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FindOneInEveryCar t1_j4vknnd wrote

Nowadays the Texas legislature would knowingly honor a Massachusetts serial killer to own the libs.


ValkyriesOnStation t1_j4vxmzw wrote

There is that republican who was just arrested 2 days ago because he paid people to shoot at the houses of democrats. Almost killed a 10 year old girl, bullets whizzing in her bedroom.

I'll be surprised if they actually charge him.


Phitsik23 t1_j4w0lj1 wrote

Sounds like something that'll get you statues made of you (in certain areas)


FromLuxorToEphesus t1_j5223lf wrote

Why would you be surprised? He is sitting in jail in a very blue state.

He literally got charged so I don’t know why you are making stuff up.

Maybe you meant get sent to prison??


Lurchie_ OP t1_j4vm4ox wrote

"We'll cut ourselves off at the knees, but we sure stuck it to them snowflake libtards!"


DerekMcLeod t1_j4vbv16 wrote

Glad to see we've made great strides is legislation over the last 50 years.


DM39 t1_j4vh5aw wrote

Only difference is now someone would've slipped their agenda surrounding something like a rezoning into the byline


xtapol t1_j4w8wt0 wrote

Sometimes at work I’ll send out a document with a title page and the first few pages, and then a bunch of blank pages. Nobody ever notices.


KayakerMel t1_j4wrz9g wrote

The Texas state legislature makes the Massachusetts legislature look amazing in comparison.


skoorb1 t1_j4wlgjo wrote

I think a lot of people commenting here fell to the same April Fools joke the representative played on the legislature.

Still, Texas, I've been there twice, and couldn't get out fast enough both times.