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There was a guy on my fire escape with a flashlight at 4:45 am Wed. Luckily my neighbor/friend witnessed the whole thing and called 911, since I saw him but it didn't really register and I didn't fully wake up. She saw him go up my fire escape and stop on each landing, possibly trying to get in. He went in and out of other yards but repeatedly returned to mine and went up the fire escape again (when I saw him). The cops came and she saw them stop him and talk to him for at least 10 minutes. I called yesterday to find out what happened and the officer told me that yes, he was on the "third floor" but he only had a flashlight and no weapons so there is nothing to be worried about. I didn't even know what to say and I still don't, so i just said "There was a man on my fire escape with a flashlight at 4:45 am and there is nothing to worry about????" And he said, "That's what the report says." I can't believe they just let him go! I am getting lights and cameras and am going to request the police report, but this is crazy. I know there has been a Brighton Peeper and he may be out on bail, but who knows if it's the same guy. Either way, I can't imagine what reason this guy gave for being on the fire escape and how it was acceptable. It doesn't make sense!



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biffNicholson t1_j57qvmn wrote

If you have windows directly off the fire escape., as it sounds you do. get some small strapping like this cut it to length and wedge it above the bottom sash so you cant open the window from outside easily. They can still break a window but its a cheap deterrent.


Fun_Aerie5234 OP t1_j57v8be wrote

Thank you, good idea!


biffNicholson t1_j58grbg wrote

No worries, if anyone says screw your window shut, dont do that, Would be bad news in a fire.

also when you buy that stick to wedge your window shut. save the 3 foot section and put it next to your bed. if anyone does come through the window hit them with it. one stick, two jobs.

I wouldn;t worry too much , folks like this have been around allston /brighton for ever and usually target the easiest places. since so many drunk college kids leave doors and windows open. An ounce of prevention goes a long way in this situation.


9Z7EErh9Et0y0Yjt98A4 t1_j5af1rv wrote

If you want a nice club and you don't want to spend for a bat, an axe handle is plenty sturdy, fits the hand well, and dirt cheap. I'd take that over a cheap dowel.


biffNicholson t1_j5ahhdg wrote

axe handles a solid choice, I mentioned the 2x2" strap since they would have extra left from the window prop. Frankly I wouldnt want my arm/ hand smashed by either. stay safe


NewEnglandBull_ t1_j5bbmfn wrote

Women are more likely to have a weapon like that used against them than they are to be able to defend themselves with it. Not a great idea.


5teerPike t1_j58q7ek wrote

"why don't people trust us anymore" cops ask...


A_curious_fish t1_j59miqi wrote

Is that really it? Is that really the issue here? Cops?


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A_curious_fish t1_j5aej9v wrote

Sounds like the guy will be right back out doing it again. Keeping criminals at bay requires more than a cop arresting them. Requires better punishment


5teerPike t1_j5apfy9 wrote

And the cops need to deliver them to the court for that. that's their job & they didn't do it

If someone peeps in your window, I hope you get a more serious response.


A_curious_fish t1_j5aq4f6 wrote

We all would hope but won't keep them off the streets for long also, also hope Op might consider having something around to help defend themselves god forbid.


5teerPike t1_j5argaj wrote

I wonder if there's something like an organized militia that can help bring potential intruders to the courts.

Too bad I guess we'll never know ..


5teerPike t1_j5apcni wrote

Do you think what they did here was helpful?


-Gabe t1_j5flc1w wrote

No, but what exactly should they do here? Arrest him? On what charges?

He had no weapon on him, by the time the cops came he wasn't trespassing. Unless OP has video proof and is trying to press charges for trespassing, the cops don't really have anything solid to arrest him on.

Its shitty catch-22, but unless you're in favor of a more authoritarian police force, there's not much they should do.


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-Gabe t1_j5fozsp wrote

What? There was no rape here. Don't overuse that word and throw accusations like that around lightly!

All we know is a guy had a flashlight and was going up the fire escapes to the third floor. OP's own words are "possibly trying to get in".

I agree it's concerning for sure, but the person never broke in, and we (as outside redditors) don't know the full details. People are innocent until they are proven guilty. I don't want a police force that is so powerful they can arrest someone just because they feel like it.

What in your opinion should the police do here?


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-Gabe t1_j5glo1c wrote

>Why do you need to be peeping into someone's home from a fire escape?

For sure. What this guy is doing is wrong, and ought to be dealt with. The point I'm trying to make is that... Good police, the kind of police we want in this country, will require evidence and/or eye-witness testimony before getting an arrest warrant. From the police's perspective, all they have is one woman's call saying she saw someone outside her neighbors windows with a flashlight. (OP didnt call 911 or file a police report)

The "Brighton Peeper" didn't get arrested and charged until he was finally caught and IDed via a Ring Camera. That footage was then sent to police who then increased surveillance and ultimately were able to arrest him and charge him with Disorderly Conduct, Multiple counts of Trespassing, and Criminal Harrassment.

It didn't happen after the guys first time, but he had to build a pattern and get caught on video to have enough evidence to bring charges against him.

>Do you have a girlfriend? Sister? Or mother? Ask what they would want here.

What OP ought to do, and the same thing I'd tell a girlfriend/sister/mother...

