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xxgunther420 t1_j5gx4ux wrote

My apartment was 58 degrees and landlord wouldn’t fix it. Sent an email saying you’re in violation of mass regulation 410.201 and I will start withholding rent. They fixed it in 2 days and 3 groups of maintenance men were over within 24 hours. Maybe just lucky but worth a try to start hard balling them, they are breaking the law if your apartment is in that condition.


hhh347 OP t1_j5jyx45 wrote

Used this when I called this morning 🙏


xxgunther420 t1_j5k7rll wrote

There are a number of renter protection laws, make sure you do a quick dive to find some that are more relevant to you. I filed complaints with the city Cambridge for my last landlord and it helps to have emails and stuff to go back to, try to get everything from them in writing or follow up a call with an email that says “we just talked and covered A B and C, is that correct?” To cover yourself