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hhh347 OP t1_j5grgjc wrote

I cannot thank you enough for this 🙏


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I don’t know what kind of roaches you have or how many other units your place shares walls with but German roaches (the small brown ones) are hella hard to get rid of. Like typical treatment in a house, that doesn’t share walls with other people, takes 6 weeks. When you share walls with people, every unit you share a wall with should be inspected because other units could be the cause. German roaches are attracted initially to uncleanliness. Adults lay 4-8 eggs in their lifetime; eggs can produce 30-48 roaches, and they become adults without 1 1/2 months to 3 months. This is why German roaches quickly become an infestation.

I am a property manager in Texas so I’m familiar. German roaches also led to some intrusive thoughts and diagnosed OCD. I take these seriously and they can 100% cause inhabitability issues. They can also contaminate your food and carry bacterial diseases.


hhh347 OP t1_j5jyqzc wrote

They seem to be larger and dark almost black so fingers crossed they aren’t. I’m already having nightmares every night about these things, and my anxiety has skyrocketed since moving into this apartment. It’s really good to know that there are property managers who care. I told the city inspector that they might want to look at other units as well. Thank you for this!


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As I understand you do not need to put rent in escrow in MA.

OP /u/hhh347, I would write to your landlord and let them know that under Mass law you’re legally allowed to use up to four months of rent payments to make reasonable repairs and that you intend to due so if they don’t respond within 5 days and that you’ve contacted the Board of Health and they’re coming to inspect(even if they aren’t)

Stuff like this is garbage.

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