  1. File a police report, the more they have on paper the stronger a case and the more pressure they'll have to execute an arrest that'll lead to a successful prosecution.

  2. Invest in Pepper Spray, Webcams, and as some in this thread suggested... wooden wedge to make it harder for someone to break in through a window.


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-Gabe t1_j5go35m wrote

>You didn't answer the question. > >Why do you need to be peeping into someone's home from a fire escape?

I didn't answer this question because it's a stupid question. Did you ever think maybe this dude lied to the police? "Yeah officer, I went out for a smoke and then got locked out, so I was trying to see if I could get back into my apartment."

>And did you not read the police response to this when they were called? Are you for real right now?

I have not read the police report. All the information we have is 3rd-hand information. I am for real. Bitching about lack of police action on Reddit while not filing a police report is peak hypocrisy.

>How about the cops do their fucking job and take this seriously from the moment they're told someone is using fire escapes to peep into people's windows

Do we even know if the police were ever told this? Nothing in OPs message suggests that the cops knew the guy was peeping into people's window. Simply: "yes, he was on the "third floor" but he only had a flashlight and no weapons so there is nothing to be worried about"

I'll die on this hill...

OP. Needs. To. File. A. Police. Report.

Start building that paper trail.


harriedhag t1_j5818a8 wrote

The guy responsible for a bunch of these last year, if his 60 day hold didn’t get extended, it expired some time earlier this month.

Is there any way to look up the status of this case?


Fun_Aerie5234 OP t1_j58a8yr wrote

People in a Brighton group said he recently got out on bail but I don't know how to find out for sure. I remember when that happened and that's why I figured I should warn people to be careful. It's so scary!


Chippopotanuse t1_j59zgkg wrote

Does the name in your police report match the name of that guy?


Fun_Aerie5234 OP t1_j5ae10v wrote

I just requested it, so I will find out.


Chippopotanuse t1_j5at104 wrote

If it’s the same person, I’d call the FBI or Mass AG if the local cops aren’t taking this seriously enough. The fact that a cop said there was “nothing to be worried about” when they verified this guy is outside your windows at 4:45am is beyond alarming to me.

Such a scary thing to have had happened. I’m so sorry.

Maybe also consider talking to a detective about getting a protective order against the person so that gives cops a prosecutable reason to arrest him if he is near your residence ever again. Normally you need 3 instances of abuse to get them in Mass, but there might be exceptions that apply for this person.


Fun_Aerie5234 OP t1_j5bifp8 wrote

Yeah if anything else happens or it ends up being the same guy I am going directly to the police station to talk to someone face to face. And if it is the same guy I will be pissed and see what I can do, that man is clearly a danger to people!


Chippopotanuse t1_j59zfkj wrote

How the fuck is climbing into a sleeping person bedroom window not a multi-year jail sentence? It’s one of the most violating things you can do to someone and seems like he’s building up to assault/murder/rape at some point.


bostonchef72296 t1_j5a7b2y wrote

I have no idea but it’s terrifying and very disturbing. Like, my guy that’s what serial killers do when they’re building up to their first truly violent act against a person


Stampeder t1_j5a41xm wrote

But if we defund the police, who will we go to to tell us it's not their problem and do nothing?


kauisbdvfs t1_j59no6u wrote

lol they didnt want to get involved so they just let him go.. scum bags


spaceflower890 t1_j5ahkoe wrote

Put a motion camera on the inside of the window, having undeniable evidence helps.


Fun_Aerie5234 OP t1_j5bhqgn wrote

I plan on it because even with a witness they let him go and didn't even talk to her.


Shemsuni t1_j5a7keq wrote

Cops don’t work anymore. We are on our own.


Dry_Air9895 t1_j5a1zxs wrote

I’m so sorry that this happened to you!!


Positive_Juggernaut8 t1_j5dmw9g wrote

Oh it makes sense alright. The reality is they didn't give a shit. I would file a complaint because officer jackass on the report could have and should have issued him Trespass at a minimum. The dude is not there to bring you fucking cookies. Brighton needs to quit its bullshit and wise up.

Also note about flash lights. By design and weight a modern tactical flashlight is an excellent bludgeoning weapon and blinding weapon. High candella lights with good weight make excellent self defense tools.

In terms of home defense, you want to build in layers to buy you time to respond. Ring camera, Motion flood lights, security film for the window, security bar to prevent it from being opened, glass break sensor, glass break alarm.

Also as crazy as it sounds, an Apple watch, Alexa and Google Home are added layers too because you can voice call emergency services and or trigger home automation alarms.

Other self defense items. You do not need an MA FID card to buy modern gel based pepper spray from Dicks sporting goods.

In terms of additional self defense layers - taking a self defense class and working the mat to defend against an attacker is a thing. Getting a MA FID and working through home defense training with handguns and shotguns is a thing.

Good luck and don't take shit from anyone.


Fun_Aerie5234 OP t1_j5f9flr wrote

Thank you! I have or plan on getting some of these things but I hadn't thought about my Apple Watch and Alexa and the pepper spray. Definitely want to get that!


Jackamalio626 t1_j596hk0 wrote

Boston sure has a lot of iconic characters;

Elliot Davis

Keytar Bear

and now the fire escape creeper