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TwoforFlinching613 t1_j29f2t2 wrote

They do this every new years, from (iirc) 8-830pm to 2am.


Neither_Problem9086 OP t1_j29kv4w wrote

Most don't know


AboyNamedBort t1_j29rhe4 wrote

Then on St Patrick’s day parking in Boston is free but the T isn’t. I guess they want to reward drunk drivers? Pretty dumb.


Coolbreeze_coys t1_j29un5b wrote

Relax. Your takeaway from this is really to spin into a negative because they don't do it for every holiday involving drinking?


MoreRandomWords t1_j2aedtf wrote

To give a different takeaway: prioritizing free parking over free alternative forms of transit definitely gives the signal that they'd rather you drive. Maybe we should subsidize safer modes of transit than driving?


Left_Squash74 t1_j2bjacg wrote

Good! Make it every friday and saturday and dozens of lives will be saved a year at least.


spyda24 t1_j2acyv1 wrote

They say 9PM in their announcements but most drivers or operators start it around 8 PM


Commercial_Board6680 t1_j29etd5 wrote

This is good news. Keeps the drunkard revelers and the rest of safe on the roads. But, I feel really sorry for the poor bastards who have to clean these vomit-spewed cars after the celebrations.


AtomicBombMan t1_j2alkcf wrote

Good, now make it run those extra three hours overnight until New Years Day.


SynbiosVyse t1_j2a97cy wrote

Good, use this instead of Uber.


Sayoria t1_j2a9pvs wrote

Going to be interesting if services are still limited.


Andrew-23 t1_j2apjq8 wrote

Still not worth it.