtafmtu t1_j1dby5m wrote

Stuck in a hotel outside Philly, desperately trying to get in contact with Avis to exchange our rental with a flat tire to finish driving to Virginia


hellno560 t1_j1dml3v wrote

ugh good luck! I'm sure it will work out.


danbyer t1_j1da9f6 wrote

Supposed to be traveling to see family, but Covid strikes again. Guess I’ll be drinking and drinking all weekend.


honeybeast518 t1_j1ddfhm wrote

Going to a friend's house for board game night.


[deleted] t1_j1dosl6 wrote



trimtab28 t1_j1fojry wrote

that's a lotta buns in the oven... assuming you're making at least a half dozen cinnamon rolls here of course


michael_scarn_21 t1_j1dgpqs wrote

Counting sheep on a windswept moorland in England because I'm visiting my parents lol. If I was at home I'd probably go to lamplighter.


tbootsbrewing t1_j1ddzm9 wrote

In bed with Covid


symonym7 t1_j1dfyx4 wrote

The same thing I do every night, Pinky..


wobwobwob42 t1_j1doc3b wrote

Making sure my alcohol for the party tomorrow isn't poisoned.


jamesland7 t1_j1dyzsv wrote

Everything Everywhere All at once and Ratatouille double feature at The Brattle!


KayakerMel t1_j1dzxwg wrote

Sourcing Chinese takeaway for the traditional Jewish December 25th meal!


BToxic_personality t1_j1dexou wrote

Leaving in the morning in shorts because it’s 55 degrees out


OD8891 t1_j1dx0gh wrote

Just give it a couple more hours ;)


toxikant t1_j1drn0v wrote

Working. So excited* to spend tomorrow working as well.

  • this is sarcasm.

Dukeofdorchester t1_j1e0vfo wrote

The misses is buying me a drum kit for Xmas, so I’ll be annoying my neighbors


theladythunderfunk t1_j1dwj43 wrote

Meeting my lawyer to sign some paperwork that will get me the fuck away from my crazy abusive neighbor. Happy Christmas to meeeee


UpDimension t1_j1ernfl wrote

Chicken tendies, heated blanket and Netflix


DumbshitOnTheRight t1_j1d8p2i wrote

Wrapping gifts. Vacuum the house. Prepping for Xmas eve dinner. Hoping the power stays on as the storm blows through today and tonight. Doing dishes. Caring for puppehs. Might crack open the aged egg nog.


lpn122 t1_j1ed3px wrote

I too will be enjoying the aged nog


fallen2151 t1_j1dghm5 wrote

Ratatouille at the brattle


eaglessoar t1_j1dqg1y wrote

I'm in Florida, in laws are hosting a novena, party starts tonight


dsuperville t1_j1dupl1 wrote

Packing with my 1yo. Out to Manhattan tomorrow 😁


Yekim617 t1_j1dx42d wrote

djing at union tavern in somerville, come through!


wjhubbard3 t1_j1dz8pq wrote

Making pizza at home and enjoying a beer or two. Just have to hope that my dough doesn’t blow away between the house and the pizza oven.


whit3lightning t1_j1dz9yo wrote

I’ll be working from 3-9. Then, I’m gonna sip on some boozy hot cocoa with my fiancée, cuddle up next to the tree, and watch some Christmas movies til we fall asleep.


bnelly2k6 t1_j1e3byh wrote

Watching the traffic on Dot Ave since Morrissey BLVD is under water… again.


straycatbri t1_j1e6qp3 wrote

riding the orange line. last minute errands :(


isorainbow t1_j1ecwia wrote

COVID quarantine (first time around!) Missing our third Christmas in a row. This really blows.


Mountain-Isopod-2072 t1_j1f0hdx wrote

staying in and trying to ground myself (christmas is a difficult time for me mentally)


Liqmadique t1_j1dvv4s wrote

Sick :( Caught the cold going around earlier this week.


riski_click t1_j1dxm69 wrote

working on christmas eve eve and christmas eve. Such is life in Operations...


butalas t1_j1dy6kg wrote

Desperately trying to finish grading papers with an infant in one arm before family gets here tomorrow lol.


