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source4mini t1_j5p7vd5 wrote

LEGO executives currently voting on a commemorative set to celebrate the move: Fenway or a Dunkin


sofiaviolet t1_j5p9u23 wrote

Compromise: Fenway in their biggest conference room, and build the inevitable Dunks location in the lobby out of Legos.


BradMarchandsNose t1_j5ps7sf wrote

I’m surprised they don’t have a Fenway one already. John Henry probably nickel and diming them for more money


mejelic t1_j5q0tut wrote

They have a fenway on display in the lego land at assembly.


NovaPrime15 t1_j5t8ixc wrote

I’d pay an amount of money for a Fenway set that a financial advisor would call “worrying”


mattgm1995 t1_j5rhm6m wrote

Get the big Fenway which has multiple Dunkin’s in it