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roissy_37 t1_j6dtfla wrote

Layer, and keep your extremities covered - ears and fingers. If I have to be out in this for any amount of time (like while waiting on a bus) I'll do tank top > long sleeve thermal > long sleeve top shirt > fleece or windproof jacket. It's less about having a "heavy" coat as it is about keeping your core warm. Definitely have gloves and a hat. Have fun!


rabidstoat t1_j6dy4ig wrote

Yeah, it was actually in the upper 20s here yesterday morning when I was out hiking. I had on leggings and jeans, then a thin shirt and a thick sweater and a thick hoodie. That is what I plan to wear mostly. Plus, I am naturally insulated through a rigorous schedule of eating too much junk food so there's that too.

I have gloves and a scarf and my hoodie has a, well, a hood, but no boots. Alas.


roissy_37 t1_j6e1czz wrote

I too subscribe to the "Cheetos method" of temperature regulation. Sounds like you've got a solid plan. Boots aren't hugely necessary unless there's snow on the ground, which there shouldn't be. Good socks should be fine.