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Ninaverbena t1_j5jm9ha wrote

Lived on Harvard Ave next to a bodega and Myung Dong between 2018-2020 and it was hell. We had the exact same problems and never got anything done because their maintenance is worse than awful. The only saving grace we had was a health inspector came in and found a broken window, rats, roaches, and BLACK MOLD in our bathroom. They only fixed the window and mold. I hate to say it but it really is a learning experience. We also didn't listen to bad reviews and all the warnings and we were also all full time students. Unless you can find a way to break your lease, just try to stick it out and move out as soon as you can. Know now that the next time you're looking for a place to stay, you'll have this experience to base off all the terrible reviews of all the other management companies in Boston.

Ps. Get a cat. Or have a friend give you a bag of used cat litter. Our mouse/rat problem immediately disappeared after my roommate got a cat and he definitely didn't hunt them the lazy ball of fur. We had friends without cats ask for dirty cat litter all the time. It's gross but the smell keeps the rodents away.

PPs. I heard that Mission Hill local landlord owned apartments are SO MUCH BETTER. Everyone shits on the individual landlords all the time but as the daughter of a landlord, if you find the right one, you'll be absolutely set. Had a friend move from one awful living situation to a nice comfy affordable landlord owned building with a private balcony, no rats, and minimal issues as well as a communicative landlord.

Every place will have its problems, but after going from literally rock bottom, you'll definitely be able to find a better place.

Also I'm no lawyer, but I think can withhold rent until it is livable. Especially with mold and leaks. I'd reach out to a rental lawyer if it's affecting your health and to see what sort of plan you can take with paying your rent.