TheElusiveFox t1_j1e8nul wrote

Big huge snow storm hit us here in southern ontario... so I'm spending it inside after watching the dogs have the time of their lives tearing the yard up.


dkmbruins8517 t1_j1ee2zx wrote

To be honest, I wanted to go to the strip club with my fiancé, but then we both caught covid. So instead we’re just chilling watching old movies and reading. Could be worse I suppose.


ThaiManLA t1_j1ek9ol wrote

Making some meatballs tonight and cozying up to some nextflix and wine


7sevenj9 t1_j1epx7g wrote

Took a gummy and relaxing with my cats. Opening gifts with my husband later since the rest of the weekend is running around like a lunatic to all the family stops.


Snoo_11403 t1_j1fh7uw wrote

In the cold dark with no electric reading a book by flashlight with a cat on my lap. So, not so bad!


Relevant_Meringue102 t1_j1frz44 wrote

In Boston Children’s Hospital watching my daughter sleep. Have been here 9 months out of the past 12 (five separate hospitalizations).


AstonishedPepperoni t1_j1fx9hm wrote

Volunteering at a warming shelter


rainniier2 t1_j1gout3 wrote

How is this downvoted?Thank you for helping!


AstonishedPepperoni t1_j1gpaee wrote

I didn’t know I was downvoted :/ I’m a social worker and have always done this every Christmas since I celebrate Hannukah anyways. I see we are both from Oregon and now in Boston. People here find it interesting I would do this for no money or benefits.


hortence t1_j1g0h2w wrote

Fucking prepping. Christmas dinner is on Christmas eve as I've married into Czech tradition. And I'm the cook.Many sides prepped today. 6 am liver dumplings ground tomorrow. Goose midday for a mid-afternoon Christmas dinner.

Fight me. I need the relief.


Sayoria t1_j1gkph2 wrote

Working. :)


monkeyswithknives t1_j1gz5io wrote

I played a gig. Detoured twice because of fallen trees. Hung out with my wife because she's finally feeling better and I've missed her. And then watched sushi prep videos on YouTube while drinking whiskey until I wound down so I could go to bed. Not a bad night at all.


evhan55 t1_j1e4c9y wrote

home with hubs and pup watching TV and staying warm and cozy! probably some Szechuan chili veg for dinner and hot chocolate late night 🥰


DarkPurpleHibiscus t1_j1ea79c wrote

Baking chocolate mint cookies and tie-dye sugar cookies


the_paruretic t1_j1ef9tx wrote

I'm sending my parents to a Willie Nelson concert and I'm taking my wife to the Pinocchio movie.


CoffeeIceCube t1_j1ehnf2 wrote

Wrapping, and not looking forward to it!


LiminallyLost t1_j1ehz8m wrote

Lying on my back as I mouth-breath my covid germs into the bedroom air


theWora t1_j1er3uv wrote

Im not American, so how do you celebrate your 25th? What do you do? Do you do anything bug the 24th?


HarryDik t1_j1fcrzu wrote

Lighting Hanukkah candles


aoethrowaway t1_j1flgjm wrote

My whole family has covid, did realize we were still doing that going into 2023…


No-Ratio-4082 t1_j1fubrz wrote

Kowloon with the rest of the north shore :)


reginageorgeeee t1_j1fw7gf wrote

Getting trashed, wrapping gifts, and doing a new puzzle.


awildencounter t1_j1h4lru wrote

Day already passed but: I just got back from Paris, so napping, unpacking, laundry, organizing souvenirs for family. I don't celebrate Christmas so I'm just organizing all the chocolate and wine I brought back.


IdkWhatIwant895 t1_j1fm0al wrote

Lifting heavy at the gym until I almost black out and the demons are gone for that one moment and repeat the whole afternoon.