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BsFan t1_j6msf91 wrote

Time to make some outrageous prop bets for the super bowl!


itsonlyastrongbuzz t1_j6n36mi wrote

The state keeps adding revenue streams but infrastructure keeps getting worse.


hooskies t1_j6pfqxf wrote

I’d be more upset with how long it took them to add this obvious revenue stream. We’ve been lapped by neighboring states for years because the state legislature dragged their feet on an extremely popular bill


Wizard_of_Rozz t1_j6myxci wrote

Welcome to Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise


Maxpowr9 t1_j6n20px wrote

Biff's casino will be bankrupt soon.


Wizard_of_Rozz t1_j6n47h5 wrote

I had no idea you could turn a virtual monopoly and a guaranteed mathematical advantage into minus billions, but I probably just don’t understand the financial Kung fu going on behind the scenes with the sale and lease back.


Cost_Additional t1_j6n2a6f wrote

Wonder why the delay with online/apps


DoubleSuccessor t1_j6pdbgo wrote

They probably want to drive a burst of traffic into Encore to make superbowl bets and then lose on everything else.


whosthere5 t1_j6nfk2g wrote

Only a month until online betting. That will be the real change. Who wants to drive to a casino every time they want to place a bet? If I’m at a casino I’ll stick to table games I can’t play anywhere else


BsFan t1_j6oajng wrote

I'm confused I just installed DraftKings and it looks like I have full access to all online betting.


thejosharms t1_j6ofr0w wrote

You've been able to access the app forever, you just can't place a bet. Even more annoyingly you can't sell or close a ticket when it's in the money. Many times I would have love to cash out and take my win in the 3rd quarter of a game only to watch my bet blow up by the end of the game.

Edit: To be clear I'd place bets while up in NH visiting family but couldn't close them out once back in MA. Just had to let them ride.


whosthere5 t1_j6odotg wrote

Can you place a bet? I just grabbed one of the first articles when I googled it and:

“In-person betting will go live on January 31st barring any unforeseen setbacks. According to Joe Murray, there will be a “soft-open” on Monday, January 30th. This comes after the Massachusetts Gaming Commission approving retail licenses to Encore Boston Harbor, Plainridge Park Casino and MGM Springfield in recent weeks.

As for mobile bets, regulators have said in the past they hope to have mobile bets up and running in early March 2023.”

From a sports hub article but I’ve seen it on other sites:


gbosnorthend t1_j6odysg wrote

I did as well thinking that it was live - if you look at the top left though it still says on mine that you’re not in an area that betting is allowed (assuming you are located in MA)

I was also surprised to see casino games like blackjack on there - maybe those won’t be allowed in MA when it does go live?


BradMarchandsNose t1_j6orvjn wrote

I mean if I’m already at the casino, I’ll probably place some bets on whatever games are going on while I play other games. It’s not like you have to choose one or the other.


Dontleave t1_j6mtr4e wrote

Encore has a drive up option


DerekMcLeod t1_j6mzhj9 wrote

Really!? Where is it located? The garage?


Dontleave t1_j6mzy2h wrote

Yeah I got an email from them and it said it was on the first floor of the garage or something like that


DerekMcLeod t1_j6n09qi wrote

I was there on Saturday and they took out a bunch of games to put in the digital kiosks. Crazy that it's finally here


6000sux t1_j6n1aod wrote

It's right near the rideshare pickup on level B1.


--A3-- t1_j6nootr wrote

I hope we don't get inundated with ads and marketing. Sports betting is a tax on stupid people but it's also a tax on people with addictive personalities.


devAcc123 t1_j6nvpwj wrote

I mean it’s also just entertainment, same way you pay for any other entertainment. Shut going to a sporting event with 1 other person and grabbing some food and drinks runs you easily around 150-200 bucks nowadays, no harm in someone putting 20 bucks on games here and there for entertainment value. Would like to see advertising restricted though, same as booze/cigarettes.


--A3-- t1_j6nzo9m wrote

Maybe I just don't get that part of it. I watch sports because I'm interested in the game itself, not because I have anything riding on the outcome. Even then, why not just bet among your friends to avoid the taxes and casino profit margin, or get an app that lets you place mock bets using fake money? Are you sure it's fun to put $20 on the Superbowl coin flip when the odds are -105 heads, -105 tails?


aVeryLargeWave t1_j6o47pb wrote

People don't enjoy routinely taking money from their friends. People enjoy wagering real life currency on unknown outcomes and enjoy the risk, its really as simple as that. It really isn't the governments role to regulate what consenting adults can do with their money.


BradMarchandsNose t1_j6osh1u wrote

Also, betting with your friends means you both have to be on different sides every time. I’d rather bet with my friends and we can all cheer for the same outcome.


devAcc123 t1_j6o55xz wrote

I mean if I’m at a bar and 2 sub 500 NBA teams from across the country are battling it out in a meaningless game I’d rather watch anything else, much more exciting to put a couple dollars on it with a buddy and sit there and get pumped up about some guy hitting a meaningless 3 with 4 minutes left down 25 because you’ve got 10 bucks on him having over 12 points or something lol

Different strokes for different folks, it’s obviously a predatory Industry but so are tons of others that we just accept as part of life


whosthere5 t1_j6odwpx wrote

You ever play fantasy football or anything? Same kind of appeal. Also you can still avoid tax the way people have always done that, with a bookie


thejosharms t1_j6ogbqb wrote

> Sports betting is a tax on stupid people but it's also a tax on people with addictive personalities.

I'd hope you have the same, or more, energy to come for the state lottery.

Sports betting has several barriers to entry for your average person and the odds are transparent.

Walking into your local convenience store and dropping $100 a week on scratchers where you have no clue what your odds or potential winnings are is far more predatory and exploitive.


--A3-- t1_j6opgry wrote

Yes, the lottery and casinos are also taxes on stupid people and people with addictive personalities. Statistics tells you that you're going to lose; some people don't get that, and other people get hooked in a futile attempt to reclaim the money they've already lost.


BradMarchandsNose t1_j6os7y9 wrote

We already have been inundated with ads and marketing. Watch any sporting event and like every other ad is for a betting service.


iacceptjadensmith t1_j6ouifr wrote

Sports are 100x better when you have 10 or 20 bucks on it. This is simply a fact.


--A3-- t1_j6oy696 wrote

This comment sponsored by DraftKings


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j6n1brw wrote

So sad, more of the hardworking men and women of Massachusetts will have their money stolen by the wicked and evil gambling industry! I cry for our commonwealth!


devAcc123 t1_j6nvvkh wrote

Nobody ever checks the username


BsFan t1_j6oahp1 wrote

I always almost go to argue, then notice the name, laugh and move on.