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saucisse t1_j5guhby wrote

What hold does Alpha have on the lawmakers in MA that this is allowed to continue without penalty?


KingFucboi t1_j5h9brl wrote

My understanding is they just pay the fines. The logistics it would take to properly prep every apartment in boston on 9/1 doesn’t exist so they just run it and deal with the consequences .


Ok_Olive9438 t1_j5itgi2 wrote

My understanding is the opposite, that they don’t pay their fines, and the city has given up on going after them.


NEU_Throwaway1 t1_j5l8n5w wrote

They also know exactly what they are doing. Probably preying on college students that are broke and don't have the time, money, or legal knowledge to go after them via legal means.

And if they did try something themselves like withholding rent, there's a good chance they won't have followed all of the prerequisite steps and documentation necessary and will threaten eviction, which will essentially prevent them from renting another apartment in the future with that kind of mark on their record.


hhh347 OP t1_j5llwwm wrote

Yup that’s exactly my fear. The whole process is so confusing and this is our first apartment - not to mention the pressure to sign a lease during the hunting season that is finding a Sep. 1 apartment near a school