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QueenOfBrews t1_j64meus wrote

There’s the Boston Common Garage, would probably be most convenient.

If you are in town for multiple days it will be much more convenient to utilize public transportation and avoid driving in town. Especially if you are coming during 4th of July.

is this just a day trip, or are you staying in town multiple days at a hotel or something?


mistlet0ad OP t1_j64myeh wrote

Staying in Portsmouth, NH and doing a day trip to Boston.


dirtyoldmikegza t1_j64wxgx wrote

Boston common garage. Fairly easy. Not actually that expensive in relation to other garages . T is right there or just walk the half mile or whatever the north end. I wouldn't drive in the north end for all the tea in China especially if you're coming from a rural area. No room. In a rational world I wouldn't even let non residents drive in there


bobby_j_canada t1_j678dlo wrote

Different "take the train, you rube" suggestion: park at the Wonderland Garage in Revere and take the Blue Line downtown to State.

The Red and Orange Lines are kind of messy but the Blue Line is clean, reliable, and efficient. And Wonderland is just off of Route 1 where you'll be driving from. The last 5-10 miles into the city can be the most brutal, so this plan lets you avoid it while taking the most reliable train line.


jjgould165 t1_j66bln8 wrote

Park at Wellington or Sullivan Square and take the t in from there. Alternatively, the commuter rail from Haverhill or any of the northern stops that have parking. The North End is a PITA for parking if you aren't confident in parallel parking or dealing with buses, cars, bikes, pedestrians, and the occasional 3 point turn for the fire trucks in the neighborhood


rhodie93 t1_j666081 wrote

I would take the Amtrak Downeaster from Dover or Exeter into North Station


bobby_j_canada t1_j678jul wrote

Problem is it's really infrequent so if you miss your train you're screwed. I'd say drive to Wonderland and take the Blue Line.