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karter0 t1_j6mj6mu wrote

Still no train to Southie lol


northeast0 t1_j6mo8mr wrote

Also the silver line does a little loopty loop around the airport terminals before stopping a mile away

Good luck visitors!


QueenOfBrews t1_j6nu2o5 wrote

You do realize Southie has two red line stops as it is, right? Admittedly, they aren’t conveniently placed depending on where in Southie you are going, but saying “still no train to Southie” is a bit much.


karter0 t1_j6o081w wrote

Yes, of course I realize that… Almost all of E Broadway is more than a mile from either stop. If you’re not paying 2k+ a month to live before D St the T is painfully inconvenient in Southie. Not to mention the volatility of the Red Line.