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QueenOfBrews t1_izguxjt wrote

I don’t understand why people like this.

If you really want to go down that road, go to Bistro 781 in Waltham. They have a checklist of ridiculous shit you can get with your bloody. You’ll pay a lot for it, if that’s your thing, you’ll love it.


arch_llama t1_izh8zrd wrote

>You’ll pay a lot for it

$10 for the bloody mary then a few dollars here and there for the add ons. Not very different than getting a meal and a cocktail except your meal is basically an alcoholic soup with soggy toppings served in an inconvenient to eat out of vessel.


YouAreGenuinelyDumb t1_izjesxc wrote

Because I want to combine my loves: horseradish, drinking, and shrimp cocktail (more horseradish).


Dontleave t1_izgbl1i wrote

Not sure if they still do it but precovid the Liberty Hotel had a very extensive build your own bloody bar with every topping you could think of


nattarbox t1_izgfno2 wrote

Cambridge Common has a good one. Not too ridiculous with accoutrements but their spicy mix is awesome.


thspimpolds t1_izgj7tw wrote

The pour house if it reopens soon. They claimed in 2021 they are going to. Here is hoping. It was cheap and fantastic.


PepperLivz t1_izjm0yu wrote

Bostonia Public House does a bloody Mary bar on weekends. Not too extensive but you can get shrimp, bacon, pepperoni stick, gerkins, etc. I like it.


Dukeofdorchester t1_izjqs73 wrote

Not technically Boston, but the fat cat in Quincy. They fill a jar with chili peppers and pour vodka in it to soak….that’s what they use