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Total-Subject-3747 t1_j29a1wl wrote

This is long overdue. It may not be the criminal responsibility they deserve but it will be, at least, some small accountability for what they did. Stoughton is a profoundly troubled and corrupt department. They need a DOJ investigation.


jamseph t1_j29aurh wrote

Replace Stoughton with any other city in any state and you would still be right.


Chippopotanuse t1_j293h26 wrote

> According to the lawsuit, Birchmore was three months pregnant at the time of her death, and one of the officers was the father of her baby.

> "Birchmore's death was the culmination of a near decade-long scheme of grooming and repeated sexual assaults from a young age by certain police officers," the lawsuit alleges.

The fuck?!? I hope all these guys rot in jail.

And sadly, becoming pregnant is an often deadly thing when someone is in a relationship that has domestic violence:

Homicide leading cause of death for pregnant women in U.S.

> October 21, 2022 – Women in the U.S. who are pregnant or who have recently given birth are more likely to be murdered than to die from obstetric causes—and these homicides are linked to a deadly mix of intimate partner violence and firearms, according to researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


toastyghostie t1_j29qk72 wrote

Most likely they won't go to jail, unfortunately. From what I understand, it's very difficult to prosecute rape without a statement from the victim, even if there's evidence that there was sexual contact when the victim was a minor. It sounds like they're trying to do as much as they can within the current legal restrictions.


DumbshitOnTheRight t1_j29dx3r wrote

Groomed her, statutory rape, and passed her around like a blunt at a 1980's suburban beer bash.


Senior-Self6817 t1_j29ky3l wrote

One of the cops was seen at her place the day before she was “suicided”


mp246 t1_j2950gm wrote

"but it's just one bad apple!"


[deleted] t1_j299oho wrote



jamseph t1_j2aym31 wrote

^this guy probably:

"but it's so hard not to rape."


mp246 t1_j2b75k5 wrote

lmao right, just the other day i was walking down the street and whoops! i did a statutory rape. my bad, no biggie though. we all have flaws.


Aside from your bullshit deflection, funny how these "flaws" keep showing up in certain groups of people, repeatedly. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.


RailRoad_Candy t1_j29aooz wrote

I look forward to nothing coming of this because people are afraid to convict police and the rest of the state justice system is cowardly.


abhikavi t1_j29xede wrote

>and McNamara asked the state’s new Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission to decertify the three officers.

I will be interested to see how this new commission goes.


badger_hunter199 t1_j29v700 wrote

Check out the case season 2 barstool podcast… all about this


Beashagtaz t1_j2aglo5 wrote

Stoughton cops are fucking pigs. I grew up there, and during the pandemic they were out and about at bars and shit maskless and unvaxxed just spreading that shit and getting people killed.


Clamgravy t1_j29f6s1 wrote

Will the settlement be paid by tax dollars?


jsdfoij3nso0ej t1_j29qze0 wrote

your tax dollars for settlements, civil forfeiture loot for dunks and US military surplus.


metrowestern t1_j29sph2 wrote

Was Stoughton also where the cop “froze to death” in a snowstorm last winter?


bostonlaunchguy t1_j2az7mg wrote

Did the guys from barstool crack another Case on their podcast. They literally solved a cold case murder on season one and this is the podcast case for season 2….


SaintGalentine t1_j2conqx wrote

Not just Stoughton. A former teacher who groomed a teen student is on a local police force.


Equivalent_Metal_534 t1_j2fhv65 wrote

To Protect and to Serve, my ass. They’re worse than the criminals.