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nattarbox t1_j08hmzw wrote

Problem with this stuff is that the landlord "sending out a guy" to do something counts as proactive work by the landlord, even though it will do nothing to solve the problem. They can just repeat that every couple months and are off the hook for liability.

If the infestation is bad enough that BHA would actually see roaches and evidence of roaches at any given time when they swung in to check, then you might be able to get somewhere, but you'd probably have already moved out on your own accord if it was that bad.


Naive_Ad_6317 OP t1_j08p8cp wrote

If I could afford to move out on my own accord I definitely would because this is making my life horrible and driving gf to the point of needing to go to the hospital with anxiety and being unable to sleep for fear of the bugs. Am I basically screwed? I don't have anywhere to go, can't afford to break my lease, and the management company is as you said sending a guy out but doing fuck all. Do you have any advice?


jojenns t1_j096doy wrote

Call city of boston ISD and request an inspection. They will document and cite the landlord if theres evidence. Bear in mind here though that even if isd compels the landlord to produce an ipm plan if other tenants are feeding the beasts treatments wont work well. Living in multi family apartment buildings even the best ones will have bugs and rodent infestations occasionally.