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Boston1924 t1_j6n06w2 wrote

We are nice. When people aren’t being fucking stupid.


dirtyoldmikegza t1_j6n8tqg wrote

The old saying about us being kind but not nice i feel holds true


frankybling t1_j6o6rhr wrote

where’s ya fuckin hoodie? Here take mine ya idiot


bmovierobotsatan t1_j6og9ig wrote

this is the best way of describing New England hospitality i have ever seen.


Gribblestix t1_j6mmxek wrote

The outdated Boston stereotypes with the accent are a snore.


[deleted] t1_j6n4ute wrote



Haptiix t1_j6nxr53 wrote

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this Ad is probably designed to entertain/amuse people from the 49 other states & from a financial perspective they probably have zero reason to care how people from Boston respond to it.


Mr_Einslincoln t1_j6p7e7s wrote

Not sure that’s the case given my entire office in Charlestown was abuzz today with conversations of this commercial. Doubtful everyone is a fan, but also not everyone finds the campaign to be a stereotype.


Haptiix t1_j6pd2nj wrote

Your office sounds incredibly boring


Mr_Einslincoln t1_j6pdccw wrote

I’m sure your offices look absolutely identical to the Google campus.


mr_snipeypants t1_j6n8g2m wrote

And make sure someone says "Beantown" which is something everyone in Boston says.


AutoModerator t1_j6n8g3n wrote

Excuse me there tourist, you must not be familiar with the port city of Boston. Nobody here says Beantown. Please enjoy this documentary about our diverse aquatic life.

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mr_snipeypants t1_j6nanss wrote

bad bot


AutoModerator t1_j6nante wrote

what did you say to me? Say it again you filthy transplant. Yeah i know your type. You probably have Connecticut plates and a Yankees sticker on your car. You brag about how close you live to Fenway Park, but then complain in the sub about how loud the concerts are. How about you and me meet in the parking lot of the 7-11 in Revere and settle this?

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hce692 t1_j6nl54d wrote

Even worse — Creatives at Goodby. They’re a San Francisco team


hce692 t1_j6nkla4 wrote

They moved their ad account to the agency Goodby which is in California. It’s bizarre to me that they insist on having SFers try and keep this campaign going. The whole Boston beer co is notorious for being a horrible, abusive client and Jim Koch is a nut job though so I don’t think there was an agency left in Boston willing to touch it


Haptiix t1_j6nxclo wrote

hot take: it wasn't actually that bad. the bit with the parking spot genuinely made me laugh.


phil_at_work t1_j6mtlzf wrote

People in Boston ARE NICE. I'm not a Boston native. I've lived in numerous metros on both coasts and the Midwest and have only found this Boston stereotype to be WRONG.


AwkwardSpread t1_j6mw4tu wrote

Sure, we’re good drivers too!


BsFan t1_j6n2blb wrote

I travel extensively throughout the country, believe me we are good drivers by comparison. The things people do in the South are absolutely mind-blowing.


Enkiduderino t1_j6o1mdt wrote

We are skilled drivers.


AnyRound5042 t1_j6o24qr wrote

This is what I've been saying, were not bad just aggressive and we know the crazy roads so the tourists are all lost while we have places to be


michael_scarn_21 t1_j6ovj9p wrote

The level of driving ability here is appalling lol


AnyRound5042 t1_j6p0bsy wrote

And yet the worst drivers on the road always have out of state plates


RailRoad_Candy t1_j6mwynr wrote that the joke? What happened to funny Super Bowl Commercials?


Fiercedeity77 t1_j6n3ykv wrote

Is that the joke? On the man’s widow? You got her Jane. You reeeeeeallly got her.


dianacd12 t1_j6ny23u wrote

idk I move up from Florida and I think people in Boston are way nicer...


SomePolack t1_j6pgyya wrote

It’s Florida, where all the old angry Massholes go to die. Of course it’s nicer up here!


f0rtytw0 t1_j6mdtku wrote

Now I got that song stuck in my head

Edit: to add, I found that first random hello disturbing


AWalker17 t1_j6nalb8 wrote

KG was the only good part of that.


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j6mh12l wrote

Why can alcohol companies advertise their extremely harmful and addictive products when Cigarette companies cannot? I think we should ban alcohol companies from advertising.


Wickedweed t1_j6mn87r wrote

I’d much rather ban pharmaceutical ads, personally


RobFword t1_j6njf0e wrote

Seriously, when was the last time you asked your doctor for a drug you saw on TV...


DingoFrisky t1_j6ojium wrote

Hey Doc! I heard there’s a pill that will give me a boner!


CAPICINC t1_j6mxkzr wrote



RailRoad_Candy t1_j6mx0pu wrote

Cars kill 1.3 Million people a year. Why aren't we all on bikes?!


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j6mxjjs wrote

I am all for bikes but this does not change the fact alcohol is also a horribly addictive killer and lacks many of the redeeming values of cars.


RailRoad_Candy t1_j6mybvc wrote

So deaths are ok as long as they are offset by convenience?


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j6myw3q wrote

I never said that I said I think alcohol ads are in my opinion a bigger problem because of the addictive nature of alcohol. I am all for walkable cities and bike infrastructure.


RailRoad_Candy t1_j6mz98j wrote

Dude, I'm just pulling your chain. The reality is that yes, all deaths are ok if they're offset by money or convenience. So Ads will continue. Sucks.

Have an upvote and a good one.


dxbaileyy t1_j6mw3rh wrote

On the contrary, we should bring back cigarette ads.


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j6mwxs3 wrote

Why? The ban has been extremely effective in reducing smoking especially among the youth and has arguably saved tens of thousands of lives.


dxbaileyy t1_j6mxs35 wrote

I was mostly being sarcastic but I do find it strange that the government bans advertising of things that are “harmful” instead of letting us make our own decisions.


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j6myrc6 wrote

The reason companies spend so much on advertising is because it works. By constantly bombarding us with ads for alcohol the alcohol conglomerates normalize alcohol at every occasion and make us associate alcohol with more and more activities in our lives. If you want to consume alcohol that is fine but I don't think being constantly bombarded with ads for it is good for society.

(A similar argument could be made for high sugar products, pharmaceuticals, etc etc)


dxbaileyy t1_j6mz8cf wrote

Thank you for the advertising 101. I also took marketing classes so I am well aware why companies spend money on advertisements.

Like you said, a similar argument can be made about advertising just about anything.


-doughboy t1_j6mn6ss wrote

They’re in cahoots with witches 🧙‍♀️