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jojenns t1_j15wts0 wrote

Didnt Baker offer state jobs back in a ton of departments already? Whats the difference here?


DickBatman t1_j15zpu7 wrote

Yeah I thought they were already back.

The reason the state brought people back is because a court ruled it was illegal to fire people in New York for not getting vaccinated


[deleted] t1_j1555ax wrote



_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j15advd wrote

Is everyone that you don't like automatically a Nazi?


Mumbles76 t1_j15di21 wrote

No, but police high-fiving Nazis outside Oak Grove might as well be.


jojenns t1_j15woub wrote

You have video of the high 5’s ?i never saw that it sounds insane


SpindriftRascal t1_j16j8ae wrote

Unless they’re maybe Christian Scientists, this “religious exemption” is bullshit. Even then, it doesn’t matter. You can’t have that job and not follow public health mandates; no accommodation is reasonable, and your beliefs don’t beat societal needs.

Most of these “religious exemptions” go like: I believe in Jesus; I believe in Republicans; I believe vaccines are a Democrat thing; so my religion says I don’t have to take the vaccine.

Fuck you. Get another job.


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j18ql9l wrote

> Most of these “religious exemptions” go like:

Since you can't argue against their actual words, you make them up. This invented perspective for them also happens to be really easy to refute.

#Strawman much?


SpindriftRascal t1_j18sq3a wrote

Nice use of giant font. Seriously, though, what’s the religious argument? I’ve never heard one that isn’t “Jesus doesn’t want me taking your lefty medicine.”


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j18t2zt wrote

The Christian Scientists and Jehovah's Witnesses believe that faith is the cure for everything. To submit yourself to any other treatment is a denial of that faith... (or something)

It sounds preposterous to anyone outside of their religion but it is their religion.


SpindriftRascal t1_j18ttx7 wrote

I mentioned the Christian Scientists. You’re right about the Jehovah’s Witnesses; I forgot them. So I stick with my initial comment edited to include the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’m still going with: fuck you, get another job.


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j18wk72 wrote

> I’m still going with: fuck you, get another job.

Also, you are a living, breathing example of horseshoe theory.

The Nazis had the same opinions about Jehovah Witnesses.


SpindriftRascal t1_j18y3ab wrote

This isn’t persecution. It’s a neutrally-applied reasonable job requirement that does not lend itself to religious accommodation. Religious freedom is powerful right in our system; it is not absolute.

Also, I think you just called me a Nazi. My only response to that is fuck you too.


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j191iea wrote

> My only response to that is fuck you too.

I'm sure you'd concentrate me in a camp if you could. People like you are notoriously uncompromising when it comes to disagreements on ideology.


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j18u6gx wrote

Of course, you hate the first amendment... except when it benefits you and allows you to propagate your opinions.


SpindriftRascal t1_j18wz7u wrote

I don’t, and it’s an ironic comment coming from the person who accused me of evidence-free conclusion drawing.

No First Amendment right is absolute. In this case, because police have lawful authority to detain and confine others in their presence, members of the public cannot simply choose not to interact with police. For that and other reasons, it is the police who must conform themselves to the standards of public safety. There are all sorts of health and fitness standards for the MSP; this should be one of them. I’ll also note that I believe cops who don’t care enough about the public health to take a vaccine are people who shouldn’t be cops anyway.


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j18xjzk wrote

> First Amendment right is absolute.

Ignore everything before the "but"


SpindriftRascal t1_j18y5os wrote

That is not now, and never has been, the law in the United States.


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j191mw1 wrote

You should always add "In my opinion" to these dumb statements.


SpindriftRascal t1_j193yha wrote

It’s not an opinion; it’s the law in the United States.


[deleted] t1_j195yi7 wrote



SpindriftRascal t1_j197kji wrote

No, that’s a First Circuit Court of Appeals decision upholding vaccine requirements precisely because the First Amendment is not absolute. It articulates at least two variously applicable standards for review of a burden on constitutional rights, neatly proving my point, thank you very much.


Conan776 t1_j15bmaf wrote

This is absurd. It's almost 2023. If the troopers have natural immunity, which they almost certainly do, they should be allowed back.


LalalaHurray t1_j1vg5ba wrote

😂😂 The troopers do not have natural immunity if it matters.


Conan776 t1_j1vy9uk wrote

How would you know? I think everyone has gotten Covid at least once at this point.


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j1504j3 wrote

They deserve full reinstatement with back pay.


Chippopotanuse t1_j185830 wrote

Number one killer of cops the past three years has been Covid. Nothing else comes remotely close.

And yet cops actively resist keeping themselves safe and healthy. And supporters like you cheer that ethos on.

If you truly cared about the well-being of cops, you’d be imploring them to get vaccinated…not defending their right to be a menace to themselves.


_Hack_The_Planet_ OP t1_j18qdy2 wrote

The most valuable property in Boston is owned by the Christian Science church. They don't believe in modern medicine. According to this principle, we ought to forcibly convert them.


Chippopotanuse t1_j18xhc8 wrote

What property is that? Are you talking about the Dalton parcel? The church sold that for $20m to the Pritzkers years ago.

Did it have some bullshit convenants that govern lower-floor activities and any hotel built there? Sure. But the millionaire residents who live there can act without restriction. (Because even the wacky Christian scientists know that forcing their teachings on alcohol sales, pornography and, to a limited extent, medical practices means any development would be worthless. And they love money just like anyone else does.)

The church properties are nowhere near the most expensive in Boston.

The Prudential is easily over $500m. Owned by Boston Properties. Boston Properties also owns the Hancock building. Paid $930m for it a decade ago.

What does the church own that even comes close to the value of the any of the commercial towers in Boston?